Friday, March 20, 2009

Day331- ISOMED story!

.. And I was unable to find an occasion when I could have behaved like this within the last 50 years !!

Allahabad… ! Allahabad where I was born and brought up .. That’s when I had perhaps last featured with some degree of madness in the rain.

Oh! My rain drenched brother!!
Lots of love !!!

How much do I enjoy such very natural description from you to us. The rain drops! I feel are the best of times that come to our rescue from the scorching heat of May - June. I have never been able to enjoy the Bombay rains but yes back to my childhood and I remember Bijnor days! We were as carefree as you described in the post today, maybe slightly more, I would not mind simulating a fall into the muddy water on dirty roads and enjoyed it.. we would splash that same muddy water on each other unaware of the germs and health concerns our acts could bringforth.. it was unadulterated joy.. the childhood is such a thing.. for almost every human on earth and that you could relive it on the set of Paa in another country would definitely been an experience of a lifetime! Where are the pictures brother! or you are still annoyed.. err.. You never showed that feeling even if you were.. I aplogise and eat my these words.. HaHa

Oh the rain drenched song aaj rapat jaayen to hamen na uthaaiyo.. with Smita Patil what was that movie.. was it Namak Halaal.. or that Milan song of the yesteryears sawan ka mahina pawan kare shor.. or even barsaat mein tumse mile ham sajan hamse mile tum .. barsaat mein by that beautiful Raj Kapoor Nargis pair. There might have been more songs to rains but this old Abhaya is a hag does not seem to remember too much!

I liked the euphemism over loo. It was one great day to have learned something more of your Allahabad days. Some day we should also be allowed to hear that story of the Sherwood days when due to your fever you could not take part in the annual drama competition in which you had been acclaimed as the best actor the previous year! I read the account of Dr. Bachchan and I would love to hear your story too, no, not for any comparison with him but to hear it from horse's mouth! How did you feel when you missed yet another opportunity to display your talents at Sherwood event.

I hope to also explain to you some of the advances in some of the fields in science not by me alone but with the help of colleagues in normal layman's language. No, This is not like seeking permission, it is only for information! I do not think you could object to such sharing of thoughts, may I also extend other fellow bloggers to educate us of the most striking or important landmarks in their respective fields or even in life!

Here today, I share with you my association with ISOMED, Asia's first radiation processing facility for sterilization of medical products. We use a facility that houses Cobalt-60, a gamma emitter for its energy to the effect of inactivation of microorganisms that might be present in the products. The major advantages of gamma sterilization include its penetration to all the pockets and crevices in a product, its ability to sterilize the product in its final package and importantly enough control of only a single parameter - the time of irradiation. Given these advantages the number of more facilities were set up by SriRam Institute in Delhi and now several other have come up in various parts of the country including quite a few in Mumbai. Mango irradiation that you all would have heard of last year in the news was also done in a similar facility at Lasalgaon near Nashik. That it was a necessary condition for export of the king of fruits to US. I think this much is enough for today's science lecture- I am sorry if I am sounding like a professor, I am not qualified to give lectures, I ain't a Ph.D. !!

Love in usual sense of the word to you and to all the fellow bloggers! I mean the love in its non-physical form!!

Abhaya India March 21 2009 8.55 AM IST

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 328 - Is Satyam Better than Subhash (Kaura) !

Dearest Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

Today it seems is one day where confrontation than congratulations has set in more deeper in our conversation.

First I find great difficulty in getting across the message for misuse of my email id by some anu wije. Somehow the message finally appeared on 328(i).

The other reason for my today's yet another post is to question as to what makes you feel so high of Satyam. No doubt he writes good, but does he always writes always beautifully. Does he not on many occasions borrows from other minds like he posted such huge posts in favour or rather promotion of slumdog. I am referring to his some London daily reports.

There was yet another occasion where he had questioned the credibility of Dev Anand and had cast a doubt about what you had to say of the sadabahar Dev sahab. I distinctly remember his words as he said he does not remember any worthwhile movie post Johny Mera aam by Dev Sahab.

You have full rights to say what you wish to say of others but one can not digest that you base your opinion on the few posts and ignore other posts of Mr. Satyam which were objectionable atleast to me! I am sorry to say that someone who could doubt the contribution of Dev saab, Raj Kapoor ji and Mr. Dilip Kumar to the Hindi film industry - he is a naive, he is not scholarly enough, he is not well read atleast in that particular field. My apologies to you as well as to Satyam. He definitely has a good writing skill and in fact he probably pips me in sending the voluminous posts! what if they are containing other sources - that they carry not his but the views of the others! His usage of sending the two or three posts in support of SM had really put me off and I had remarked quite acerbically to him on one of these counts!

