Thursday, December 10, 2009



सोच रहा था कई दिनों से
कविता लिख दूं इंग्लिश में
मन में भाव नही आते थे
नही आती भाषा भांति भली

रहने दो अब क्या बतलाउं
दिल की बातें गली-गली
माना अंग्रेजी है प्रचलित
समझे जिसको जॉन अली

मै तो पढ़ा-लिखा अनपढ़ हूं
बस हिंदी की हूं एक कली
नही मुझे अफसोस अचंभा
जब भाषाओं की बात चली

नही, नही मैं नही लिख सकता
कविता अंग्रेजी में भी
लिख सकता हूं सिर्फ़ अकेले
कविता बस हिंदी में ही

पढ़ लेता हूं अंग्रेजी मैं
समझ भी लेता कभी-कभी
जब भी लिखता हूं लेकिन मै
सूझी है हिंदी तभी-तभी

नही, नही मैं नही लिख सकता
कविता अंग्रेजी में भी

अभय शर्मा
मुंबई, 11 दिसंबर 2009 9.00 प्रातः प्रहर

आदरणीय भाईसाहब
सादर चरण स्पर्श

कुछ भाव यूं ही उमड़ रहे थे, कविवर बच्चन जी की बात याद आ गई कभी उन्होने कहा था कि कविताई हमेशा साथ नही देती जब भी भाव आयें उन्हे लिख ही लेना चाहिये, पता नही बाद में वे भाव कभी दोबारा दिमाग में आये या न आयें -

आप सबके लिए कुछ क्षण पहले लिखी कविता प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूं इस आशा के साथ कि बिना किसी आशय या राजनैतिक रंग के साथ ही इस कविता का आप सब आनंद उठा सकें - मै अपने विदेशी मित्रों से क्षमा चाहूंगा इस का अनुवाद किसी अन्य दिन कर सका तब अपने आपको धन्य समझूंगा -

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Praise of Paa!

The Most Respected Brother
Have Gala Time in Dubai Bylanes!

I know or rather I understand how busy you must be on this earth after the release of the film PAA..

Well, I am not an Oracle I am not some one who can predict future.. I am not into forecasting nor am I a fortune teller..

If I am something on this earth.. I am my Paa's son and equally my Maa's son too.. and after that I am your bhaai.. the younger brother.. even if it is a one sided relation I have nothing to loose.. I have everything to gain in the success of Paa.. for long times I had been thinking loudly that Abhsishek has not been able to express those genetic elements which he should have definitely inherited not only from you and Jaya Ma'm but also from the more illustrious Dr. Bachchan and Mrs. Teji Bachchan.. though in Paa.. the effect was visible to a great degree.. I amsure as per my last post you would have given him some pats on his back..

Here I share a small work that was composed in the morning before leaving for work but is only being shared now.. and the poem is for you brother for the beautiful enchanting role of Auro that beats Vijay Verma of Deewaar and Jaydev of Sholay..

Here it goes ..

पॉ में जो अभिनय देखा तुम्हारा
लगता था फिर से मैं देखूं दोबारा
अभिनय नही एक जीवन जिया था
जीवन को तुमने नया रंग दिया था
नया रंग दिया था

देखा नही और सुना भी नही था
अभिनय अभी तक न देखा कहीं था
मुझे याद आते है सारे नज़ारे
जैसे गगन के हो तुम चांद तारे
तुम चांद तारे

पॉ में जो अभिनय था देखा तुम्हारा
लगता था फिर से मैं देखूं दोबारा

ऑरो के प्रति यह गीत इस गाने की धुन पर सजाने की कोशिश की है -

(जो प्यार तुमने मुझको दिया था .. )

अभय शर्मा

May I thank Alok Shrivastav, Devkishin, Zainab and Rupam to remember me even in the absence of my post over here for today.. why do you all love me.. it s not good.. I am not a good guy.. I am not Auro.. When I am not able to refer people I feel ashamed of being referred like this.. no, no, I do not say that loving is not a good sign of life.. it is the best thing.. but frankly I deny this love as I am not able to love you all as much.. God be kind to me and allow me to be able to reciprocate the love that is being poured upon me..

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Auro
Sweet love,
I know you know english.. even if you make mistakes or make mistakes by your keyboard.. eh.. I make mistakes too.. everybody makes and mom shall not kill you after all..

I think Auro, I have to spemd more time with another auro at home.. like you he is just too playful.. every time you ask him for studies he would get sleepy and if left to himself he would immerse whole of his time in some computer game or watch TV.. does he not get bore with that.. it is all right.. only his name is Amrit and not Auro.. and he needs his Paa.. his Paa that is not Abhishek Bachchan but one Abhaya Sharma.. you see.. he is intelligent, creative and even loving but he has got carried away as if no one loves him in the school.. that people call him names he does not like.. even teachers take a pinch on him.. and that both his Paa and Maa are not finding enough time for him he is probably feeling neglected.. Auro.. would you like that kind of MaaPaa.. no, na..
I shall now take leave of you I have to make a beginning with Auro at home that he feels that he is loved.. that he is not all the time at the centre of being found to be at fault.. that he develops good eating habits.. if left to himself he would just survive on milk, kellogs, bournvita, Rice daal, and lots of potatoes and sometimes cabbage and now not even bhindi.. no, no, no eggs in this house.. his Maa can not tolerate that.. err.. tolerate the smell.. or the stink that is left in the house..
Bye Auro.. I would come to meet you as I promised mostly tonight at KStar fun cinemas.. I would bring along Auro at home and some of his friends too.. yes only if I could get tickets.. I hope to see you at the earliest and learn a few things of some value to help the other Auro.. the Amrit Auro you see.. will you make friends with him.. he is a good painter and plays casio too. and also badminton..

Brother, This may not be last post.. yet I do find that if I do not pay attention and do ni\ot play my role in Paa.. nobody would take care of the auro at home.. he may not be suffering from any projerio.. he suffers from computerio and TVio and casio to say it in short..
Abhaya Sharma

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Amrit Celebrates his eleventh Birthday

It was on 16th November 1998 that Amrit was born to us a really pre-mature baby.. He was named Amrit for the fact that Dr. Amrita Misri was exceptionally responsible in his birth..

Here is a video clipping of the eleventh celebration.. My elder brother Mahendra Sharma was here for an official tour for conducting Civil Services Examination.. so it was a great event even if I do not have much photographs to support the video is quite lively.. Have a look

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepavali - Amrit

Amitabh Bachchan
Abhishek Bachchan
Jaya Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Shweta Nanda
Nikhil Nanda
Navya & Agastya Nanda
Amar Singh ji (hope the charges of Kanpur man are false!)
Anil Ambani
Bigg Boss 3 Participants
....And of course the following very dear members of the FmXt.. Please do not associate any order.. there is none.. all are equally dear to me and I wish I had some way out to prove that too..
Dr. Aishwarya
Tumpa Bon
Kashmira Di
Rochelle Goldman
Anat Magen
Anashwar Chopra
Manoj Kumar Ojha
Shankar Narayan
Ravi Malhotra
Kishore Bhatt
Rose Cee (My Dear Sis.. don’t take me to court me lord..)
Reeham Hussein
Reshmi Philip
Rasha Zayed
Carla Flum
Zhenya Sannikova
Elena Seredkina
Deepak Taunk
Naresh Kapoor
Rupam (Assam)
Puneet (Jaipur)
Amitabh Ziibbu
Austere Seeker
Mithai Lal
Dr. Masud
Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma
Jasmine Jaywant
Lakshmi Jag
Bharati Sharma
Jasmine Sheikh
Fatima M.
Manda Mistry (Ekta Bharadia)
Syed Kabeeruddin
Subhash Kaura
Preeti Kaur
Daisy M
Lily D’Penha
Pankaj Srivastav
Jyoti Chander
Neha Srivastav
Niti, Nikhil Dimpi (and others from the Lunch party)
Gisele Barbosa
Amit Sangani

And those whom I have missed.. after all I have a right to err.. yet believe me.. I am not really too much interested in this naming business.. it is more because of the tradition.. I would be thankful to those who may have expected me to remember them too..


Abhaya, Amrit and Savita

Post Script : Brother, unlike me, Amrit is very keen on Bigg Boss.. and he is exactly thrilled after knowing that Akshay Kumar would be coming to the house of Bigg Boss.. He once told me he had dreamt that Akshay Kumar was training him on Karate.. He is probably more intrested in Blue.. Just on his behalf we wish Akshay Kumar too a very happy and prosperous Deepavali..

I know I am an old man of 50 if I did not find more attractive way to wish you on Deepavali.. I may be excused..

Hey aati rahengi bahaarein
Jaati rahengi baharein
dil ki nazar se
duniya ko dekho
duniya sada hi haseen hain …

Maine to bas
yahi maangi hain duaayen
phoolon ki tarah
ham sada muskarayen..
gaate rahen hum
khushiyon ke geet
yun hi jaaye beet zindagi

Ho ho aati rahengi bahaarein…

Monday, October 5, 2009

परम प्रिय एवं आदरणीय भाईसाहब
सादर चरण स्पर्श

आज मन अत्यंत प्रसन्न है, मात्र इसलिये नही कि आपने अपने चाहने वालों के प्रति अपने भाव स्पष्ट रूप से रखने का सफ़ल प्रयास किया है, इसलिये भी नही कि आपके प्रति हमारी भावनाओं को बल मिला है, या इसलिये भी नही कि आपके द्वारा आज पहली बार हम लोगों को इतना अच्छा वक्तव्य पढ़ने को मिला हो ।

आज विशेष प्रसन्नता का विषय यह है कि इन सब बातों से उपर उठकर आज आपने जो बातें यहां कही उनमें एक विशेष आत्मीयता की झलक साफ ही दृष्टिगोचर हो रही है ।

