Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two unnamed poems - a gift to extended family

Respected brother
Sadar pranam and great regards

I did realise that my last post was a bit crude if not exactly rude.You see, I came to know of your response after four days to the poetic justice to your post of day 296 feelings! I am amazed at my fortunes, that my extremely busy brother does find some time to read what I have to say! I am blessed! I am tense, I am flabbergasted, I am on seventh cloud, I think I have all the reasons to have lived a meaningful life. Someone I rate so high as much as next to God has responded to my words for a sure fifth time, If I have missed some more comments from you it has to be my mistake. It was the most caring Reeham who informed me that you had replied to my Hindi post. It took me some time to dig the comments and your extraordinary response!

Brother, I would make a simple request to you, please do not respond to my posts even if you like them! I say this as there are several people on this blog who probably care and respect you as much or maybe more than me, they deserve it more. I am also afraid that excessive joy does not lead me to an imbalance situation! If you are just reading my posts and not responding any one way would be not only fine but a welcome sign from me! I love you for not getting the responses from you but sharing this blog space with you like several others! It is the greatest moment of my life! That is more than enough for me!

I assume that you do love my poetry and few others have also pointed out that the better part of my posts lie in my poetic works - Here are two pieces of poem - unanmed- I do not know If I had posted them here - I know they are not listed anywhere on my blog or any of my websites! If it is a repeat over here - I hope you would forgive me -

मन के तार फिर एक बार
जुडते, करते पैदा झंकार
मानव के इस राग रूप में
भर देते सुर की टंकार
कहीं किसी के लिये कभी
दिल में है मची बसी हुंकार
किसका सपना था अपना सा
झंकृत करता वीणा के तार
फिर चलो कहीं हम आज चलें
थोडी खुशियां ले कर उधार
क्या करूं कहूं क्या सोच रहा
जीवन है फंसा बीच मझधार
आओ मेरे प्राण प्रिये
कुछ तुम्ही करो मेरा उद्धार ।

अभय भारती(य), 12 दिसंबर 2008 11.28 (रात्रि प्रहर)

रात के पहर निकल
चले बहुत ही दूर थे
हम हमीं थे यूं डटे थे
मोह में मद चूर थे
याद लेकर इस जहां की
नींद अपनी बेचकर
हर घडी बेसब्र होकर
दीन दुनिया छोडकर
हसरतें है क्या हमारी
इस जिंदगी के मोड पर
कुछ नही कुछ भी नही
हे स्वप्न मत जा तोड कर
जी उठेगा एक तन फिर
सांस की लय जोड कर

अभय भारती(य), 12 दिसंबर 2008 11.35 (रात्रि प्रहर)

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