Friday, March 20, 2009

Day331- ISOMED story!

.. And I was unable to find an occasion when I could have behaved like this within the last 50 years !!

Allahabad… ! Allahabad where I was born and brought up .. That’s when I had perhaps last featured with some degree of madness in the rain.

Oh! My rain drenched brother!!
Lots of love !!!

How much do I enjoy such very natural description from you to us. The rain drops! I feel are the best of times that come to our rescue from the scorching heat of May - June. I have never been able to enjoy the Bombay rains but yes back to my childhood and I remember Bijnor days! We were as carefree as you described in the post today, maybe slightly more, I would not mind simulating a fall into the muddy water on dirty roads and enjoyed it.. we would splash that same muddy water on each other unaware of the germs and health concerns our acts could bringforth.. it was unadulterated joy.. the childhood is such a thing.. for almost every human on earth and that you could relive it on the set of Paa in another country would definitely been an experience of a lifetime! Where are the pictures brother! or you are still annoyed.. err.. You never showed that feeling even if you were.. I aplogise and eat my these words.. HaHa

Oh the rain drenched song aaj rapat jaayen to hamen na uthaaiyo.. with Smita Patil what was that movie.. was it Namak Halaal.. or that Milan song of the yesteryears sawan ka mahina pawan kare shor.. or even barsaat mein tumse mile ham sajan hamse mile tum .. barsaat mein by that beautiful Raj Kapoor Nargis pair. There might have been more songs to rains but this old Abhaya is a hag does not seem to remember too much!

I liked the euphemism over loo. It was one great day to have learned something more of your Allahabad days. Some day we should also be allowed to hear that story of the Sherwood days when due to your fever you could not take part in the annual drama competition in which you had been acclaimed as the best actor the previous year! I read the account of Dr. Bachchan and I would love to hear your story too, no, not for any comparison with him but to hear it from horse's mouth! How did you feel when you missed yet another opportunity to display your talents at Sherwood event.

I hope to also explain to you some of the advances in some of the fields in science not by me alone but with the help of colleagues in normal layman's language. No, This is not like seeking permission, it is only for information! I do not think you could object to such sharing of thoughts, may I also extend other fellow bloggers to educate us of the most striking or important landmarks in their respective fields or even in life!

Here today, I share with you my association with ISOMED, Asia's first radiation processing facility for sterilization of medical products. We use a facility that houses Cobalt-60, a gamma emitter for its energy to the effect of inactivation of microorganisms that might be present in the products. The major advantages of gamma sterilization include its penetration to all the pockets and crevices in a product, its ability to sterilize the product in its final package and importantly enough control of only a single parameter - the time of irradiation. Given these advantages the number of more facilities were set up by SriRam Institute in Delhi and now several other have come up in various parts of the country including quite a few in Mumbai. Mango irradiation that you all would have heard of last year in the news was also done in a similar facility at Lasalgaon near Nashik. That it was a necessary condition for export of the king of fruits to US. I think this much is enough for today's science lecture- I am sorry if I am sounding like a professor, I am not qualified to give lectures, I ain't a Ph.D. !!

Love in usual sense of the word to you and to all the fellow bloggers! I mean the love in its non-physical form!!

Abhaya India March 21 2009 8.55 AM IST

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