हम लोगों को इस बात का बहुत पहले से पता है कि आपके मन में इस विस्तारित परिवार के लिये कितना प्रेम-प्यार आपके दिल में बसा हुआ है, अच्छी बात तो यह है कि कुछ एकाध लोगों को अगर छोड़ दें तो हममें से भी अधिकांश लोगों ने इस प्रेम-प्यार को आगे बढ़ाने में समुचित योगदान दिया है, प्यार तो भाई बांटने से ही बढता है, अगर मै आप से प्यार करता हूं तो मेरा आपके प्रति प्यार शायद एक कलाकार के लिये ही नही वरन उस मानव-विशेष के लिये भी है जिसे अपनी सीमा में रहते हुये भी सबसे प्यार करना जताना बखूबी आता है । आप हमारे लिये प्रेरणा के एक ऎसे अक्षय स्त्रोत हो जिससे हमें दिन-प्रतिदिन नये भाव नया कुछ सीखने को मिलता है मिलता रहता है तथा भगवान से अभ्यर्थना है कि आगे भी मिलता रहे ।
वास्तव में पिछले दो दिनों से मैं अपने आपको सही प्रकार से व्यक्त करने में असमर्थ महसूस कर रहा था, आपके किसी भी निर्णय से मै बिल्कुल भी असहमत नही हूं तथापि मेरे कहे को कुछ लोगों ने या शायद स्वयं आपने भी अगर गलत समझा हो तो इसमें गलती आपकी या समझने वाले की नही मेरी ही अधिक है । मै जानता हूं कई बार पहले भी मेरे साथ ऎसा घटित हो चुका है मै कहना कुछ चाहता हूं पर कहते-कहते भाव इतनी तेजी पकड़ लेते हैं कि कुछ एक भाव लिखने से मै चूक जाता हूं । मै यह भी जानता हू कि मुझे किसी भी प्रकार की सफाई देने की विशेष आवश्यकता नही है, आप के अतिरिक्त यहां लिखने वाले सभी सदस्य या कहूं भाई-बहन तो ज्यादा ठीक रहेगा, इस बात से अपरिचित नही है कि अभय के मन में किसी के भी प्रति दुर्भावना तो नही ही है । सुधीर के प्रति प्रेमवश मै एकाध बार कुछ उग्रतापूर्ण बातें अगर कह भी गया हूं तो उसे यह अवश्य जान लेना चाहिये कि उसके यहां न लिखने से उससे अधिक कष्ट मुझे हो रहा हाय, अगर मेरे कारण वह ऎसा कर रहा है तो यह कहते हुये मुझे कोई सकोच नही है कि सुधीर को वास्तव में मै उतना ही प्यार करता हूं जितना अपने छोटे भाई अजय को, इस बात का कोई प्रमाण नही दे सकता अवसर आने पर उससे भी पीछे नही हटूंगा । अपने मन की बात मैने कह दी है हो सकता है उसके मन में कोई एसी बात हो ही न, मात्र व्यक्तिगत व्यस्तता के कारण ही वह यहां ना आ पा रहा हो ।

यहां आज मै अपने सभी मित्रों के प्रति कुछ चंद बातें कहना चाहूंगा, नाम लेकर लिखना चाहता था पर जानता हूं हिंदी में सब लोगों के सही नाम शायद मै लिख तो पाउंगा पर सही लिख पाउंगा इसमें मुझे संदेह है फिर कुछ एक क्षणों के लिये तो आप भी हम लोगों के मित्र बन जाते है ।

मेरे सभी मित्रगण, बंधु, सखा एवं भगिनियों

आप जितना प्यार मुझे देते हो या करते हो उसका मै सही उत्तराधिकारी ना होते हुये भी आप सभी के प्रति भी उतना ही प्यार आज व्यक्त करना चाहता हूं, अगर उससे अधिक कर सकता होता तब भगवान के प्रति मेरी श्रद्धा भावना अवश्य ही बढ़ जाती । मेरे द्वारा कही किसी बात से अगर कभी भी किसी को कुछ कष्ट पहुंचा हो तो मै अवश्य ही उन लोगों से क्षमा-याचना करता हूं कि वे मुझे अवश्य ही माफ़ कर दें । आप सभी को मै यकीन तो नही दिला सकता पर कह अवश्य सकता हूं कि किसी प्रकार का भेदभाव रख कर मैने आपसे प्यार नही किया है, यहां तक कि मैने अपने विदेशी मित्रों को भी उतना ही चाहा है जितना अपने भारतीय भाई-बहनों को, अगर किसी क्षण किसी का नाम नही लिया या किसी ने मेरा नाम नही लिया त मुझे अच्छा लगता है क्योंकि मै सदा ही सभी का नाम नही लिख सकता, यह उन सबके साथ मेरे द्वारा अन्याय होगा जिनका नाम लिखने से मै चूक जाता हूं , तथापि इस दिशा में एकाध बार प्रयास किया भी था जैसे कि ईद के मुबारक अवसर पर । उसमे भी कई त्रुटियां रह गईं थी यह बात कम लोग ही जान पायेंगें । आप सभी के प्रति मेरे मन में अपार स्नेह है यह किसी भी सूरत में कम होने वाला नही है । मतभेद की अपनी जगह है और स्नेह-प्रेम की अपनी अलग ।

आप सभी के प्रति मेरा स्नेह-प्रेम सदा ऎसे ही बना रहे प्रभु से बस इतनी सी विनती के सात यह पत्राचार यहीं समाप्त करने की आज्ञा चाहूंगा
- अभय शर्मा 6 अक्टूबर 2009, 9.50 प्रातः काल

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

राज्यश्री - जन्म-दिन मुबारक हो

आदरणीय भाईसाहब
सादर प्रणाम
अभी कुछ ही देर पहले ऎसे ही कुछ लिख रहा था, सोचा सोने से पहले आप लोगों के साथ भी इसे शॆयर करता चलूं, भाषा कोशिश करके सीधी-सादी ही रखना पसंद करता हूं, आज के इस युग में लोग यही पढ लें वही काफी है, नही तो भाषा की जटिलता का बहाना करके इस एहसास को अछूत कन्या का जामा पहना कर तिरस्कृत करनें में किसी का क्या जाता है ?


उदासी है कैसी जो छाई हुई है
यहां रूह हर एक सताई हुई है

नही जलते दीपक यहा दिल है जलते
ये बुझते हुए मन नही अब संवरते

ये किस्से किसे कोई जाकर सुनाये
किसे आज फिए ये कहानी बतायें

क्या मरने के दुनिया में कम थे बहाने
चले आज फिर से बम एटम बनाने

कहां खो गये है जहां के सयाने
कहां सो गये है अमन के दीवाने

कहीं कोई गांधी क्यों पैदा ना होता
यहां बुद्ध-नानक का सौदा है होता

हे इंसा के दुश्मन जरा होश में आ
ओ हैवानियत तू न अब जोश में आ

चलो मिल के दुनिया को जन्नत बना दें
फिर अपने दिलों में मुहब्बत बसा लें ।

अभय शर्मा 30 सितंबर /1 अक्टूबर 2009

यह एहसास आज अपनी छोटी बहन राज्यश्री के जन्मदिन पर भेंट करता हूँ ।

Monday, September 21, 2009

Navya-Agastya message

Abhaya says:
September 22, 2009 at 8:41 am
The Most Respected and Highly Reverred Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh, Good Morning and a wonderful day ahead..

I know why I am here.. just to tell you about that my mobile is in place but Savita had searched the entire house over last two holidays scratching her head.. just to find that her reading lasses were not over her head either.. She finally got them hidden under an extension board which is not working.. only after she had almost finished all her reading and writing exercises..

Bhaai aap ko yah batate huye mujhe harsh ho raha hai aaj Savita ka Birthday hai.. and she shares her birthday with my brother-in-law Dr. Vijay Kumar Dubey.. husband of my closest buddy in the family Dr. Neerja ( Neeru..).. No, brother you don’t have to wish them separartely. they are happy even if it does not come across.. tha thye both know that I share some very personal moments with you and it may not always be possible for you to reciprocate.. My wishes to both.. In fact for the first time.. I have wished Savia through email.. I had sent her the song Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya.. from saath-saath.. Tumpa di so you see.. I do sing for her as well.. you and FmXt are not the only exceptions.. LOL

Bhaai.. I shall take an early leave from you.. I try to be short and without sincere effort it is not going to happen.. but should I say that I would hold you and the FmXt in my thoughts for the days, months and whole of the living days that I may have been assigned by the creator of this universe..

My love to Navya-Agastya..
Abhaya Sharma September 22 2009 8:40 AM IST
PS: A song for the the two kids..
ghoda thha ghamandi
pahuncha sabzi mandi
sabzi mandi baraf padi thee
baraf mei lag gai thandi..

Abhaya says:
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September 22, 2009 at 8:54 am
Dear Navya and Agastya..

I know yu are fuming wih anger.. uncle aap baaki sab ke liye youtube links bhejate ho hamein chaar line suna ke tarka rahe ho.. yeh achchhi baat nahi hai.. hum aapki shikayat kar denge naanu se..

arre bhaai.. little lady don’t make a note of it in your diary.. I am posting a lnk for you of the song.. haan maine bahut gaay hai yeh gaana.. sab bachchon ke liye.. aur kaun sa gaana sunoge.. achchha.. baaki ke gaane baad mein.. here is the lakdi ki kaathi for both of you..