As a measure of my further reply to Satyam on the achievements of Dev Sahab - A list of his successful movies is included here for his perusal. CID, Jewel Thief, Asli Naqli, Kala Pani, Baazi, The Gambler, Prem Pujari, Hum Dono, Bambai Ka Babu, Teen Deviyan, Guide, Johny Mera Naam and his post Johny Mera naam includes Hare rama Hare Krishna, Warrant, Des Pardes, and Heera Panna . By any standards Dev sahab has been credited with the image of an evergreen hero. I hope I am able to help Mr. Satyam change his mind.

I think on another occasion I had requested him to say beautiful things about SM on his own blog even if he wanted to thrust upon us the views of some London tabloids and newspapers. And He did one day announce that he now has his own blog.

I have nothing against Mr. Satyam, other than these two incidences I do not really find anything objectionable in his posts. In fact some of the times I have rated his posts !

I know my views on him are not going to please you but having said so much for Satyam and so less for Subhash Kaura I beg to differ with you! Anyone may compile and collect the quotes and put them on FB or wherever but to be able to relate to the relevance of a topic nobody does it better than Subhash. I find Subhash praising Satyam and congratulating yet I would have picked him much ahead of Satyam for such a heap of praise. That is, If I were you, sad, it is not true, I can not be you in another seven births! I must add here than you definitely write much better than him but then it is not the matter of debate. Your acknowledging one so heavily and ignoring the real gem does cause some suspicion in my mind! I get a feeling that Satyam is more of a journalist whereas Subhash or Rose are mere admirers.

One of these days I was viewing Aamir Khan on Times Now. For all his good work he came noughts to me just because he took the names of almost every big man in the industry but gave your name a deliberate miss! How could he talk nice about SRK and Salman and not mention of you even in the passing. Let me assure you that - He has lost much of his credibility on that just one count of not mentioning your contribution- atleast to me! I never rated him as a big mass puller and though he may seem to be calling that he is not from mainstream cinema - who would call Sarfarosh, QTSQT, Jo jeeta.., Dil, Ghulam, Andaz apna apna or even Ghazini not from the mainstream. Who would rate his biggest Hit Raja Hindustani a work of art. Aleast not Abhaya Sharma. Other than Lagaan and a bit of Taare Zameen Par - he wanted to make money out of the latter by selling the DVD at an exorbitant price. I wanted to change my impressons of him after Taare but then after this Times now interview or whatever he is found caught at a silly point!

Sorry, if I have raised your blood pressure by these frank oipnions, I am not here to just dish out goodies alone, galat baat ka virodh kiya hi jayega, karna bhi chahiye, mai koi BK Usha ya Mahatma Gandhi to hun nahi ki sab kuchh undekha kar doon.

I rate you higher than any one in the Indian film industry and no one can change that opinion, not even Amitabh Bachchan, himself.

Abhaya Sharma, India March 18 2009

Respected Brother,
Love and regards

I am reporting the misuse of my email id by some anu wije who has used it for bigb fanclub for the contest and lunch as the blog turns One.

I may not be so desperate to have lunch with you as I feel do not deserve such an honor but someone using ny email id is sure an issue of great concern. Could you find who this anu wije is who has used my email id. Is there some way that she or he could be disallowed to use it any further. The profile does not contain any thing and profile id is anu2102221.

I wish you could do something in this regard in consultation with bigadda. I hope that the impersonating account is deactivated immediately so that I could use m email to register as the true person lunch or no lunch is secondary! (smiling!)

Abhaya Sharma India March 18 2009 12:46 AM

(This is the third time I sending such a request, earlier I had posted on day 328 with no effect!)
Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

I wish to add here that some one with name anu wiiie the profile id anu2102221 has hijacked my email id at, I could change the password but it seems the person is still able to log in there. This cyber crime gets on to my nerve. The correction at should get this user deactivated. I have not created this profile and it hurts to see that someone else did.

I may probably be also prompted to drop my this gmail account like the previous one which was hijacked by some cyber criminal! I am slightly disturbed with this. Why should someone use my email account to give a profile at I am not so optimistic to join you for lunch as the blog completes one year! But should someone else get this privilege to sign into using my email! It is sad!

I don't know if some others have also been affected by such crimes! If my emails are being read I would not know!

I can only warn others to be little careful and to find by registering at through a link on this blog lunch with Mr. Bachchan! to find out if they too have been victims!

Abhaya Sharma India March 18 2009 11:58 AM

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 324 Kuala Lumpur - Fifth ODI Preview

.. but what really took the cake was the Immigration officer at the desk breaking into our National Anthem the moment he saw our passport !!

“Jana Gana Mana, adhinayak jaya hay…” he recited. I was moved !..

Ah! Dear Brother!

