Thursday, December 10, 2009



सोच रहा था कई दिनों से
कविता लिख दूं इंग्लिश में
मन में भाव नही आते थे
नही आती भाषा भांति भली

रहने दो अब क्या बतलाउं
दिल की बातें गली-गली
माना अंग्रेजी है प्रचलित
समझे जिसको जॉन अली

मै तो पढ़ा-लिखा अनपढ़ हूं
बस हिंदी की हूं एक कली
नही मुझे अफसोस अचंभा
जब भाषाओं की बात चली

नही, नही मैं नही लिख सकता
कविता अंग्रेजी में भी
लिख सकता हूं सिर्फ़ अकेले
कविता बस हिंदी में ही

पढ़ लेता हूं अंग्रेजी मैं
समझ भी लेता कभी-कभी
जब भी लिखता हूं लेकिन मै
सूझी है हिंदी तभी-तभी

नही, नही मैं नही लिख सकता
कविता अंग्रेजी में भी

अभय शर्मा
मुंबई, 11 दिसंबर 2009 9.00 प्रातः प्रहर

आदरणीय भाईसाहब
सादर चरण स्पर्श

कुछ भाव यूं ही उमड़ रहे थे, कविवर बच्चन जी की बात याद आ गई कभी उन्होने कहा था कि कविताई हमेशा साथ नही देती जब भी भाव आयें उन्हे लिख ही लेना चाहिये, पता नही बाद में वे भाव कभी दोबारा दिमाग में आये या न आयें -

आप सबके लिए कुछ क्षण पहले लिखी कविता प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूं इस आशा के साथ कि बिना किसी आशय या राजनैतिक रंग के साथ ही इस कविता का आप सब आनंद उठा सकें - मै अपने विदेशी मित्रों से क्षमा चाहूंगा इस का अनुवाद किसी अन्य दिन कर सका तब अपने आपको धन्य समझूंगा -

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Praise of Paa!

The Most Respected Brother
Have Gala Time in Dubai Bylanes!

I know or rather I understand how busy you must be on this earth after the release of the film PAA..

Well, I am not an Oracle I am not some one who can predict future.. I am not into forecasting nor am I a fortune teller..

If I am something on this earth.. I am my Paa's son and equally my Maa's son too.. and after that I am your bhaai.. the younger brother.. even if it is a one sided relation I have nothing to loose.. I have everything to gain in the success of Paa.. for long times I had been thinking loudly that Abhsishek has not been able to express those genetic elements which he should have definitely inherited not only from you and Jaya Ma'm but also from the more illustrious Dr. Bachchan and Mrs. Teji Bachchan.. though in Paa.. the effect was visible to a great degree.. I amsure as per my last post you would have given him some pats on his back..

Here I share a small work that was composed in the morning before leaving for work but is only being shared now.. and the poem is for you brother for the beautiful enchanting role of Auro that beats Vijay Verma of Deewaar and Jaydev of Sholay..

Here it goes ..

पॉ में जो अभिनय देखा तुम्हारा
लगता था फिर से मैं देखूं दोबारा
अभिनय नही एक जीवन जिया था
जीवन को तुमने नया रंग दिया था
नया रंग दिया था

देखा नही और सुना भी नही था
अभिनय अभी तक न देखा कहीं था
मुझे याद आते है सारे नज़ारे
जैसे गगन के हो तुम चांद तारे
तुम चांद तारे

पॉ में जो अभिनय था देखा तुम्हारा
लगता था फिर से मैं देखूं दोबारा

ऑरो के प्रति यह गीत इस गाने की धुन पर सजाने की कोशिश की है -

(जो प्यार तुमने मुझको दिया था .. )

अभय शर्मा

May I thank Alok Shrivastav, Devkishin, Zainab and Rupam to remember me even in the absence of my post over here for today.. why do you all love me.. it s not good.. I am not a good guy.. I am not Auro.. When I am not able to refer people I feel ashamed of being referred like this.. no, no, I do not say that loving is not a good sign of life.. it is the best thing.. but frankly I deny this love as I am not able to love you all as much.. God be kind to me and allow me to be able to reciprocate the love that is being poured upon me..

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Auro
Sweet love,
I know you know english.. even if you make mistakes or make mistakes by your keyboard.. eh.. I make mistakes too.. everybody makes and mom shall not kill you after all..

I think Auro, I have to spemd more time with another auro at home.. like you he is just too playful.. every time you ask him for studies he would get sleepy and if left to himself he would immerse whole of his time in some computer game or watch TV.. does he not get bore with that.. it is all right.. only his name is Amrit and not Auro.. and he needs his Paa.. his Paa that is not Abhishek Bachchan but one Abhaya Sharma.. you see.. he is intelligent, creative and even loving but he has got carried away as if no one loves him in the school.. that people call him names he does not like.. even teachers take a pinch on him.. and that both his Paa and Maa are not finding enough time for him he is probably feeling neglected.. Auro.. would you like that kind of MaaPaa.. no, na..
I shall now take leave of you I have to make a beginning with Auro at home that he feels that he is loved.. that he is not all the time at the centre of being found to be at fault.. that he develops good eating habits.. if left to himself he would just survive on milk, kellogs, bournvita, Rice daal, and lots of potatoes and sometimes cabbage and now not even bhindi.. no, no, no eggs in this house.. his Maa can not tolerate that.. err.. tolerate the smell.. or the stink that is left in the house..
Bye Auro.. I would come to meet you as I promised mostly tonight at KStar fun cinemas.. I would bring along Auro at home and some of his friends too.. yes only if I could get tickets.. I hope to see you at the earliest and learn a few things of some value to help the other Auro.. the Amrit Auro you see.. will you make friends with him.. he is a good painter and plays casio too. and also badminton..

Brother, This may not be last post.. yet I do find that if I do not pay attention and do ni\ot play my role in Paa.. nobody would take care of the auro at home.. he may not be suffering from any projerio.. he suffers from computerio and TVio and casio to say it in short..
Abhaya Sharma