Agastya congrats for making to the school football team.. what position do you play.. Amrit stands in the goal post.. and plays casio.. wiothout being trained.. He did the music for the song competition for his blue house on pukaar song.. (anil kapoor vaali..) I am sorry I don’t know the lyrics.. boss.. probably they are expecting first place for their house…

Champions trophy mei kya lagta hai tum logon ko.. India champion ban sakati hai kyaa.. let us hope so.. their first game is against arch-rivals Pakistan.. I was told that it was a sold out game even ahead of the semis and finals.. chalo phir kal milte hain.. ab uncle ko office ke liye taiyaar hona hai..
Bye and lots fo love
Abhaya Sharma September 22 2009 8:55 AM IST

Sunday, September 20, 2009



हे दुर्गे अंबे जगदम्बे
जग की काली माँ
शरण तुम्हारी आया है
एक भक्त अनोखा माँ ।

ना मांगे चांदी सोना पर
प्यार तुम्हारा माँ
कल्याणी कह दो जग से
हो तुम्हीं हमारी माँ ।

आओ भवानी शिवपटरानी
शेरोंवाली माँ
जग में संकट आन पड़ॆ
हो तुम्ही सहारा माँ ।

अस्त्र-शस्त्र अपने सब लाना
हे रुद्राणी माँ
धरती पर फिर प्रलय मची
नही आकर जाना माँ ।

वैष्नो देवी दिव्य कांति की
झलक दिखाओ माँ
जग में जय-जयकार
पहाड़ा ज्योतांवाली माँ ।

अभय शर्मा 20,21 सितम्बर 2009 1.10 रात्रि

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kavi Ki Vedana - AB day 510

आदरणीय भाईसाहब
सादर चरण स्पर्श

आज मेरा अवकाश होने की स्थिति में आपको मुझे कुछ ज्यादा ही झेलन पड़ सकता है, पर यहां पिछले एक घंटे के श्रम के बाद जो कुछ भी मैने टाईप किया है उसके प्रत्युत्तर की आपसे अपेक्षा अवश्य है, इसलिये नह कि आज मेरे मन में पीत-रेखा प्राप्त करने की लालसा जाग उठी है वरन इसलिये कि यह प्रश्न मै नही कर रहा हूं - आप लोगों ने डाक्टर बच्चन को जितना कमजोर समझा वे उतने कमजोर नही थे - आपकॊ उनके सवलों के प्रति कुछ न कुछ तो अवश्य लिखना ही पड़ेगा, मेरे नाम की कॊई अवश्यकता नही है, पर हां यह भी मेरी तरफ़ से एक श्रद्धाजलि के रूप में महाकवि को स्वीकार्य हो एसी प्रभु से मेरी प्रार्थना अवश्य रहेगी । वैसे तो आप कहोगे कि मेरी चोट के समय जो कुछ भी हुआ उसका दोष तो मुझे नही दे सकते, फिर भी उनकी आत्मा की शांति के लिये दो शब्द आप इस बिषय मे अवश्य लिखें ऎसा मेरा अनुरोध है आदेश देने की क्षमता ना मै रखता हूं ना मुझे ऎसा करना प्रियकर ही लगता है –

‘दशद्वार से सोपान तक’ पृष्ठ 483-484

कवि की वेदना
तेजी के साथ अर्थ-चिन्ता से तो मुक्ति मिल गई थी, पर परिवार में सौ तरह की चिन्तायें होती हैं, समस्याएं उठती है जिन्हे दूर करने के लिए, जिनका समाधान खोजने के लिए ध्यान, समय, श्रम देना होता है । मेरा कवि स्वभाव, मेरी कवि प्रकृति, इससे कितनी उद्विग्न होगी और उससे मेरे कवि मर्म में कितना व्याघात उपस्थित होगा इसको तेजी ने जितना पहचाना उतना किसी और ने नही । अपने 42 वर्ष के संसर्ग में उन्होने मुझे गार्हस्थ जीवन के इस पक्ष से एक तरह से अछूता रखा – मैं कहना चाहूंगा दोष की सीमा तक । उनकी इस प्रव्रत्ति में कभी-कभी मुझे दुराव की आशंका हुई । अपने बेटों के सामने भी उन्होने मेरी यह तस्वीर रखी है मैं कवि हूं, कलाकार हूं, भावप्रवण हूं, थोड़ी सी अप्रिय स्थिति मुझे बहुत परेशान कर देती है – अब तो बहुत दिनों से अलसर का मरीज़ हूं – किसी भी अशुभ घटित या समाचार से मुझे अनभिज्ञ रखना चाहिये क्योंकि उससे मेरा मानसिक तनाव बढ़ेगा – एसिडिटी बढ़ेगी, मैं बीमार पड़ जाउंगा । नतीजा उसका यह हुआ है कि तेजी के जीवन में, मेरे बेटों के जीवन में बहुत कुछ कष्टकर चिन्ताजनक आया है, रहा है, और कानों-कान मुझे खबर नही दी गई । घर भर अभिनय-कला में दक्ष है, किसी ने अपने चेहरे-मोहरे से, बात से यह संकेत नही दिया कि अंदर-अंदर क्या हो रहा है, क्या बीत रह है । कभी-कभी तेजी और अपने बेटों के इस रवैये को मैने अपनी उपेक्षा समझी है, अपने प्रति अन्याय समझा है । मै परिवार का एक अंग हूं, और कोई छोटा अंग नही – मानो तो सबसे बड़ा – तो मुझे परिवार के सुख-दुख-दुरवस्था में साझीदार होना चाहिए । मुझे लगता है कि मेरे प्रति लगाव की अतिशयता में घर के लोगों ने मेरी गलत तस्वीर बना रखी है । माना कि मैं कवि हूं, कलाकार हूं, भावप्रवण हूं, पर छुई-मुई नही हूं । बहुत जगह कोमल होकर भी कहीं बहुत कठोर भी हूं – वज्रादपि कठोराणि मृदुनि कुसुमादपि, मुझमें बहुत कुछ सहने, बर्दाश्त करने, झेलने की शक्ति है, शायद घर भर में सबसे ज्यादा किसने इस घर में इतन दुख-दारिद्र्य, इतनी कष्ट-चिंताकर स्थितियां, इतनी मौत -बीमारियां देखी हैं जितनी मैंने । मेरे व्यक्तित्व के इस पक्ष को नही देखा-समझा गय तो मुझे गलत समझा गया है । इस पर सबसे ज्यादा झुंझलाहट मुझे उस समय हुई जब अमित को बंगलौर में चोट लगी, पर वह मुझसे छिपा रखी गई ।

अमिताभ को पेट में चोट शनिवार को अपराह्न में अगी थी । शायद उसे गंभीर नही समझा गय था ।

पर रात भर जिस पीड़ा, जिस कष्ट में वह तड़पता रह उससे जया को स्पष्ट हो गया था कि चोट समान्य नही है, जिसके कारण कोई बाह्य उपचार कारगर नही हो रहा है ।

इतवार को अजिताभ को फोन आ गया था कि वह फ़ौरन बंगलौर पहुंचे और साथ फैमिली डाॅक्टर शाह को लेकर। चोट की साधारणता का भ्रम तो अब नही रह गया था, अजिताभ डाॅक्टर को सथ लेकर गए, रमू, मां को बतकर । मुझे कोई भनक तक नही दी गई । मैने समझा इतवार छुट्टी का दिन है, अजिताभ योरोप से लौटकर भाई से नही मिला था, मिलने चला गया ।

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shraddhanajali to Dr. Bachchan

मधुर भावनाओं की सुमधुर नित्य बनाता हूँ हाला,
भरता हूँ इस मधु से अपने अंतर का प्यासा प्याला,
उठा कल्पना के हाथों से स्वयं उसे पी जाता हूँ,
अपने ही में हूँ मैं साकी, पीनेवाला, मधुशाला।।५।

Here Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan the creator of these now very famous couplets probably had people like me in his mnd.. people who feel that to live this life is nothing more than having god thoughts because that alone can give birth to beautiful feelings.. for such people it is a daily routine to synthesise such thoughts to be promoted in the world.. that alone can satisfy his desires..To fill oneself with such original thoughts and embrace them in one’s life is the only important to such an individual..To be able to fill and fulfill oneself with such a wine is an ever compelling act in one’s life.. the wine that has been synthesised from the best ever thoughts for the world and also for oneself is an imaginary concept.. to be able to lift and fill oneself with it is no less than a dream accomplished..In such contexts the one who enjoys such a life is complete in all respect.. he is the sole representative of the saaki, the wine and the tavern.. Now I could not get a suitable word for saaki.. the barmaid does not fit too well in these beutiful thoughts of the poet.. it could be the provider.. though..

I know Dr. Bachchan would be thinking - Beta, achchhe jaa rahe ho.. kavita maine san 35 mein likhi thee tab tum paida bhi nahi huye thhe.. par apane aapko tumne iname dhoond hi liya.. mera madhushal likhana sarthak hua.. meri Kavita purn h gai.. ( Son, You are meaning well.. The verses were created by me in the year 1935 when you were not even born.. yet the way you have discovered yourself in these couplets.. My writing of Madhushala has got further substantiated.. it has achieved a sense of completion.. ( that it could represent thinking much much after its creation much after its creator has gone.. What more could I expect..)
I would share just one more verse without the translation or ascribing its relevance to me..

धर्मग्रन्थ सब जला चुकी है, जिसके अंतर की ज्वाला,
मंदिर, मसजिद, गिरिजे, सब को तोड़ चुका जो मतवाला,
पंडित, मोमिन, पादिरयों के फंदों को जो काट चुका,
कर सकती है आज उसी का स्वागत मेरी मधुशाला।।१७।

I would say that if we could understand this verse in a deeper sense than just the literal translational sense of the words we would probably be free of much malice for each other in the name of religion, temples, mosques and churches..He (Dr. Bachchan never preaches that one should not really be a believer what he probably refers is that one should not be a blind follower..)
Having said that I would not say anything I could not desist or rather resist the temptation of serving with my interpretations.. the beauty of poetry is that it can have several interpretations..

Every time I read Madhushala I enjoy it afresh becuase it does refresh..
Love and my shraddhanajali to Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan.. I wish I could create a few lines in his honour but I ain’t really capable .. some words that I had written with him in the mind are being reproduced here..


अपने इस जीवन-यापन में
कहीं ऎसा कुछ कर जाना है
जग याद रखे इस दुनिया में
एक ऎसा भी है इंसान हुआ
जिसे मोह जाल ना बांध सका
कर्मॊं और विचारॊं का
वह एक अनूठा संगम था
जग से मांगा ना कुछ भी कभी
देने को सब कुछ आतुर था

भाषा रंग और धर्म जाति के
बंधन कब के था काट चुका
मानव से मान को जोड़ रहा
नही शांति दूत था वह कॊई
और ना ही कोई मसीहा था
कहता था इतना ही जग से
ना पानी ने हमें जब बांटा है
ना भूख हमें है बांट सकी
ना किया हवा ने बंटवारा
फिर क्यों कर हम विद्रोह करें
हम अभय बने बस प्रेम करें
अमृत सी हमारी हॊ वाणी
कर्णों को प्रिय हम मधुर बनें

- अभय शर्मा

Post script: Read Manav se manav ko jod raha.. I have not got means to correct the missing letter in hindi font at the moment..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amitabh Another Imaginary Interview!!