Such is your nature that People world over identify you with India and the anthem in a way to greet you could only mean some respect for you and the country of your origin, the country of your birth, the country where you achieved so much, the country which respects you a lot, the country you most care about! Oh! There were other kind of experience that you had to undergo could only have heightened the sense of pride in you. The co-passenger and the immigration officers are tow sides of a coin, no, no, not the coin you used in Sholay! The real coin that we all define as life. In a way, I feel that the experience with the co-passenger actually he could only be called a co-traveller that he chose to seat himself away from you soon after! it must be a great move of the almighty to give you the taste of some pain! I understand the gains after the pains give us double the happiness, may be I remember the couplets I recited here few days back, I think recited would be wrong to use -

जिस जीवन में संघर्ष नही
उस जीवन के क्या मानी है
जो सुख दुख से न लिपटा हो
उस सुख से आनाकानी है ।

Who could better understand this than you, the one who was summarily rejected to begin with had covered a distance of 40 years with towering story of success in more than ten films. generally people are happy with one or two great performances in their career, you have more than 10 such movies which cast you into the super actor category- I am not the one who like to use the word superstar. As much as I do not like to call Hindi Cinema industry as Bollywood - that is an altered ego- that is a state of unoriginality - a term that is superfluous.

For me the sequence of events in your arrival and later should put you in right perspective of mind- that life too has two sides of a coin - A success without struggle and the happiness devoid of trouble is really unimaginable!

I am convinced that you would be able to concentrate far more better in such serene atmosphere to configure the foreword for Madhushala - Brother I have never asked you of any favours nor would i ask after this - If it could not mean asking for too much, I would rather love to have a signed copy of your foreword alone to the coffe table edition of Madhushala- I know the complete book would be priced too heavily for me to be able to buy and I would not be able to accept it as a gift. There are thousands of other who deserve such favours from you before me!

Oh! I must say that the moment I knew that you were going to be in KL I was anticpating some beautiful picture from the cameraman - Amitabh Bachchan, and you did ! Is there some connectivity between us, I do not discuss these things with anyone yet you are coming up with almost as per my expectations on quite a few occasion. Wonderful pictures - I would definitely use some of them ! Brother, I forgot to ask you whether these pictures have some sort of copyright by you or others! If I would have ever used any material belonging to you on the blog it is out of sheer love and not for making any money out of it!

I may or may not be able to contribute to your birthday book being planned by some of the family here on the blog, Do I need to contribute separately when you are always in my thoughts and when I have so many avenues to reach you. Our physical or personal proximity or even a face to face coexistence had never been my kind of attachment to you! yet I would make a sincere attempt to be part of such an exercise to express that I may not be a fan or a follower yet I love you a lot and also I admire you a lot! I have been blessed or rewarded amply in being a regular member here and having got a huge number of friends who contribute to this blog besides you! I do not want to belittle their contributions by naming a few individuals, that would be injustice to several others who would have been a victim of my poor memory skills!

It is cricket game tomorrow and I wish India does not play dilly-dallying approach like what they did in Sri Lanka after winning first four games! I wish Sehwag is not rested in tomorrow's game as we would all love to see him in action when he is in the form of a lifetime. I would not be surprised if he crafts his innings well and rains do not play a spoilsport- He could well turn out to be the first double centurion in a One day game in the world! he will need to maintain a good co-ordination between aggression and refrain from sending every ball to the or over the ropes. That task should this time be assigned to Yusuf Pathan who should also get his chance to bat higher up the order, may be at number three or a number four!

Virender Sehwag is known to prove everyone wrong after his dismal performances for a long time some one and half year back. When everyone had written him off I had charted a poem on him- that was more as a reaction to the comments of Bedi sahab and Mr. Sandeep Patil on Star news. the poem probably is available as a link on angelfire site. The link to the article may have been lost! He is really the Swashbuckling Sehwag - that could well be an apt title for some book on him or even a coverage on Celebrity- that I wished you could take up to anchor! I will not force anything upon you considering your extremely busy schedule! I do not know if you have the arrangements to watch tomorrow's game or probably you may not have time for a dead rubber game. For me cricket comes next to Cinema and though I particularly relish the T20 version, ODI's have got quite a positive impact of the T20s and become much more interesting than in past!

Here may I add for the foreign family members that India is deeply in love with the game of cricket and it was purely for the individual talents of first Sunil Gavaskar, then Kapil Dev and finally Sachin Tendulkar. There are also lot of other cricketers who have been around and have won the hearts of Indians especially the Chandra-Bedi Prasana trio of spin attack, Eknath Solkar at forward short leg, Viswantah, Vinoo Mankad and now Virender Sehwag with their exceptional talents. It would be a great loss if IPL suffers due to political or for security concerns. Cricket in India and Pakistan I had written somewhere is like a religion! I add that after the current form of team India its a big national achievement at the International level. I do not believe in rankings becuase india was nowhere in the ranking system when they first won the world cup in 1983 beatibg the mighty West Indies and later went on to win the first ever T20 world championship in South Africa under the newly appointed captain in Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

I am convinced India would not like to loose the momentum unlike in Sri Lanka they have to play thre test matches as well! Another win tomorrow could prove our ro be huge psychological advantage. I would not suggest any team combinations to MSD, he is doing pretty well as of now! Yes, I would watch the first half of the game and later follow it on net! We at BRIT work from Tuesdays to Saturday.

