Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 312 of AB - First ODI preview!

Dear Brother
Roses all the way for you!

I envy the good faculties of Rose to list out so many people. BTW, these are some of the many people that I also do like to find their views as and read when time permits. So, Rose I could as well thank most of them w/out repeating the names all over again. What! are you maintaining some database for sorting, sorting the names other wise is one uphill task best left for computers to take care among many other mundane tasks. Yet Computers are there at our commands, the day when I wrote the vigyaan ki puja hogi way back in 1986, I never had an idea that my words were going to come so very true in another 8 to 9 years.

For those who would wish to read the poem in Hindi are directed to go to my angelfire site - in few words the poem said :

Oh Scince you gonna be worshipped
In the twenty first century
in the twenty first century science
you definitely are going to be worshipped
in the twenty first century

males or females or anyone in the whole world
everyone is going to pray to science!
In the twenty first century

Computers would turn to be the Gods
& Chemistry would be cast the goddess
The physical and biological elements
would surface almost every few moments

Oh Science you are going to be worshipped
in the twenty first century!
in the twenty first century science
you definitely are going to be worshipped
in the twenty first century


Well folks this was somewhat that was the content of my first poem after 1973 effort at school, and that it was after 13 years in 1986 is not my fault. I ain'y any poet nor do I wish to be, I am an ordinary man who does not want to be tied down by the prose or poetry and more than that I want to be away from the difficult and decorated language, my expectations are not too many! mostly I sound repetitive if people like it here they deserve a lot of thanks from me!

If there are people who read these words and appear to be thanking me for being honest I would only request them to use simplicity in most of their actions, simple minds are the most liked ones and maybe are also the best ones for the society and the world at large. I love most of the guys who write so well over here that I pick up some names and not others hurts me! I probably would have loved to befriend Adnan Qureshi as much as I would have loved to befriend a Rose, Reeham or Rasha, that I would have loved Lena, Zhenya in the same vain as any of the Indians on the blog specifically Kashmiraji. Please everyone! I do not indulge in uttering of names like some of my dearest friends on the blog do, I ain't have any problems with them rather it gives me added pleasure to find myself being listed by some of them yet I would probably desist from such an exercise. More for the ageing concern, This may end I may end up to be fifty maybe!

Brother, I am finding that for last few days my posts have been off the track in that sense. It is bound to happen to anyone to lose the track once in a while, especially if he or she is too prolific in being around on almost every single day!

I would specifically like to ask you one thing about the Forwards, forewards and foreword. The last time I saw I tried to correct and also Rajesh gave a reference from net. I sometimes feel that you deliberately commit mistakes to test our attachment and judge us in some ways. I do remember the male-fide was totally unexpected to have come from your pen! It is all right, what ever be the logic or reason or even an error it does not really make so much of a difference.

There are no three ways about what you write, (good, better or best!), there is only one way to describe your writings - The writings from you are direct offshoots of your heart, from you to us as token of love and it is one of the biggest gift an actor could offer to his lovers, admirers and followers!

Love, Love and Unending Love..

Abhaya Sharma, India March 2 2009 11:31 PM

PS By mistake I had put wrong dates on the posts submitted by me earlier in the day! I am going to leave early tonight as I plan to get up early for the first ODI at 6:00 AM. and if my cricketing friend MSD is reading - All the best guys do well in the first game to wrest the initiative from NZL. I would not be surprised if the following XI are doing duty yeah my Praveen Kumar would easily make into the final eleven since Ishant is nursing a shoulder or some other injury - The team that I would have walked with to the ground after loosing the two T20 games would be something like this -

Sehwag, Sachin, Gambhir, Yuvraj, Raina, Dhoni, Yusuf, Praveen, Khan, Harbhajan and Ojha.

I salected Ojha ahead of paceman Munaf Patel or irfan Pathan that he is a bit unknown to the Kiwis and could surprise them a bit! Good luck boys for the first game, however I do not agree with Ravi Shastri that real cricket starts now. If T20 is not real enough why does BCCI launch an expansive and expensive IPL. Any answers to that and any doubts which is goping to be the real cricket! I love Ravi Shastri's commentaries but then he has to say what he feels and there is less to debate on cricket as it has more to be enjoyed on the field - the format does not matter so much though I personally am very much against the present Test cricket.

Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! I forgot that this was the post script. It could well have been another post! Bye folks good night and a good game on the morrow!

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