Respected Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh
My apologies to you for not congratulating you on winning the national award for The Last Lear.. I have not seen the film.. I have not been able to lay my hands on DVD anywhere.. if you know which company has the rights for its DVDs or if it is available or not.. There has never been an iota of doubt about your performances.. I don't really undertand how you could still mesemerise people (me includd) with your performances as an actor.. You may look older in appearance but some of the finer qualities that were your trademark like your expression with eyes and face and especially your voice they do not age at all.. that's not exactly a question it is only expression of your amaing abilities.. One can say atleast we hae one actor who has defied the logic o ageing..

Here is a mocked up interview with you: (Don't laugh it off.. I had done such an interview in three parts on my website long long back..)

Abhaya: "Sir, I had been having this long standing dream project on small screen wit you involving interviewing celebrities like Kapil Dev, Sachin, Anil Ambani, maybe even AmarSingh ji and now Jaswant Singh sahab to just name a few.. " Do we expect such interactive sessio with these of similar pople at Big Boss?"

AB : " You see, Abhaya, I am not supposed to comment anything about the program. you won't have to wait for long to find out ".
Abhaya : "Here at this blog you have completed 50o days, hw does it feel? Did you think at te beginning that you would go thus far in this arena of blogging?"
AB: "It feels great, it really feels satisfying. There had been occasions when I did not want to continue with it.. but ten the good sense prevailed and here I am with all of you the Extended Family.. To the other part of your question If I have to be honest with you.. which I generally am most of the times.. I must say that I have come a long way from where I started off.. I did not expect that it would turn out to be such a lovable exercise to be able to share the views directly with so many admirers, fans and well-wishers.. you see what I mean.. I am now hooked.. if someone asks me to quit now.. I may really find myself at a great loss.. Every day has been special.. every day I have found someone or the other coming up with that motivating tonic to continue.. to sum up it has been one hell of a good experince.. you see not hellish in the real sense of the word.. I am happy being here on the blog...

Abhaya : " I know that you are enjoying it.. why haven't you thought up of setting up a website besides the blog.. " . Any particular reason ?

AB : You see, Abhaya, there are two types of people in this world.. the first type prefer to do things their own way.. and a second type that prefer to get things done by other professionals.. I think I found the blog would be more in my own control and thought rather than depending on experts in web-designing I shold first get a feel of something that is more close to me at the personal level.. I hope you get my point..

Abhaya : " I do, you are highly explicit in whatever you do, whatever you say and also in whatever way you act in your films.. I remember some couple of guys wrote obnoxiously about your role in he Last Lear .. I don;t exactly remember their names.. some guys who were out to undo your eforts.. Do you have something to say to them..?

AB: No, I do not have anyhin further to say to them.. they whould have got their answers a couple of days back.. I say I am not against criticism.. I am not here to be taken for granted.. I am open to every day scrutiny for what I do.. as long as people like what I do I will survive.. Every good thing has to come to an end one day.. I am going to enter 68th year of my existence on 11th October.. I am not going to get any younger from there.. I can not do certain things that I did in the mid-seventies.. atleast not as well now as I could do then..

Abhaya: " You are very modest.. why do you have to ndulge in self-deprecation when things are actually very bright for you at the moment..?

AB : Abhaya, one thing I must tell you that there is nothing of that sort you chose the word from my todays blog.. otherwise you would know that a self-assessment is not a bad trait in itself.. to be able to judge yourself from the perspective of others is difficult yet I have practiced that and practiced that to good use with some good results..

Abhaya :" When exactly do you think would be the time that you would call it a day ?" Are there any secret hidden desires ambitions still in store for the viewers.. Is there that one role that you have waited that should have come to you and it has not yet come to you?

AB: The multiple questions tha you have fired.. I do have to compose myself all over again.. maybe a glass of water would help me in getting focussed.. OK..

The time when I call it quits would not be decided by me.. it would be you and the others who would decide that.. as long as I am wanted I would continue to provide my services.. the day I am not wanted I would have no option but to leave the field for others.. its is as simple as that..
Coming to your second question of secret ambition or hidden desire.. It would be wrong if I say that I have no desires or ambitions.. yet I must say that nothing is secret or hidden from anyone.. I want to be able to perform to the best of my capabilities in whatever assignments or projects that come my way.. that must be true for anyone.. anyone who chooses any profession leave alone acting..

This last part of your question is a bit tricky.. no actor on earth would admit that he has already performed whatever roles he aspired.. that admission would kill im as an actor at that very moment.. so I don't know what should I say.. maybe if you wish to know if I am looking for some specific roles.. Let me admit that I have not doen many kind of roles which I would love to perform.. I have not been associated with sports related film.. I do feel that someday if I am to do one I would not mind playing the coach of a T20 team though Football is my first love.. other than that I have not had an opportunity to act in a period film.. If someone agrees to cast me in some historically important role I would not mind doing it..for example the role of Pandit Nehru or Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore ..

Abhaya: Thank you sir, thanks for your valuable time and we also expect that there are more opportunities that come your way to be able to provide us with more super entertainment tha you have provided us for last four decades.. Ten more years and you would turn a Golden actor of Hindi Cinema.. wishing you good health for next ten years..

AB: Thanks a lot Abhaya, to you too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ganesh Vandana

This particular poem was composed last year around this festive occasion on 4th September 2008...

Sankat-Nashan Ganesh Stotram

This one was created in the afternoon! yet I did not upload it for there were some missed out parts in fact a mixing up of the end of two lines.. and I did not have original word documnet saved.. typing Hindi is difficult.. working with Sanskrit is extremely so.. I devised a new method to type the end syanza all over again generate an image and fuse the old and the additional part and result is here for all of you..

May Lord Ganesha Bless you all ...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To AB day 483

Chhupa lo yun dil mein pyaar mera
ki jaise mandir mein lau diye ki..
ye sach hai jeena thha paap tum bin
kiya hai ab tak yeh paap maine
magar hai man mein chhabi tumhaari
magar hai man mein chhabi tumhaari
ki jaise mandir mei lau diye ki..

phir aag viraha ki mat lagaana
ki jal ke main raakh ho chuka hoon
yeh raakh maathe pe rakh li maine
ki jaise mandir mei lau diye ki..

I know the song may not seem to fit as well to our knd of love affection or whatever name such bondage.. such great human bondage the world may decide to give or call.. yet it does fit well in essence.. it fits aptly for not me and you alone but for any pair of loving individuals.. who said one man can not love another man.. love after all is not a mere expression of opposite sexes.. I had been in love with Bhagat Singh.. with Swami Vivekanand with Gurudev (Rabindra Nath Tagore of National anthem of two countries fame nobel laureate).. in love with Socrates.. in love with that little man of India Lal Bahadur Shastri.. with severl frieds of mine over the years that recounting their names may belittle my love for them.. then why on earth can I not love someone I had actually been loving all these years more so during the times when I was a teenager, a growing adult.. the time when should have been loving some friends of opposite sex.. yet I loved you brother loved you more than any other human being alive.. loved you to the same levels as I had loved my mother.. now nothing else on this earth can beat my love or anyone else’s love for one’s mother.. to say it in short I lve you a lot.. and a lot that is noteasily quantifiable at all.. it is immeasurable.. innumerable and incomprehensible for me.. yet I love you and love you from my heart.. even if some of thse days I might not have shown up.. evn if I would have not used as kind words as I would have loved to use.. I know there was no need to expound upon these points.. there was not any need to be judged by others by my words when I know that no judgement is required from others when someone is truly in love with the other..
Let us make the moods light.. let us present a cheering up song for you brother..
Jaaiye aap kahan jaayenge
yeh nazar laut ke phir aayegi
door tak aapke peechhe peechhe
meri awaaz chali aayegi..

or still better
Thandi hawa yeh chandani suhaani
ae mere dil suna koi kahani..

I choose to reproduce from the net.. I goof up the songs.. so please bear with me.. here it goes..
Thandi Hawa Yeh Chandni Suhani
Ae Mere Dil Suna Koi Kahani
Lambi Si Ek Dagar Hai Zindagani
Ae Mere Dil Suna Koi Kahani

Saare Haseen Nazare
Sapno Main Kho Gaye
Sar Rakhkhe Aasmaan Pe
Parbat Bhi So Gaye
Mere Dil Tu Suna Koi Aisi Daastaan
Jisko Sunkar Milein Chaen Mujhe Meri Jaan
Manzil Hain Anjani Thandi Hawa…

Aise Main Chal Raha Hoon
Pedon Ki Chhaon Mein
Jaise Koi Sitara
Badal Ke Gaaon Mein
Mere Dil Tu Suna Koi Aisi Daastaan
Jisko Sunkar Milein Chaen Mujhe Meri Jaan
Manzil Hain Anjani Thandi Hawa…

Thodi Si Raat Beeti
Thodi Si Rah Gayee
Khamosh Rut Na Jaane
Kya Baat Kah Gayee
Mere Dil Tu Suna Koi Aisi Daastaan
Jisko Sunkar Milein Chaen Mujhe Meri Jaan
Manzil Hain Anjani Thandi Hawa…

I know Kishore da had helped a lot in shaping up your career as an actor that I rate him higher as an actor than a singer is something I did not want to disclose here.. it might hurt him out there as he did sing many many commendable songs in many many films.. yet his taleant as an actor is to be seen to be belived.. be it Jhumroo, Half Ticket, Chalti ka Naam Gaadi or even Padosan.. there are several others but then listing has never been my way of sharing thoughts I know..

I would not mind to know what you think of Kishore da in one of the posts as an actor as a singer and even as a person.. I know yo knew him quite well as a person as well.. when do we get to hear Amitabh on Kishore Da.. asap (as soon as possibble.. is that what you say.. we will wait.. )

Love and pure love
Abhaya Sharma August 18 2009 4:22 PM India

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amitabh - 4th June 2009

“ People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion arises in the world when “people are used and things are loved”.

Oh Brother Dear Brother!
Sadar Charan Sparsh
Some elegant well noted points, some generalised some very specific, some for many some for few, some for new ones and still some for old associations, some well stated and some that need guess work.. some emanating love and some expressing concern..
And I am lost.. I am truly lost.. I do not know if I say too little for example.. i also do not know if I could learn to be short.. in that respect I am more like your father than like you.. who had love for greater details.. everything stated as explicitly as majestically as to express oneself inside out..