Have a wonderful time at Kuala lumpur and keep us posted with the news and views of KL and Paa..

Love you all the way !
I suffer with you as I also rejoice with you!

Abhaya Sharma, India March 13 2009 11:53 IST

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan's Madhushala

Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s Madhushala

Madhushala – The tavern, is one of the most significant work of Dr. Harivansh rai Bachchan.

Composed in or around 1935 it had sort of created history on rendering of Hindi poetry in Kavi Sammelans during those times..

Dr. Bachchan used wine, the goblet, bar-maid and the tavern in such beautiful verses that it was instant hit with the general public. When it was first published it sold in huge numbers and Bachchan became a well known name amongst the literary circles.

Such is the intensity of Madhushala that after nearly 75 years it still puts its readers in ecstatic mood with the messages that have been conveyed so very naturally that one can not miss its meanigfulness even in today’s world.

This one work puts him in the class of Premchand and Sharat Chandra – the two men who are unquestionably the best amongst modern Indian writings.

Dr. Bachchan has been largely known for his poetic compositions yet in his four volume autobiographical account – Kya Bhoolun Kya Yaad Karun, Needd Ka Nirmaan phir, Basere Se door and Dashdwar se Sopaan Tak Dr. Bachchan has achieved equal heights in prose as well. I rate these four volumes of his in the same light as what he achieved with Madhushala. He was the first Indian to receive a doctorate in English Literature from Cambridge University for his thesis on William Butler Yeats.

एक बरस में, एक बार ही जगती होली की ज्वाला,
एक बार ही लगती बाज़ी, जलती दीपों की माला,
दुनियावालों, किन्तु, किसी दिन आ मदिरालय में देखो,
दिन को होली, रात दिवाली, रोज़ मनाती मधुशाला।।२६।

Abhaya Sharma, India March 9/10 2009 12:05 AM IST

Post Script: Today i.e. March 10 is the birthday of one nephew Dr. Shashank Sharma, who also did his higher studies in England before settling down in Australia a few years back. Last time when I met him at his sister’s marriage he agreed that Amitabh Bachchan could achieve so much in his profession as he was the son of Dr. Bachchan – that he had inherited a very good set of genes that were required to excel in his field. Well said Shashnk or Bins (Binseth!, Binnu). According to him Amitabh bachchan excelled in multi-starrer films and his performances in Deewar and Sholay are most outstanding! I I use this platform to wish a great Birthday to Dr. Shashank! If he had time he would have definitely written on this blog!

Happy Holi to all! Though I might just as well write something more worthwhile on the great festival of color later!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 319 of AB & 3rd ODI summary!

.. I struggle with the foreword for Madhushala and still have not gone beyond the first few sentences. It is a daunting task but I shall prevail upon my will and shall indeed complete it.

Why brother!

We understand that you are a multitasker - then why should it be a struggle for you to be able to find time for doing it! if you say it is a daunting task, all task till they are truly accomplished appear daunting. I remember you have on this occasion used the correct form of the word foreword and also added a preface in the similar context. That I doubted your intentions of doing it deliberately - using wrong spellings for this word on two occasions from forwards you went to forewards before you actually came onto the foreword! It is OK, I realise you are older than me and have more right to be wrong with some such silly things as spellings- even if it is only once in a million times.

I find that you have been trying your level best to keep in touch with us and ever trying to identify newer ways to define still better means to be able to interact with us! ismein bhala kya koi chaal ho sakati hai! Who knows your adversaries in media still able to find something objectionable and report Amitabh goes on to spend more time with his Extended family than with his work! Ha Ha! let them and others derive any meanings of how your acts and objectives are supposed to be understood and interpreted by their conservative and constricted thinking. Let them have the pleasure of being able to pinch your bottoms if they so like - they would soon realise the futility of their acts.

I would not like to be longish today I know despite our sincere advise you are not going to slow down and relax - then atleast I can be shorter in my write ups so that you have less time to spend on it and carry on with more important things in life! especially the one mentioned at the beginning of this post!

Which language of Hindi and English have you chosen to write the initial foreword to Madhushala, if you permit, shall I not request the members of the EF to give their feedbacks so that it could help and accelerate your task to completion - though I also believe that a foreword is to be written as a singular effort than mixing it up with others! It could still act as an organiser of ideas and be of some momentary help to initiate the completion of the task!

I myself know so very little about the great poet that I find very few words to be of any help in this regard - still I probably feel that his struggle defined his life and he took it in his stride to prove to the world - did he say that jis din jeevan mei sangharsh nahi hoga us din is jeevan ka kuch arth hi nahi rahega! I will need to check the volumes of his AB (autobiography) to be of some help in this context.

