Friday, February 6, 2009

In conversation with Amitabh Bachchan - Day 288

Dearest Brother,
lemme touch your hands! and be happy for a while!

The ecuador boys story brought tears to my eyes I don’t know why, I will never know why at all! How am I connected to this, there were some very pleasant description of the food joint and a lot of other stuff, but boys behaviour caught my attention, was it because it was at the end of all the stories or was it that we become human sometimes and human sufferings anywhere in the world to anyone on earth are so similar, so very sentimental that tears actually can not be controlled! OMG, am I sounding a little too much concerned for the boy who loved his mother so much!! am I really suffering as he suffers, if it is true I am proud to be a human being! Maybe tears flow to my eyes for I never could do anything for my mother! She left us a few months before I got my first and present job in 1981.

Earlier in the day, I had typed some sentiments from my afro-american author friend Gisele Barbosa, I was so happy for her, basically to put across her feelings for you and birthday wishes for Abhishek. I such short a para she had ogled too much of affection and love that I felt ashamed of not been able to convey with mu long sequences of write ups that could roughly be called posts!

Life is too short, we must all try to enjoy it as much as possible and leave rest of it on the manufacturer upstairs - whatever form whatever shape in whatever dwellings he resides, I know one thing for certain, that he cares, that he looks upon us with love and affection especially when we are in sad and distressful condition, when we find the goings are really tough, yet he does not complain why we did not seek his help when we were having nice times or enjoying our times. He is so kind and so very fond of his own creations - if for a moment we could believe ourselves to be his creations!

Brother, my complain about missing Abhishek picture has not been answered, I saw that few others wanted the picture of the birthday boy! It is all right if he does not like to be photographed around and be displayed, there is nothing wrong with that! Amrit has developed this kind of feeling - he does not allow me to take too many of his pics, maybe he feels that I am unnecessarily intruding into his life - a ten year old not letting me take photographs is strange. I for instance have hardly any photographs of my childhood, not because it was expensive but more because that it was not so common to be photographed those days! It is OK, I now do not wish to force myself upon him!

Today we were also a part of ring ceremony me and Amrit at Borivali where his maternal cousin sisters engagement or rather pre-engagement ceremony took place. I had charged the batteries specifically for the occasion, had also deleted the pics and videos from Delhi to have ample space but then the camera was left at Malad at his another aunts house. Sometimes few things do not remain in our control. Let it be so, there must be some good thing about that! So I do not really repeat my request or force you to post some of AB Jrs. birthday pics. It is all right!

I shall soon submit another post after I pick up some couplet from madhushala for interpretation to my non-Hindi friends on the blog - Reeham, Rasha and Rose in particular and Rochelle if she likes too! and all those who do not pick Hindi as much as we north Indians could! That would be after a while!

See you shortly!
With infinite love affection and emotions!
Abhaya Sharma, India, February 6 2009 11:17 PM IST
उस प्याले से प्यार मुझे जो दूर हथेली से प्याला,

उस हाला से चाव मुझे जो दूर अधर से है हाला,

प्यार नहीं पा जाने में है, पाने के अरमानों में!

पा जाता तब, हाय, न इतनी प्यारी लगती मधुशाला।।९९।

I think this one is extremely important concept - the poet says he loves that cup of wine which his hands can not reach, he likes that wine the msost which is far away from his lips. He further adds the love is not in finding what one wants in life, it is hidden in the thought to have an ambition in the first place. If he had found the tavern on the way easilt probably it would not have remained as attractive as it does otherwise.

In essence Dr. Bachchan wants to convey home the point that we love things which we do not possess once we posses the charm and attachment vanishes- the fun is in the unexpected rather than the what is materialistic achievement.

Shall join you tomorrow, it does appear that I am learning to be shorter whether it is also sweet I can not judge, it is for others to tell. Originally I am one person who likes the detailed set up! It is OK, I have to be aware of the value of the time of others, what if I have plenty to spare - I can not assume that others including you as well would have enough to spare for vague and disconcerted thoughts!

Abhaya Sharma, India February 6 2009 11:15 PM IST


Reeham said...

Hello my dearest...
How are you doing...? how is your beautiful wife and my lovely.. cute prince...? i hope you are all fine...
Thank you for providing the english translation for the lovely poet...

I had sent Amrit a small present by speed mail... i had enclosed the coins.. but unfortunately they refused to send any sort of money by airmail.. , i had just met a fello guide who works with indian tourists.., he will ask one of the indian tour leaders to carry with him the coins when he come next time... their main office is in Mumbai... i'm so so sorry for that.. please Amrit to wait... i had promised to send him these coins and i won't save any effort to keep my promise...

I had called you twice.. once your beautiful wife answered.. the second time.. i had the pleasure to talk to Amrit... he told me that you were drivig... please when you receive my humble present.. let me know...

Well... i wish you all the best.. keep in touch ..

Thank you... regards

Abhaya said...

Oh my dear!

I have no words to express my gratiture for your sincerity and love for Amrit. He would be just too happy when he come home tomorrow to see the precious gifs from his wonderful aunt. There was no need to have send so many gifts still I do not mean to hurt you and accept these precious tokens of love for Amrit. Thanks a lot. The design on the back of T-shirt is quite exclusive.

It is allright if you could not send the coins, it is fine do not bother too much for that. I can only say that my love, affection and attachment for my little cute chubby Reeham has multiplied manifold. It is not for just these gifts alone but for explanation of the missing money, I was getting a feeling that the coins were removed! Good you clarified! It is fine.

Let me know if anytime in any possible way I could be of some help to my cute little friend. I had earlier on your wall written not so lttle but I return to my original form of addressing you thus. You are after all too much younger to me and I can always refer to you as little, though you are quite big by way of your acts.

Your loving friend/brother
Abhaya Sharma

Reeham said...

My dearest Mr. Sharma...

Thank you so so so much for your sweet words.... those which you had kindly written here and on my wall on facebook and on BigBlog.... i don't deserve any of them... but you had generousiley made me so so happy after reading them... it was just a humble present... and i wanted to send a better one... and i'm blessed and honored to have a great friend like you...
and i do consider Amrit as my son... god bles all of you... thank you tons for your kindness... i'm speechless... but i feel so happy that you had accepted my present...

Wish you and your dear family all the best..

Reeham said...

My dearest Mr. & Mrs. Sharma...

A very happy wedding anniversary day... wish you to live in happiness and prosperity forever.. god bless you and your cute prince... Amrit..