No complains brother.. not at all.. I also know what you think of me.. I am not travelling in the general compartment in my journey with you.. and not talking of my travel to Delhi, Bareilly and Nainital.. Yeah the last one is our this summer's destination.. and it has been selected as much for being a new point on my visited India List as much as for Sherwood.. My love for you shall never be measured is what would be my expectation.. love for human beings rather than things is beyond any measures.. is beyond comparsion.. is beyond perception.. it simply is the pure love.. and I know you know that too.. so love you all the more..

I apply for a leave from the blog from today i.e. 4th of June to 18th of June.. both days being marked by the two sweet girls in the family born in the same year.. Upasana celebrates her 21st birthday today and Nivrita on 18th June.. They probably are the closest pairs of cousins or siblings in the family a matter of just twoo weeks.. it is just a matter of two weeks that I would join you back here on the blog..

The game yesterday tested my capacity to watch cricket at night.. I was little tired and though I did see the warm up game yesterday between India and the archrival Pakistan.. I could not sustain my eyes to support me later in the Indian innings.. it was a masterful batting display by Rohit Sharma and Gautam Gambhir..I did see in between of the innings and then I went to sleep when India needed 19 runs of 25 balls and the first wicket had fallen.. a strokeful 80 from the young Rohit Sharma.. Dhoni could well consider to continue with him at the top and drop Sehwag to one down or maybe even two down since one down should naturally belong to Suresh Raina.. Bowlers may not be judged in a warm up game or in anay game.. they do have to do their best but one can not always expect them to be able to succeed in controlling the flow of runs.. if a bowler concedes somewhere around 8 to 9 runs he is doing well anything in the range of 6 to 7 is a bonus and yes anything above 10 is poor display RP and Kumar may have to adjust themselves to come to the middle level..

Brother, I am sorry again to have said so much and having said too little..I would be saying a lot in the next fortnight by being absent.. (Haha, not a serious sense of humor.. just wanted to see a smile on your face..) India though in a difficult super eight group should manage to semis, hopefully, given the current form of Rohit and Raina in their all-round abilities they do need a couple of batsman and bowlers to help them once in a while.. Raina put the plugs on Pakistan rampage by the brilliant run out followed by the catch and from 45 for 1 to 45 for 4 in space of 5 balls Pakistan were halted in their plans of posting 200 plus.. There is no end to my discussions.. so I leave abruptly.. I do need to help savita in finalising the packing and planning for the journey which we take.. travelling AC chair car for want of 3rd AC tickets anywhere.. it is all right..
Love to you, Love to Jaya ji and love to every EF member.. ( I will miss all of you.. I shall try to get in touch if possible..)

Abhaya India June 4 2009 9:47 AM IST

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delhi Daredevils should win ..

Respected Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh

At the outset let me apologize for misusing your blog to promote T20 cricket in the hindsight though I know that you are indeed interested in the IPL whenever you do get time to be able to watch and follow ..

I wish that you enjoy the game between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers of Bangalore that is about to start in two hours time..

The game may not have much in it for Delhi.. yet all the other teams who are vying for a semi-final berth alongside Delhi would be keenly following the game.. A game holds as much in stock for the team that are not playing.. So much is at stake for others in a loss for Bangalore.. Kings XI, Chennai, Deccan and the team possibly having an outside chance in Rajasthan Royals..

What does one expect here.. Would Anil Kumble and his Bangalore mates script an unexpected win to continue to be counted in the hunt.. Would Virender Sehwag and his team go for the kill.. in reducing atleast some of the uncertainties in their own as well as the mind of other teams and viewers..

Is it that straight forward.. that one can possibly write the end of the challenge from the Mallya owned team.. I doubt.. Kumle would no feel that way.. he too would appear to be as aggressive as Kolkata Knight Riders did to get over the mighty Chennai some 24 hours back..

But does he have the ammo and ambo ( a new word for ambition.. if ammunition could shorten to ammo why not ambo for ambition..) .. yet they do have Jumbo on their side and we all know he is a great wizard of his own kind.. only he needs some support from his fellow bowlers and some of his batsman should be able to repeat the kind of cricketing shots they displayed in their last game against Kolkata Knight Riders..

What kind of team does one expect Kumble to form into a combo which could stop the Delhi Daredevils.. If I were by his side I would first find ways to include Dale Steyn, provided he is fit.. I would then find three other foreign players and think about retaining Boucher and Taylor straight away.. oops.. that leaves one choice to go with Kallis or Ryder.. I would not risk in including anyone ahead of these two.. not here.. and I maybe tempted to go for Ryder despite his ordinary time with both bat and ball.. not so much for his batting skills but for his wicket taking ability..

We then come to seven, or no six Indian players, Kumble has to be the seventh in any case.. Let me just be quick enough to pick the best team for my enemy so that the Delhi gets a fair practice of tough games lying ahead.. Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli, Praveen Kumar and to some extent even Robin Uthappa make the spot immediately.. Leaving two more places Vinay Kumar nicely takes up one and the eleventh man could be one of Apanna or Akhil I would go with the former to assist me as a captain in case it turns around.. (Though I know that Kumble would retain Kallis ahead of Ryder for his vast experience and maybe even knowledge of conditions..)

Oh! Viru is not happy with me.. I have joined the enemy camp.. don’t worry boss.. I shall help you too.. You got to give some rest to some of the bowlers and also strike a balance at the same time.. you have to also support the young Tiwary who could be more electric in the field maybe in place of Manhas.. The other changes Andrew McDonald in place of Maharoof, Daniel Vettori or even McGrath (if he agrees to play in such an insignificant game.. ) for Nannes. I even suggest Warner ahead of Dilshan.. I know you would not listen to me on the case of Dilshan.. but he (Dilshan) is such an important player and some signs of fatigue are clearly visible on his face and body language.. Viru it is upto you to spend all your forces before the semi-finals.. discuss it with him.. if he does not mind to continue it is all right.. and Yes young Sangwan has to be brought back into the side.. he does need to be there to bolster the pace attack. So how does my DD team looks like..
Gambhir, Warner, de Villiers, Sehwag, Karthik, Tiwary, McDonald, Vettori, Mishra, Sangwan and Nehra..

I did think of providing some rest to the best of the batsman and bowlers in de Villiers and Nehra but decided against it seeing what happened to Chennai by resting their mainstay batsman..

On why Delhi should win this game.. A win shold provide momentum and spur up the energy levels of the team.. secondly if RCB loose here.. there will be much less uncertainty about which other teams are likely to be there and more importantly hennai would then not finish as fourth.. hopefully.. Dhoni’s men we must meet only in Finals if we must.. they have the strongest batting line up and capable of thrashing pace and spin alike.. so if one can take control in deciding the other semifinalsit.. this is the time.. this is the game.. win this game today and make sure that whatever else is to be done in the last encounter can be planned later.. Delhi under no conditions can come second even if they wish so at the end of league phase.. plan well and if required even drop Gambhir to one or two down sending Karthik alongwith Warner to open the innings.. I am very pleased for te transformation in Karthik’s batting compared to last edition.. he is also in the running for important player of the tournament alongside de Villiers and Nehra so give him that boost.. he just might solve the jigsaw puzzle for your batting order..

Oh it is too much of a story.. I am enjoying the tournament even if others are not enjoying my long posts.. I remember, last time my post must have been read by Gilchrist ad he did not use Rohit and Suman fearing your expected onslaught by you in particular.. play you natural game 2 runs from 8 balls it defies any logic to be believed as the score by you.. I would not mind even if you do not score runs but score two runs from eight balls and even I would become critical of your plans.. so it is better that you play lower down the order.. to accelerate the run rate in middle overs..

Just read these lines and comments and do something different so that Kumble does not have an upper hand ( assuming he too reads this post.. a bit unexpected.. though.. I know even you would not be reading it.. it is all right..

Have a great game Viru and rather play for winning than for loosing..

Abhaya India May 20 2009 6:57 PM IST

Monday, May 11, 2009

Amitabh Bachchan in a different mood!

Genteleman. Scientist, Thinker, Philosopher and maybe even Magician! Respected Brother, Sadar Charan Sparsh I mean you were all these in this post even if in dreams, even if in being languid and listless and also sometimes even in being idle.. You weave Magic Mr. Bachchan, oh sorry, Bhaisahab.. I am interested in being idle sometimes now that you said and idle mind could be the philosopher on the blog.. not so much.. I know one thing for sure.. human mind is never idle.. the way our heart never stops beating the brain too does not stops thinking.. not even in sleep.. true some grand discoveries owe themselves to the thoughts a person got in dreams.. he ring structure of Benzene occurred to Kekule in the dream and a coiled up snake in his dream suggested that he had hit upon the novel idea of benzene being the coiled up snake.. Oh sorry.. the chemical entity .. There in fact are many others but my mind does not recollect anymore.. That you speak of brain.. I always had a puzzle wringing my thoughts ever since the childhood.. and have not been satisfied satisfactorily.. which is more important to life the Heart or the Brain.. what is your say.. Listlessness.. I think that is the most infectious characteristics of our existence.. do we always appear ordered.. we should not.. the disorder is always on the increase in this world.. Entropy is always on increase.. though I do not know that I should bring thermodynamics and is it relevant.. A system always tends to a state of increasing entropy and entropy in general is assumed to be associated with lack or loss of orderliness.. I am not comfortable with thermodynamics I was never comfortable with it during my Chemistry Honours days.. a subject which was really responsible for my poor overall performance.. I cold not get a first division in the Honours degree.. and the culprit was this thermodynamics paper where I scored just 12 marks out of 50 in the second year.. Oh! I think I have been too vague too less appealing to the most of the fellow bloggers by way of bringing in inept thoughts on science.. I don't know if you got to read the Vigyaan je dharaatal poem I had submitted sometimes in the last week.. it is also on my abhayakavi blog.. if you would like to visit or see what it states.. When I say gyaan ki seema badhana he abhaya.. it necessarily means bring some disorder into the order of knowledge that already exists.. so much for being listless.. it could be confusing at times and confusion is what scientists always want to feed.. I for example would always try t disbeleive the best of the theories that have been put forward by the most eminent scientists.. that alone is the way to proceed further.. oh! not all f the theories, rules and laws of science are questionable in that sense..some of the knowledge the world scientists have assembled has been immensely useful even if it meant in the assembalage of an atom bomb.. it led to the possibility of the power within atoms.. I must take a break and IPL as it enters into its penultimate stage has been listless too if not languid as well.. I would like t believe that we do not know the order in which teams would run up in the next 18 matches of the league phase yet we know that probably three out of the four locus points have already been determined.. I feel Delhi, Chennai and to a great extent even Deccan have sealed the three of the available SF spots.. leaving one position to be filled by as many as four other teams.. I have no logic to support that KKR can still create some magic and make unbelievable happen.. they have gone beyond that stage.. feel sad for king Khan and also for Maharaja or the Bengal Tiger.. Ooops! Why can't write smaller posts.. what does it take to be able to write crisp and short scripts.. I have a lot to learn still.. Love raised to the power of infinity ( and infinity my friedn is an undefinable entity yet ask any calculus men his work depends a lot on it.. limit tending to infinity or integrating over infinity.. what rubbishh this mathematics is all about.. yet I liked Mathematics more than Chemistry.. I do not know how to apply brakes to stop the thought process.. I am surely to meet an accident someday because of writing too much than for writing too less.. hope it is not too fatal.. Abhaya India May 12 2009 12:15 AM IST