Madhushala was first published in 1935 that is quite some time back by any imagination that it is still relevant today goes to the credit of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan - great poets or rather authors are the ones who can think ahead of their times or think of things that are yet to come -

मुसलमान औ' हिन्दू है दो, एक, मगर, उनका प्याला,
एक, मगर, उनका मदिरालय, एक, मगर, उनकी हाला,
दोनों रहते एक न जब तक मस्जिद मन्दिर में जाते,
बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मन्दिर मेल कराती मधुशाला!।५०।

That the poet could link his poetry to be of social significance is clearly evident in this verse- he conceived the idea of tavern on the way (Madhushala) as an integrator!

Abhaya Sharma, India March 9 2009 8:39 AM IST

Post Match Analysis of 3rd ODI!

Hi Brother!

I hope you got to see the match I had given Indian a slip as I had taken the anti-allergic tablet and was feeling quite sleepy and in between I also did write to your blog! There were some other reasons for not watching, I have seen that whenever I am watching a game involving India, they generally do not do so well! the effect was realised today! Sachin first with Yuvraj and then with Dhoni shaped a scroring pattern that went from high to higher to highest number of six in an innings – that were registered by the Indians in a ODI game - that incidentally is equal to the world record, had there been one more the record would have shifted to India. It is all right.

Man called Dhoni has got some ideas that are getting too restrictive in his approach, on such a run spree that NZL were almost on their course he did not ever think of handing the ball over to partnership breaker Sehwag- He like Amarnath has done it for India a good job in this respect. Dhoni probably would have his own set of reasons to choose the path or course that he chose but I could tell you if it were not the superb run out of McCullum with score at 166 India would have been sitting ducks despite having 393 runs on board!

Sachin Tendulkar must have played a great knock and early departure of Sehwag somehow helped it in the sense that He took the onus of setting a defendable target on himself. What a knock it must have been! I haven't even seen the highlights! At some stage I was contemplating that a score in excess of 300 may only be a distant possibility yet Sachin, Yuvraj, Dhoni and Raina all had different plans and with 18 sixes (collectively), they took the score to 392 for 3, Raina had only five sixes and no fours in his important 38 runs! His run out of McCullum was the turning point though ninth wicket pair in Mills and Southee did a lot more than one would have anticipated!

The umpiring was below par - The ball of Yuvraj singh was clearly drifting further down to the leg side. It is all right but when the technology is available and if a wicket could stand between a win and loss for a team, I feel there is no harm in asking for a referral! This is second time the umpiring has gone against the Kiwis in this ODI series! Why could that happen! and both times the unfortunate man was Martin Guptil - once to Harbhajan and now to Yuvraj! India must thank the NZL umpires if they have become unassailable with a 2-0 lead - with only two more games remaining for the ODI rubber! India can not lose the series from here!

