Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amitabh - 4th June 2009

“ People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion arises in the world when “people are used and things are loved”.

Oh Brother Dear Brother!
Sadar Charan Sparsh
Some elegant well noted points, some generalised some very specific, some for many some for few, some for new ones and still some for old associations, some well stated and some that need guess work.. some emanating love and some expressing concern..
And I am lost.. I am truly lost.. I do not know if I say too little for example.. i also do not know if I could learn to be short.. in that respect I am more like your father than like you.. who had love for greater details.. everything stated as explicitly as majestically as to express oneself inside out..

No complains brother.. not at all.. I also know what you think of me.. I am not travelling in the general compartment in my journey with you.. and not talking of my travel to Delhi, Bareilly and Nainital.. Yeah the last one is our this summer's destination.. and it has been selected as much for being a new point on my visited India List as much as for Sherwood.. My love for you shall never be measured is what would be my expectation.. love for human beings rather than things is beyond any measures.. is beyond comparsion.. is beyond perception.. it simply is the pure love.. and I know you know that too.. so love you all the more..

I apply for a leave from the blog from today i.e. 4th of June to 18th of June.. both days being marked by the two sweet girls in the family born in the same year.. Upasana celebrates her 21st birthday today and Nivrita on 18th June.. They probably are the closest pairs of cousins or siblings in the family a matter of just twoo weeks.. it is just a matter of two weeks that I would join you back here on the blog..

The game yesterday tested my capacity to watch cricket at night.. I was little tired and though I did see the warm up game yesterday between India and the archrival Pakistan.. I could not sustain my eyes to support me later in the Indian innings.. it was a masterful batting display by Rohit Sharma and Gautam Gambhir..I did see in between of the innings and then I went to sleep when India needed 19 runs of 25 balls and the first wicket had fallen.. a strokeful 80 from the young Rohit Sharma.. Dhoni could well consider to continue with him at the top and drop Sehwag to one down or maybe even two down since one down should naturally belong to Suresh Raina.. Bowlers may not be judged in a warm up game or in anay game.. they do have to do their best but one can not always expect them to be able to succeed in controlling the flow of runs.. if a bowler concedes somewhere around 8 to 9 runs he is doing well anything in the range of 6 to 7 is a bonus and yes anything above 10 is poor display RP and Kumar may have to adjust themselves to come to the middle level..

Brother, I am sorry again to have said so much and having said too little..I would be saying a lot in the next fortnight by being absent.. (Haha, not a serious sense of humor.. just wanted to see a smile on your face..) India though in a difficult super eight group should manage to semis, hopefully, given the current form of Rohit and Raina in their all-round abilities they do need a couple of batsman and bowlers to help them once in a while.. Raina put the plugs on Pakistan rampage by the brilliant run out followed by the catch and from 45 for 1 to 45 for 4 in space of 5 balls Pakistan were halted in their plans of posting 200 plus.. There is no end to my discussions.. so I leave abruptly.. I do need to help savita in finalising the packing and planning for the journey which we take.. travelling AC chair car for want of 3rd AC tickets anywhere.. it is all right..
Love to you, Love to Jaya ji and love to every EF member.. ( I will miss all of you.. I shall try to get in touch if possible..)

Abhaya India June 4 2009 9:47 AM IST