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Brother! Dear Brother!!
How did I miss this description of the Scindia House, the Connaught Place, the wonderful Maharaja and above all the ducking away from the known face as one roamed around in the atmospherically rejuvenated connaught circus err Place.. I did not know that you like all of us enjoyed and remember the University days as vividly as we do.. you would not have forgotten of the UPSC chaat wala enroute the university specials.. Oh! you may not have been travelling to South Delhi or were you.. I mean whether you did come across that famous chaat wala.. it is all right.. The connaught place and Red Fort (we used to refer it as Lal quila..) and the famous Nai Sadak (enroute Chandni Chowk) that we visited several times in search of the second hand books.. yeah.. we could only afford second hand books by the foreign authors.. and in the Honours degree course we were subscribed only and only books by some of the most renowned Chemistry books of the world.. Oh the mention of books makes the scene little heavy.. I should drop the Delhi University right here.. (it was a very good account by you! nevertheless!)..

So you do sport a neck collar.. it is all right.. if it is the requirement it must be met.. it must be fulfilled.. it must be honoured.. and we all know how much respect and regard you have for others.. especially for the medical world.. why not.. they did what they could do best in the early eighties.. somewhere I read or was it by Dr. Bachchan.. that for sometime you were declared dead.. or was it some rumor that I read in Newspaper.. whatever.. in the matter of life and death our medical fraternity has almost always won respect from most of us.. that too deservingly..

also take this opportunity to take our discussion of IPL a little further.. not to talk and dishearten you from what yesterday was like.. but of the possibilities in the two games that are going to move the teams one more step forward in that race for the semi-finals.. I believe Kings XI have tougher opponents in Chennai Kings.. they are not so super though.. the first game however is a battle among more equals.. anyone of the royals can beat the other one without much faze in the face..

Yet I feel that Kings vs Kings holds more dramatic challenge for Punjab to be able to match the man in yellow would mean to gear up with all weaponry needed.. The Goel has not lived upto his promises.. Powar has not been utilized properly.. Abdulla has not had the best of the support from his fielders.. The King in the making Yuvraj has done little besides the hat-trick and his last two knocks as a batsman.. with so few runs against his name he still features in the race for most sixes ( he is third right now) that he has forgotten the skills of taking those cheeky singles that he used to do along side Mohammad Kaif.. I know boundaries matter a lot in this version.. but correct sincerity with the bat and enough respect for bowler are still prominent as in any other form of cricket.. fielding assumes an edge in this format and KKR fields atrociously reflects in their standing in the tables..

I expect Rajasthan Royals would score over Royal Challengers of Bangalore.. I really fail to understand what has really happened of Dale Steyn.. how could RCB think in terms of dropping Kumar aginst Delhi in one of their recent games.. who decides or picks the eleven for them.. I would expect not only Steyn but also Ross Taylor to return.. Don't ask me how or in whose place.. that is the most tricky thing.. I can only suggest not make the correct address to pick the final XI.

I think this has becoe too long a post.. must say quits for now.. especially knowing your physical condition.. take care and enjoy the night game..

Abhaya India May 7 2009 3:25 PM IST

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vigyaan Ke Dharatal - Day 362

Oh Brother!
Love and regards,

I did finally find out about Sir David Frost.. No, I am not a running encyclopedia that should know or rather could know everything about everything.. I remember one of my Hindi poems ..

vigyaan ke dharatalon par ghoomata phira hoon mai..
( I have been wandering around on the various scientific worlds..)

There I did mention of the inabilities of a single human being to know everything of anything in the world of science..)

विज्ञान के धरातलों पर घूमता फिरा हूं मै
रसायनों के चक्करों में था कभी
कम्प्यूटरों की भूमि में भटका भी था
और कभी कैंसर ने घसीटा अपनी खोज में
भौतिकी यंत्रों का मै कायल रहा
और भी कितने ही विषय विज्ञान के
है आज भी मुझको निमंत्रण दे रहे
सोचता हूं और समझता भी हूं मै इस अपवाद को
हो नही सकता है कोई विश्व के विज्ञान में
भेद सारे जान पाये विश्व के विज्ञान के
है कठिन पथ खोज का सब जानते हैं
फिर भी जो इसमें रमें सब मानते हैं
इससे बढकर है नही आनंद कोई विश्व में
ज्ञान की सीमा बढाना हे अभय

अभय भारत 23 अप्रैल 2009 9.29 प्रातः

Post Script: Yes! The credentials of Sir David Frost do speak a great deal about his achievements.. That Was the Week That was (TW3) could also be the platform for you to start something like the programme celebrity that I have been requesting you over some time.. It could be named - Har Din Naya Din ..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 359 - on Return from Pune

Respected Brother
Sadar Pranam

First thing first.. I am back to the blog after two days.. I did take part in the marriage of dear Meesha.. yet I regret.. yes I seldom use this word.. I regret my inability to meet Ravi Malhotra.. not that I just promised to meet him.. more because I missed opportunity to meet him on two occasions in too recent past.. I am Sorry Ravi Sir.. first for missing a call from you on 16th April as you were returning from Mumbai to Pune.. and then not able to find an opportunity ( time would be a misnomer..) on two days on trot in Pune on 18th and 19th April when I was in your town..

I would not be missing from the blog entirely but I can always say that I would be seen less often or atleast in much smaller Avtars.. some of you who were bored with my long posts would heave a sigh of great relief.. that I would be busy with IPL 2 and here is the link to my only second article on IPL2..

Now Deccan Chargers have done well enough to register an eight wicket win over KKR and thus telling all of us to not read too much from what they experienced from them in the first edition..

Yes I did get to see the PPT from BigB Yahoo Group.. It was OK.. not such extraordinary as you have tried to put it to us.. I have seen wonderful PPT presentations.. and with missing presentations and repeatability of few names it did not go too well with me.. I had myself compiled some of your unforgettable pictures and presented them directly through Slideshow zilla along with the songs from your movies.. I know my site does not work in India or maybe nowhere today.. for whatever reasons.. yet I can bet one could get far too imaginative with presentations even with PowerPoint..

Now, this is not condemnation of such illustrious compilations by FM (not Frequency Modulated but Fatima Mahmoud.. sister excuse me if i have spelt you wrongly..).. I am sorry I came to know Zain Hussain for the first time.. It was great to know that Kishore worked with you on Mohabbatein.. I wonder in what capacity..

If I do not close this chapter here.. there would be far too many members of bigB group who would hurl all sorts of remarks and comments on my observations.. Fatima wrote to me once I had joined the group on introduction from none other than Gisele Barbosa.. may be that reminds I can try and provide the living legend for you folks there on her website.. which does work many a times in our country..

And Last but not the least.. Brother Heartiest Congratulations of completion of 1 year here.. may you continue to write as elaborately as you do and we too could extend it further with our views on the posts and sometimes off it too.. What follows below are my views and no one has to respect them or even debate.. I know I could be wrong in some cases.. yet I say..

The two most remarkable posts - one on Teji Bachchan's Birthday and another on reply to Jug Suraiya's TOI subverse.. (The post on Shobhit Kaushal was a close competitor to the second!)

The two most lovable female characters - Reeham and Rose (Reshmi Philip, Rochelle and Rasha Zayed, Kashmira Grewal, Preeti K. Carla Flum from Germany and Zhenya and Lena from Russia missed out very narrowly, Tumpa Ghosh and several others did make a competition)

The two most lovable male characters - Subhash Kaura and Ravi Malhotra (There were far fewer competitors – (Deepak T(aunk) and Deeapk B(hardwaj), Satyam bhai and Dr. SMS- Oh I should tell you that it means Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma)

The two places described on the blog : Kanya Kumari and Kuala Lumpur (Paris and New York’s unforgettable tour!)

Two most lovable Quotes: Experience Speaks and Wisdom Listens and the other on Roses and Thorns ( There were far too many that I actually liked can’t recollect all!)

Two Characters I love most from your family- Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan (for his role in Delhi-6) Competition came from all immediate members of your family especially Smt. Teji Bachchan (Of course I leaned only enough of her after reading the autobiography of Dr. HRB and your account of her on this blog) and madam Jaya Bachchan for her role in Abhimaan)

More Later with usual love and affection

Abhaya India April 19/20 2009 12:42 PM IST

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alop Bhaisahab - I love you..

.. What I’ve learned over the years is that learning to accept each other’s faults - and choosing to celebrate each other’s differences - is the one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship.

Oh My dearest brother & friend !

Yeah, I get a feeling that I could once in a while break the jinx and address you as a friend too.. I know you would not mind..

In relationships they say when the shoe of father fits his son's feet .. he should consider him more as a friend than a son..

We are not related by blood.. but I ask myself whether only blood relations count in our existence and I answer back t myself.. not necessarily.. sometimes even if that sometimes have low probability.. some relationships can beat the best of blood relationships.. No, no, I am not saying that I have established such a relationship with you.. I am only trying to drive a point home that there are several such relationships that one develops as one grows up.. some do assume a greater significance.. some go ahead to become even more valuable than what a blood relationship could qualify..