More later

Abhaya Sharma, India March 8 2009 9:55 PM

Saturday, March 7, 2009

To Carla and Cora - Day 317 of AB

Dear Carla (Germany) and Cora (Brazil)
I am one amongst the tiny offshoot of this powerful blog that bears the name Amitabh Bachchan. It wasn't until June 10 or so that I first got in the act of writing to someone whom I had liked, loved and admired for his acting skills and never dying charisma. That it is for him that I have got love and friendship of many in this world. Gisele one fine June day in 2007 had sent me a mail reading my angelfire website asuming that I must be a close associate of Mr. bachchan as my site mentioned a good deal on him. I wasn't physically close to him then and even today despite me being in Mumbai I have not made any attempts to have a meeting with someone I love so much! Not for any reason but for the reason that I generally would not like break into his privacy that I do not exalt my status by meeting him in person. Yes, the day I have some specific cause that should require me to meet him I shall not withdraw myself from such an opportunity.
Now, when I see people in England, USA and canada it made some sense as several Indians reside in these countries and could influence the locals there to get attracted to Amitabh Bachchan - the biggest icon of modern Hindi cinema. Yet I fail to understand that people from countries like Egypt, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Japan and now even Brazil not only look up to him but sincerely wish to convey and communicate with him through this blog. Oh brother! you are truly an integrator of mankind! I am more than impressed by your natural talents!
Coming back to you first Carla, I have had in past a great german friend in Michael Willig whom I had met in India and we exchnaged thoughts and life for nearly three years or more, for some reasons or the after his moving to USA I lost the password of my hotmail id and a great relationship has come to a halt for last seven eight years! It is all right, I wish him all the best wherever he is! That you had mentioned of such great regard for my post that you took all the trouble to read it despite its length and your uneasiness with English. I care a lot and respect your feelings towards me as one of the best gifts anyone can get for an oridnary write up. It si all right, I thank you a lot and would try to be short and little more simpler in my style of writing! I know long sentences and with all the typing errors it could still make life worse for non-english persons on the blog! I am proud of the fact that brother Amitabh has been responsible for so many wonderful unions with new set of people from so many different countries. Thanks a lot for your every effort to be here on the blog and expressing and sharing your thoughts!
Coming to Cora, It was my first stance of finding you on the blog and I may be excused if you were a regular, I take this opportunity to reply to some of your queries, though it would be important that brother himself addresses you someday. India was basically an agro economy to begin with and yet there are now advancements in several sectors to be able to say that despite being an agricultural based economy we have made inroads into Science and technology and lately into computers and IT sector. We have moved in leaps and bounds it is different that SM shows us in poor light. Yes indeed many indians are poor and live severely restrictive life styles. Some questions regarding India can only be understood by visiting and knowing Indians. If you wish to know some reflective movies on India I would suggest that you must see Upkar by Manoj Kumar, you must also see Mother India of Nargis and Awara of Raj kapoor from old days. However, India has changed and also its movies have changed too! The traditional movies that depicted India symbolically are a hand few. The new generation is all set to march ahead with good technically sound pictures. India's music that was the soul of its movies in the beginning is also replaced with the more westernised and echoes of a developed state. Still some of the movies where you can get to see a good life of india and indians - I would suggest the following -
Amitabh starrer - Anand, Namakharam, Abhimaan, kabhi-kabhi (wonderful songs and music), Deewar, Sholay, Zanjeer,Kala Patthar, Trishul, Don , Silsila, Satte pe Satta, Yaraana and Main Azad hoon, Amar Akbar Anthony.
Some other socail movies could include - Bawarchi, Ardh Satya, Satyakam, Bandini, Anupama, Sparsh, Bazaar, Kanoon (old), Anurag, Mughale Azam, Ram aur Shyam, Anpadh, Mamta, Ganaga Jamuna, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Mere Apne, Pakeezah, Naya Daur, Boot Polish Shree 420, Pyasa, kagaz ke phool etc.
This list is not at all comprehensive and it does reflect only my perception of some good movies. I am afraid i am not very well aware of the new movies still I liked Delhi-6 it portrays the life in Delhi's chandni chowk area in quiet a miraculous way. I haven't seen Jodha Akbar but since it has a historical background and winner of many awards this year at Filmfare it may be good. I particularly liked some of these new movies - Aandhi, Dushman (Rajesh Khanna), Black, Pardes, Taal, Viruddh, A Wednesday, Mission Kashmir, Fiza, Veer Zara, Gadar ek Prem katha, Hero - A love story of spy (Sunny Deol), Dil To pagal hai, Bunty aur Babli. Tare zameen par and Bhootnath were good as well!
To begin with you must either pick up Delhi-6 or Abhimaan ( beautiful movie starring Jaya Bhaduri and Amitabh Bachchan) or even Mission Kashmir.
I think my list has been far too long and it may require several hours of viewing which may not be available to you! Best of luck. It will lot depend on what kind of movies you like i have picked very few from romantic or comedy.
Brother excuse me for taking up so much space to enlighten my new friend Cora from Brazil on Hindi movies and thanking Carla, chhota-mota super star to apke blog par likhate likhate main bhi ban hi jaaonga (LOL in rose terminology!!)
Bye for now, feel free to visit my two blogs and they contain several posts that I have submitted here! sometimes in edited form!
Abhaya Sharma India March 7/8 12:13 AM IST

... Addendum : Post in response to Day 318

I see no other way how this can be accomplished. It shall perforce be your desire and my absolute will. So help me God

My most respected brother!

I see there were lot of things that could have been picked up from today's blog, I have just finished writing on the yesterday thanking Carla and Cora. I wish to be short for a while as I think Time is not on my side, even if it is a Sunday tomorrow, I have to catch up with the third ODI against NZL.

You remember, I some times mentioned that Lord Ganesh or rather the famous Siddhi Vinayak is a friend to me, That is where I shall send your application of seeking help! (smiling!), who can know him better than you, though! Still slow down the pace of your activity, he would help but if you go to and see the picture of your facial skin that has been set to orginal from the scanned mint-5 that you submitted , you would see that there appears a sign of skin burn. Take it cool ! and follow the instructions of your team almost religiously a 4 days break should be 4 days break. Oh! I am ordering you, god forgive me! I never intended to be so harsh with you ever!

if thre superstars could all set up yourself in three different cities with Jaya ji already in Delhi four major residencies of USIS could each get a Bachchan to its credit! No I would not speak more of USIS, and I would also not speak of anything political either! Election times around I would only love that India undergoes peaceful and smooth elections!

More later

Abhaya Sharma, India March 7/8 2009 12:41 AM IST


Pre-Match analysis to the 3rd ODI

Brother, if the rain does not become man of the match again, it would surely be a keener contest - first game was comprehensively won by Indians, Rains got a chance to take away the second, it now appears that vettori and Black Caps would make sincere efforts to stall the progress of Indians some of whom appear to be in great form - Viru with the bat and Harbhajan with the ball.