To put some substance in my observation.. I recall a relationship with the two Mittal brothers that my family has been enjoying over more than maybe 50 years.. the Alop and Amogh Mittals.. These two brothers were initially a friend to some of my own brothers.. their house was opposite to the Baidyanath agency which my Nanaji had in Bijnor.. the two might have been known to my family since those days.. probably one or two of them might have also studied at some level with one or both of them .. most likely at school.. or even college level..

There has hardly been an important ceremony in my family that the two would have missed.. the Alop Mittal .. the one confined to a wheelchair for last twenty odd years still manages to do so.. is a perfect example of good relationship.. how the relationship grew so strong over the years is difficult to gauze for me now.. yet I can say without any iota of doubt that it indeed is very strong..

Alop Bhaisahab was in Bombay too before I made an entry to the city.. He served in various high positions in Toshniwal brothers, SIMCO international and today is the advisor at FICCI.. needless to emphasie his standing in the country as an intelligent and important constituent..

So what I was saying.. that the relationship with Mittals is one such example where blood relationships loose to friends to the family.. I salute Alop Bhiasahab who despite his severe bizarre accident in which he had lost his daughter Jhalak and he was destined to the wheelchair.. I did go to meet him at Bombay Hospital during those days.. and also went to see him at Khadakvasala where he did undergo some further treatment.. What is highly admirable of him that he continued his life with the same zest.. and continued to rise higher and higher in his list of achievements.. I wish Alop bhaishab the very best in life.. he is probably more dear to me than the brothers because of whom I know him.. Ours is not a blood relation yet he clearly stands much above those types of relationships.. Bhiasahab (Alop Mittal) my very sincere Charan Sparsh to you.. wherever you are.. I seek your blessings as always..

So much for him and his association with us.. I love him.. may be a shade more than I love you brother yet my love for you is also quite high for another reason.. that you are the son of Dr. Harivash Rai Bachchan..

I am thankful to my mother.. that she had sown the seeds of such high values and traditions into us to be always respecting our elders.. not in the family alone but elsewhere too.. to learn from their deeds as much as we could do.. Thank you mummy ji.. I was watching Raja aur Rank yesterday on DVD and it had such a wonderful song..

tu kitni achchhi hai
to kitani bholi hai
pyaari pyari hai o maa o maa

I know that was one of my favourite song and what a pleasant surprise that had to wait till April 10 2009 to see the movie first time to enjoy my relationship with my mother.. a gem of a person.. a too much of a scholar.. a mother in all its integral meaning.. I now do not miss her so much after 27 years as I felt during first few years after her death in 1981.. that I now know her best wishes are always with me.. always guiding me to become a good human being..

Usako nahi dekha hamne kabhi
par uski jaroorat kya hogi
ae maa teri surat se alag
bhagwaan ki surat kya hogi
kya hogi..

Abhaya Eartharian April 11 2009 1.00 PM IST

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nuclear Disarmament - I would Love it..

Respected Brother - Amitabh Bachchan Sahab (ABS) and
President Barack Obama! ( A friend of Humanity!)

This is first time I am here on this blog belonging to my brother.. Amitabh Bachchan.. The Living legend of Indian Cinema.. I did mean to fuel a debate.. yes nuclear fuel was an issue a few months back for India.. and with US promising on possible and probable supply for us to be able to sustain our nuclear programmes.. oops.. even if it was Mr. Bush who under his presidency struck that kind of deal or should I use a better way of putting across my thoughts and preferably use the term arrangement for the kindness that America bestowed on us..

Now, friends.. I call Obama a friend.. not an ordinary friend.. yet a huge and important friend of humanity.. especially in the light of his subversion on the possibilities of making mother earth free of its nuclear weapons burden.. a load that carries destructive powers of unknown measures.. of a nuclear terror that could emerge the way those disruptive forces are fuelling their mindset with newer and more destructive ways of bringing peace to kneal before them.. I hate .. yes I hate these destructive powers.. irrespective of my fate at their hands.. yet I would not retract my this decision.. unlike my inability to continue here on the blog a few days back.. some human minds could revert my decision.. and I am happy for that..

I am happy that I can speak my mind.. I can use the words to describe the futility of nuclear weapons.. that I can endorse the views of the most powerful democracy.. the views of one man who is at the helm of affairs of managing his country in toughest times.. yet is able to decry the presence of nuclear arms in this world..

May I draw the attention of this august audience to the after-effects of a nuclear war.. to the grave situation that follows if one of us deployed the nuclear options to protect our interests.. to visualise the kind of events that it may trigger as a chain reaction.. that the life on earth may plead for its very existence.. May I question then the perpetrators of nuclear arms.. Is this what we want to leave as a legacy behind for the generations to follow.. to destroy and to decimate humanity from this good earth.. is this the only best possible way of exercising our supremacy over others.. I doubt.. I very much doubt if this is what should be the order of the day for the world.. we need to rethink our schemes and plans..

There are thousands who have written their scientifically assertive views on what happens if the world at large engages in a nuclear warfare.. I wish I could provide some links.. I wish I could quote some of them here directly.. yet I know my limitations.. I know I am an old man who is going to turn 50.. who scoffs at his inability to remember things when it matters most.. who is an ordinary mind who does not probably have a chance to be heard across.. forget influencing the minds who make and take decisions to propagate or profligate how the world should act in a given hour, minute or a moment..

May I ask my friends who may be small in numbers.. to come forward and make a sincere effort to free the world .. set good mother earth free of its nuclear threat.. if we could make a chain reaction of our thoughts soon the few may become large.. the large may become governing and the governing may turn into a peaceful solution.. a world free of its nuclear arms..

No, I would not continue beyond this point.. I am a nuclear scientist working in an organisation that has been explicitly involved in the peaceful uses of nuclear options.. I shall have the right to be heard.. I shall also be held responsible if our generations curse as the knowing people who did not oppose the threat..

Nuclear is unclear.. nuclear is an ulcer.. yet nuclear is also not only a cruel N option.. look up to it as real UN( United Nations) C(haracter).. yes.. I am not able to find much more fruitful positive emanations from nuclear to make it appear friendly.. I am not a word wizard.. I have not been trained to be one..

I am a trained nuclear scientist and I would only be able to say a yes to nuclear warfare only over my dead body.. of several many dead bodies.. of millions and billions of dead bodies.. of infinite number of dead bodies.. if we consider all life forms that may die.. Is this where we want to take the world.. if yes.. please leave me behind.. I am not going to follow such path.. never ever.. I am not in favour of Nuclear Arms.. Nuclear weapons or Nuclear War..

Abhaya Eartharian April 10/11 2009 12.44 AM IST

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day-344 two posts to AB!

” We can either complain that roses have thorns, or we can rejoice that thorns have roses.”
Most Respected Brother - The Amitabh Bachchan of the Cinema World!

A very Good morning to you, Sir!

I would not mind my thorns to have roses though roses with thorns would also be acceptable gracefully!
I would wait for one more day to know and learn what exactly lies in store, the wait is all right.
For a change, I would halt my progress here, but not before thanking you for helping out a helping hand to Priety’s pretty team! Yes, April 18 is also being waited upon quite substantially, lot of our young cricketing heroes are going to display there talents in front of the South African crowds. What a boon in disguise for some of the youngsters - who would find it difficult to get a chance to represent their country to play in South Africa for the intense competition for earning a cap to represent India. I think their roses may have some thorns but it is acceptable to have the tournament - ON rather than putting it in OFF mode due to bizarre conditions at home! My best wishes to IPL season 2.
I would visit the blog again and pick up some more threads from your today’s saga of India 24/&, did you say it wasn’t a news channel! HaHaha ( my poor journos! they did not do their home work well!)
Love in good abundance
Abhaya India April 3 2009 8:48 AM IST
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(Addendum - Not accepted on the blog after nearly three hours!)

.. So I shall keep this short and friendly as always, with the promise of a detailed discourse on matters that disturb me and coerce me to respond. That understanding is vital and significant, else I would not be here…

Respected Brother
Hi again!

Oh such stupid way of wishing you! me not made for such a style does not go well with my temperament at all. I see that as I write here again, that despite sincere efforts there do appear a couple of mistakes.. some mistakes the computer dictionary can not distinguish the use of there for their is one such case. and 24/& instead of 24/7 another. I think you will overlook and understand what the fellow is talking about and trying to say! Most of the times when in communication mode - it slips our mind that what we intended our fingers have failed to execute or the typewriter key being hard on some keys the letter does not find its way on to the monitor or computer’s memory. I am one who does not take so much of botheration to correct myself, not that I do not care.. for the correct version.. but somehow the nature of my posts being long and exhaustive I seldom find time and energy to go over it all over again..

Yet when I see that there are so many youngsters and yes, some foreigners.. who are weak in English.. if they do take interest in my posts should not make mistakes which I am committing unintentionally.. I should give it a sincere effort to make myself express in as correct in spellings and grammar as the time and constraints allow me ...

I see that you did mention about the new venture.. and the scorching heat even if it is bit exaggerated.. human mind does that to signify the intensity by using such figures as 40 degrees equal to 50 degrees.. I ain't finding fault.. I am supporting the cause.. yes the eat this tie around is a bit too much.. upar se elections ki garmi.. all add up to make 40 appear to be nearly 50 degrees.. and yes Bombay weather being sultry and humid as it is the pinch is all the more unbearable at times.. Yes.. I want to let the people know that what you were meaning by using the word 50 degrees is quite to express your point of extreme heat in a figurative manner and may not be true numerically.. (smiling!).. I did not know one could stretch a point so long.. like I did this on temperature..

As the last over of the first innings of the ongoing test is about to be bowled in the first essay of the Indian innings was the surprising knock of 60 runs by Harbhajan Singh.. India were 368 for 9 and with stalwarts of Indian batting not able to put up too much resistance in terms of wickets saved, they did amply well to amass a good and sound looking number of runs on the board.. I think in old days we would have never seen teams crossing 300 mark on day 1 in a test innings.. now almost every team gets thereabout .. 375 for 9 is better than 354 for 4 by New Zealand in the second test.. I personally believe that if Test cricket is to be made interesting something ought to be done to guarantee a result.. five days of cricket and it ends in a draw is not a healthy sig for a game.. Test cricket has to evolve too.. Again I did not want to say so much for the cricket people over here.. yet it happened that way..