I foresee one change, if Ishant is fit he may walk in place of Patel. The rest of the team may remain same but for a change India should try to field first, I know it could be dicey with D/L system but having seen India bat in first two games NZL would be having a better understanding of India's game plan! I also expect that Sehwag should get to bowl as well! He is definitely a better bowling option than either Yuvraj or Pathan unless he himslef denies to take upon to bowl down few overs! And Kumar should be used in two spells not all the six overs togther - like in the first game. In the hindsight I would not mind including the other Pathan in place of Patel in case Ishant is not fully fit. Poor Ojha you go and So ja! ( I too go to sleep now!)

Abhaya Sharma, March 7/8 12:56 AM

Watching a ODI could be perfect relaxing! so give yourself some time with the Dabur friend Dhoni! He is a good captain, though not free of errors, no one can be! To err is human!

Friday, March 6, 2009

On belief, faith and New World ..

Belief is vital. It can make you conquer the highest or force you to succumb to the lowest.

My dearest Brother!

Indeed a very true statement of a fact. The belief coupled with faith and entwined with respect, where it is due, could install the very idols and ideals for which human mind has ever evolved to love and live this life, to be able to define its greater existence on this earth. A mind devoid of belief, a thought without faith and respect without commitment - they all go on to make up very ordinary human beings - the ones like Abhaya Sharma - those who would only be counted for as also lived on this earth and nothing more!

Someone who is able to see logic and act according to the tide of the waves alone can cross this river of life successfully. The ones who keep drooling over the possibilities and not acting would not only fail to cross the river but may even drown if they do try to cross it sometime with negative thoughts and abject thinking that waves would take them to the shore.

My dear brother- you are a fine swimmer, you have scaled many a miles and have also helped the cause of what should constitute a lesson for several. The struggle is part of our life yet you have struggled to emerge what it takes to be an Amitabh Bachchan. If I appear to be trying to please you it still is with that great thought in the back of my mind that someday probably I too could learn to be a bit like you - successful and symbolic to the rest of the world. Alas, I do not have the qualities or rather I did not develop them at the most appropriate time - that I could not collectively put across to the world what was their in mind - that I did not have the courage to take the bull by horns and fight out for the fear of a defeat! It is all right, it is not that every one can be as big an achiever as one wishes to be! Regret is the last word in my dictionary and hope is the first. I live in the hope that a new dawn is still possible, that terrorism and destructive agencies would be eliminated with a collective effort of the inhabitants of the earth.

I think I have started crossing my limits and maybe Kashmira ji would again issue warning signals - to not to make casual statements on the blog, website or anywhere on the net. I ask - pornography is allowed - promotional activities in the form of advertisements are permissible - Pirated version of music movies and material is granted but pure mind expressing himself of his dream to unite the world through net is considered inappropriate - is castigated to be as random thought and to be dissuaded from being put across to the world! I would rather face the consequences than not express my mind!

Someday it should be possible for me to be able to be heard, to be noticed and acknowledged as a man of substance, someone who could see the light at the end of a dark tunnel - someone who could bring every brother into the arms of the other! If I sound emotional or sentimental for this world - it belongs to me as it belongs to anyone else - it is where I work and it is where I shall pray to enact a new world - ek nai duniya ki chah liye mai nikal pada apane ghar se...

Brother, before this conversation gets into an endless loop, I would rather wish to inform you that whatever I wish of this world can only be achieved by someone who is well recognized, is heard and believed upon by the rest. I have no hesitation in announcing that- that someone could be you- The Amitabh Bachchan of the world! Will you someday evolve into a role in the real life that could go miles to promote peace harmony and brotherhood! That it is possible is what you should not doubt – Even lord Hanuman was to be told of his possible strengths to conquer what he actually could! You are like a modern day Hanuman- who somehow does not know his real powers- the real charisma that has been bestowed upon you is not to be wasted in doling out one successful movie after another - it is to be capitalized to make this earth into a paradise or atleast take it somewhere towards such a possibility!

We have to work together on some project someday. This we here is not just me and you, there are host of men and women involved - a great number of actors, organizations and countries would need to come forward to rewrite the life on this earth. There are thousands of natural challenges that one has to live with why to create man made disasters and engage ourselves in disruptive acts!

I end abruptly! But with love in no small measures !!

Abhaya Sharma, India March 7 2009, 8:42 AM IST

Bachchanalia - The Final Answer

Here is the quiz that was published in the Livemint article and was part of mint-5 picture submitted by the brother Amitabh! Just click on the image below, you may also save it on your PC by right clicking!

Abhaya Sharma, India march 6 2009 Time 10:06 PM

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Sympathy with Sri Lanka and Cricket !

The Saddest day in the History of Cricket!

After the death of Bob Woolmer under spurious and dubious conditons cricket this time has got terrorists attack as the most stunning and disturbing news. It is further sad that both these news involved Pakistan.