Coming to your shoulder and back conditions.. It is up to you to decide how much you can go on taking with advancing age.. no one really wants to put lid on his earnings.. yet a wise man like you should take note of the body's ability to cope.. You have done wonderfully well in the Seventies to work in five shifts.. it does not mean that you should ignore your present pains and problems with temporary relief of pain killers.. I wish that the problem is not of serious nature and that you know well enough what it(body) can take..

Have a nice wonderful day.. and if you had picked me for chiding for my long posts..(for tomorrows Pandora’s box) I have tried to stay relevant and meaningful in my lengthy posts.. to suggest a change of mind on my inabilities to keep short and precise.. I am only joking.. I would never ever suggest to change your mind.. let it think in the ways it thinks.. as it is thinking in right directions..

My sincere advise to those who might dislike my calling you brother .. He is much older to me in age.. he is much more respectable for all his achievements.. he is loving and caring of his younger generations.. he does take up the causes and cases that we would like to find solutions to.. he considers us a member of his extended family.. now why can not I respect him as an elder brother.. he in fact deserves much more than just being called a brother..

I hope Reeham would read this piece of post and not worry about what others may think of her addressing you the way she does..

Love to you in no small measures
Abhaya India April 3 2009 11:20 IST

Post Script: Today is Ram Navami, and the last day of Navratri for us.. we hold a feast for girl children of the vicinity with Halua - Puri - Chhole and send them with some gifts.. I have to go home for a short while.. you may join me if you like these items too..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day331- ISOMED story!

.. And I was unable to find an occasion when I could have behaved like this within the last 50 years !!

Allahabad… ! Allahabad where I was born and brought up .. That’s when I had perhaps last featured with some degree of madness in the rain.

Oh! My rain drenched brother!!
Lots of love !!!

How much do I enjoy such very natural description from you to us. The rain drops! I feel are the best of times that come to our rescue from the scorching heat of May - June. I have never been able to enjoy the Bombay rains but yes back to my childhood and I remember Bijnor days! We were as carefree as you described in the post today, maybe slightly more, I would not mind simulating a fall into the muddy water on dirty roads and enjoyed it.. we would splash that same muddy water on each other unaware of the germs and health concerns our acts could bringforth.. it was unadulterated joy.. the childhood is such a thing.. for almost every human on earth and that you could relive it on the set of Paa in another country would definitely been an experience of a lifetime! Where are the pictures brother! or you are still annoyed.. err.. You never showed that feeling even if you were.. I aplogise and eat my these words.. HaHa

Oh the rain drenched song aaj rapat jaayen to hamen na uthaaiyo.. with Smita Patil what was that movie.. was it Namak Halaal.. or that Milan song of the yesteryears sawan ka mahina pawan kare shor.. or even barsaat mein tumse mile ham sajan hamse mile tum .. barsaat mein by that beautiful Raj Kapoor Nargis pair. There might have been more songs to rains but this old Abhaya is a hag does not seem to remember too much!

I liked the euphemism over loo. It was one great day to have learned something more of your Allahabad days. Some day we should also be allowed to hear that story of the Sherwood days when due to your fever you could not take part in the annual drama competition in which you had been acclaimed as the best actor the previous year! I read the account of Dr. Bachchan and I would love to hear your story too, no, not for any comparison with him but to hear it from horse's mouth! How did you feel when you missed yet another opportunity to display your talents at Sherwood event.

I hope to also explain to you some of the advances in some of the fields in science not by me alone but with the help of colleagues in normal layman's language. No, This is not like seeking permission, it is only for information! I do not think you could object to such sharing of thoughts, may I also extend other fellow bloggers to educate us of the most striking or important landmarks in their respective fields or even in life!

Here today, I share with you my association with ISOMED, Asia's first radiation processing facility for sterilization of medical products. We use a facility that houses Cobalt-60, a gamma emitter for its energy to the effect of inactivation of microorganisms that might be present in the products. The major advantages of gamma sterilization include its penetration to all the pockets and crevices in a product, its ability to sterilize the product in its final package and importantly enough control of only a single parameter - the time of irradiation. Given these advantages the number of more facilities were set up by SriRam Institute in Delhi and now several other have come up in various parts of the country including quite a few in Mumbai. Mango irradiation that you all would have heard of last year in the news was also done in a similar facility at Lasalgaon near Nashik. That it was a necessary condition for export of the king of fruits to US. I think this much is enough for today's science lecture- I am sorry if I am sounding like a professor, I am not qualified to give lectures, I ain't a Ph.D. !!

Love in usual sense of the word to you and to all the fellow bloggers! I mean the love in its non-physical form!!

Abhaya India March 21 2009 8.55 AM IST

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 328 - Is Satyam Better than Subhash (Kaura) !

Dearest Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

Today it seems is one day where confrontation than congratulations has set in more deeper in our conversation.

First I find great difficulty in getting across the message for misuse of my email id by some anu wije. Somehow the message finally appeared on 328(i).

The other reason for my today's yet another post is to question as to what makes you feel so high of Satyam. No doubt he writes good, but does he always writes always beautifully. Does he not on many occasions borrows from other minds like he posted such huge posts in favour or rather promotion of slumdog. I am referring to his some London daily reports.

There was yet another occasion where he had questioned the credibility of Dev Anand and had cast a doubt about what you had to say of the sadabahar Dev sahab. I distinctly remember his words as he said he does not remember any worthwhile movie post Johny Mera aam by Dev Sahab.

You have full rights to say what you wish to say of others but one can not digest that you base your opinion on the few posts and ignore other posts of Mr. Satyam which were objectionable atleast to me! I am sorry to say that someone who could doubt the contribution of Dev saab, Raj Kapoor ji and Mr. Dilip Kumar to the Hindi film industry - he is a naive, he is not scholarly enough, he is not well read atleast in that particular field. My apologies to you as well as to Satyam. He definitely has a good writing skill and in fact he probably pips me in sending the voluminous posts! what if they are containing other sources - that they carry not his but the views of the others! His usage of sending the two or three posts in support of SM had really put me off and I had remarked quite acerbically to him on one of these counts!

As a measure of my further reply to Satyam on the achievements of Dev Sahab - A list of his successful movies is included here for his perusal. CID, Jewel Thief, Asli Naqli, Kala Pani, Baazi, The Gambler, Prem Pujari, Hum Dono, Bambai Ka Babu, Teen Deviyan, Guide, Johny Mera Naam and his post Johny Mera naam includes Hare rama Hare Krishna, Warrant, Des Pardes, and Heera Panna . By any standards Dev sahab has been credited with the image of an evergreen hero. I hope I am able to help Mr. Satyam change his mind.

I think on another occasion I had requested him to say beautiful things about SM on his own blog even if he wanted to thrust upon us the views of some London tabloids and newspapers. And He did one day announce that he now has his own blog.

I have nothing against Mr. Satyam, other than these two incidences I do not really find anything objectionable in his posts. In fact some of the times I have rated his posts !

I know my views on him are not going to please you but having said so much for Satyam and so less for Subhash Kaura I beg to differ with you! Anyone may compile and collect the quotes and put them on FB or wherever but to be able to relate to the relevance of a topic nobody does it better than Subhash. I find Subhash praising Satyam and congratulating yet I would have picked him much ahead of Satyam for such a heap of praise. That is, If I were you, sad, it is not true, I can not be you in another seven births! I must add here than you definitely write much better than him but then it is not the matter of debate. Your acknowledging one so heavily and ignoring the real gem does cause some suspicion in my mind! I get a feeling that Satyam is more of a journalist whereas Subhash or Rose are mere admirers.

One of these days I was viewing Aamir Khan on Times Now. For all his good work he came noughts to me just because he took the names of almost every big man in the industry but gave your name a deliberate miss! How could he talk nice about SRK and Salman and not mention of you even in the passing. Let me assure you that - He has lost much of his credibility on that just one count of not mentioning your contribution- atleast to me! I never rated him as a big mass puller and though he may seem to be calling that he is not from mainstream cinema - who would call Sarfarosh, QTSQT, Jo jeeta.., Dil, Ghulam, Andaz apna apna or even Ghazini not from the mainstream. Who would rate his biggest Hit Raja Hindustani a work of art. Aleast not Abhaya Sharma. Other than Lagaan and a bit of Taare Zameen Par - he wanted to make money out of the latter by selling the DVD at an exorbitant price. I wanted to change my impressons of him after Taare but then after this Times now interview or whatever he is found caught at a silly point!

Sorry, if I have raised your blood pressure by these frank oipnions, I am not here to just dish out goodies alone, galat baat ka virodh kiya hi jayega, karna bhi chahiye, mai koi BK Usha ya Mahatma Gandhi to hun nahi ki sab kuchh undekha kar doon.

I rate you higher than any one in the Indian film industry and no one can change that opinion, not even Amitabh Bachchan, himself.

Abhaya Sharma, India March 18 2009

Respected Brother,
Love and regards

I am reporting the misuse of my email id by some anu wije who has used it for bigb fanclub for the contest and lunch as the blog turns One.

I may not be so desperate to have lunch with you as I feel do not deserve such an honor but someone using ny email id is sure an issue of great concern. Could you find who this anu wije is who has used my email id. Is there some way that she or he could be disallowed to use it any further. The profile does not contain any thing and profile id is anu2102221.

I wish you could do something in this regard in consultation with bigadda. I hope that the impersonating account is deactivated immediately so that I could use m email to register as the true person lunch or no lunch is secondary! (smiling!)

Abhaya Sharma India March 18 2009 12:46 AM

(This is the third time I sending such a request, earlier I had posted on day 328 with no effect!)
Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

I wish to add here that some one with name anu wiiie the profile id anu2102221 has hijacked my email id at, I could change the password but it seems the person is still able to log in there. This cyber crime gets on to my nerve. The correction at should get this user deactivated. I have not created this profile and it hurts to see that someone else did.

I may probably be also prompted to drop my this gmail account like the previous one which was hijacked by some cyber criminal! I am slightly disturbed with this. Why should someone use my email account to give a profile at I am not so optimistic to join you for lunch as the blog completes one year! But should someone else get this privilege to sign into using my email! It is sad!

I don't know if some others have also been affected by such crimes! If my emails are being read I would not know!

I can only warn others to be little careful and to find by registering at through a link on this blog lunch with Mr. Bachchan! to find out if they too have been victims!

Abhaya Sharma India March 18 2009 11:58 AM