We have to do something serious to bring back peace on earth and Pakistan has to set a different kind of example by helping World in being able to deal with the terrorists in no uncertain terms and stern action should follow immediately. The situation in the subcontinent is really getting from bad to worse to worst in 26/11 mumbai attacks, BDR going berserk and now Sri Lankan cricketers attack at Gaddafi Stadium is the most shocking news.

God be with Samarweera and Sri Lankans, I do not know of his conditions yet it is indeed the saddest hour of Cricket and I have suddenly lost interest in the ongoing India New Zealand first one dayer! May peace prevail on earth!

Abhaya Sharma, India March 3 2009 12:28 PM IST

Day 312 of AB - First ODI preview!

Dear Brother
Roses all the way for you!

I envy the good faculties of Rose to list out so many people. BTW, these are some of the many people that I also do like to find their views as and read when time permits. So, Rose I could as well thank most of them w/out repeating the names all over again. What! are you maintaining some database for sorting, sorting the names other wise is one uphill task best left for computers to take care among many other mundane tasks. Yet Computers are there at our commands, the day when I wrote the vigyaan ki puja hogi way back in 1986, I never had an idea that my words were going to come so very true in another 8 to 9 years.

For those who would wish to read the poem in Hindi are directed to go to my angelfire site - in few words the poem said :

Oh Scince you gonna be worshipped
In the twenty first century
in the twenty first century science
you definitely are going to be worshipped
in the twenty first century

males or females or anyone in the whole world
everyone is going to pray to science!
In the twenty first century

Computers would turn to be the Gods
& Chemistry would be cast the goddess
The physical and biological elements
would surface almost every few moments

Oh Science you are going to be worshipped
in the twenty first century!
in the twenty first century science
you definitely are going to be worshipped
in the twenty first century


Well folks this was somewhat that was the content of my first poem after 1973 effort at school, and that it was after 13 years in 1986 is not my fault. I ain'y any poet nor do I wish to be, I am an ordinary man who does not want to be tied down by the prose or poetry and more than that I want to be away from the difficult and decorated language, my expectations are not too many! mostly I sound repetitive if people like it here they deserve a lot of thanks from me!

If there are people who read these words and appear to be thanking me for being honest I would only request them to use simplicity in most of their actions, simple minds are the most liked ones and maybe are also the best ones for the society and the world at large. I love most of the guys who write so well over here that I pick up some names and not others hurts me! I probably would have loved to befriend Adnan Qureshi as much as I would have loved to befriend a Rose, Reeham or Rasha, that I would have loved Lena, Zhenya in the same vain as any of the Indians on the blog specifically Kashmiraji. Please everyone! I do not indulge in uttering of names like some of my dearest friends on the blog do, I ain't have any problems with them rather it gives me added pleasure to find myself being listed by some of them yet I would probably desist from such an exercise. More for the ageing concern, This may end I may end up to be fifty maybe!

Brother, I am finding that for last few days my posts have been off the track in that sense. It is bound to happen to anyone to lose the track once in a while, especially if he or she is too prolific in being around on almost every single day!

I would specifically like to ask you one thing about the Forwards, forewards and foreword. The last time I saw I tried to correct and also Rajesh gave a reference from net. I sometimes feel that you deliberately commit mistakes to test our attachment and judge us in some ways. I do remember the male-fide was totally unexpected to have come from your pen! It is all right, what ever be the logic or reason or even an error it does not really make so much of a difference.

There are no three ways about what you write, (good, better or best!), there is only one way to describe your writings - The writings from you are direct offshoots of your heart, from you to us as token of love and it is one of the biggest gift an actor could offer to his lovers, admirers and followers!

Love, Love and Unending Love..

Abhaya Sharma, India March 2 2009 11:31 PM

PS By mistake I had put wrong dates on the posts submitted by me earlier in the day! I am going to leave early tonight as I plan to get up early for the first ODI at 6:00 AM. and if my cricketing friend MSD is reading - All the best guys do well in the first game to wrest the initiative from NZL. I would not be surprised if the following XI are doing duty yeah my Praveen Kumar would easily make into the final eleven since Ishant is nursing a shoulder or some other injury - The team that I would have walked with to the ground after loosing the two T20 games would be something like this -

Sehwag, Sachin, Gambhir, Yuvraj, Raina, Dhoni, Yusuf, Praveen, Khan, Harbhajan and Ojha.

I salected Ojha ahead of paceman Munaf Patel or irfan Pathan that he is a bit unknown to the Kiwis and could surprise them a bit! Good luck boys for the first game, however I do not agree with Ravi Shastri that real cricket starts now. If T20 is not real enough why does BCCI launch an expansive and expensive IPL. Any answers to that and any doubts which is goping to be the real cricket! I love Ravi Shastri's commentaries but then he has to say what he feels and there is less to debate on cricket as it has more to be enjoyed on the field - the format does not matter so much though I personally am very much against the present Test cricket.

Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! I forgot that this was the post script. It could well have been another post! Bye folks good night and a good game on the morrow!