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To Carla and Cora - Day 317 of AB

Dear Carla (Germany) and Cora (Brazil)
I am one amongst the tiny offshoot of this powerful blog that bears the name Amitabh Bachchan. It wasn't until June 10 or so that I first got in the act of writing to someone whom I had liked, loved and admired for his acting skills and never dying charisma. That it is for him that I have got love and friendship of many in this world. Gisele one fine June day in 2007 had sent me a mail reading my angelfire website asuming that I must be a close associate of Mr. bachchan as my site mentioned a good deal on him. I wasn't physically close to him then and even today despite me being in Mumbai I have not made any attempts to have a meeting with someone I love so much! Not for any reason but for the reason that I generally would not like break into his privacy that I do not exalt my status by meeting him in person. Yes, the day I have some specific cause that should require me to meet him I shall not withdraw myself from such an opportunity.
Now, when I see people in England, USA and canada it made some sense as several Indians reside in these countries and could influence the locals there to get attracted to Amitabh Bachchan - the biggest icon of modern Hindi cinema. Yet I fail to understand that people from countries like Egypt, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Japan and now even Brazil not only look up to him but sincerely wish to convey and communicate with him through this blog. Oh brother! you are truly an integrator of mankind! I am more than impressed by your natural talents!
Coming back to you first Carla, I have had in past a great german friend in Michael Willig whom I had met in India and we exchnaged thoughts and life for nearly three years or more, for some reasons or the after his moving to USA I lost the password of my hotmail id and a great relationship has come to a halt for last seven eight years! It is all right, I wish him all the best wherever he is! That you had mentioned of such great regard for my post that you took all the trouble to read it despite its length and your uneasiness with English. I care a lot and respect your feelings towards me as one of the best gifts anyone can get for an oridnary write up. It si all right, I thank you a lot and would try to be short and little more simpler in my style of writing! I know long sentences and with all the typing errors it could still make life worse for non-english persons on the blog! I am proud of the fact that brother Amitabh has been responsible for so many wonderful unions with new set of people from so many different countries. Thanks a lot for your every effort to be here on the blog and expressing and sharing your thoughts!
Coming to Cora, It was my first stance of finding you on the blog and I may be excused if you were a regular, I take this opportunity to reply to some of your queries, though it would be important that brother himself addresses you someday. India was basically an agro economy to begin with and yet there are now advancements in several sectors to be able to say that despite being an agricultural based economy we have made inroads into Science and technology and lately into computers and IT sector. We have moved in leaps and bounds it is different that SM shows us in poor light. Yes indeed many indians are poor and live severely restrictive life styles. Some questions regarding India can only be understood by visiting and knowing Indians. If you wish to know some reflective movies on India I would suggest that you must see Upkar by Manoj Kumar, you must also see Mother India of Nargis and Awara of Raj kapoor from old days. However, India has changed and also its movies have changed too! The traditional movies that depicted India symbolically are a hand few. The new generation is all set to march ahead with good technically sound pictures. India's music that was the soul of its movies in the beginning is also replaced with the more westernised and echoes of a developed state. Still some of the movies where you can get to see a good life of india and indians - I would suggest the following -
Amitabh starrer - Anand, Namakharam, Abhimaan, kabhi-kabhi (wonderful songs and music), Deewar, Sholay, Zanjeer,Kala Patthar, Trishul, Don , Silsila, Satte pe Satta, Yaraana and Main Azad hoon, Amar Akbar Anthony.
Some other socail movies could include - Bawarchi, Ardh Satya, Satyakam, Bandini, Anupama, Sparsh, Bazaar, Kanoon (old), Anurag, Mughale Azam, Ram aur Shyam, Anpadh, Mamta, Ganaga Jamuna, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Mere Apne, Pakeezah, Naya Daur, Boot Polish Shree 420, Pyasa, kagaz ke phool etc.
This list is not at all comprehensive and it does reflect only my perception of some good movies. I am afraid i am not very well aware of the new movies still I liked Delhi-6 it portrays the life in Delhi's chandni chowk area in quiet a miraculous way. I haven't seen Jodha Akbar but since it has a historical background and winner of many awards this year at Filmfare it may be good. I particularly liked some of these new movies - Aandhi, Dushman (Rajesh Khanna), Black, Pardes, Taal, Viruddh, A Wednesday, Mission Kashmir, Fiza, Veer Zara, Gadar ek Prem katha, Hero - A love story of spy (Sunny Deol), Dil To pagal hai, Bunty aur Babli. Tare zameen par and Bhootnath were good as well!
To begin with you must either pick up Delhi-6 or Abhimaan ( beautiful movie starring Jaya Bhaduri and Amitabh Bachchan) or even Mission Kashmir.
I think my list has been far too long and it may require several hours of viewing which may not be available to you! Best of luck. It will lot depend on what kind of movies you like i have picked very few from romantic or comedy.
Brother excuse me for taking up so much space to enlighten my new friend Cora from Brazil on Hindi movies and thanking Carla, chhota-mota super star to apke blog par likhate likhate main bhi ban hi jaaonga (LOL in rose terminology!!)
Bye for now, feel free to visit my two blogs and they contain several posts that I have submitted here! sometimes in edited form!
Abhaya Sharma India March 7/8 12:13 AM IST

... Addendum : Post in response to Day 318

I see no other way how this can be accomplished. It shall perforce be your desire and my absolute will. So help me God

My most respected brother!

I see there were lot of things that could have been picked up from today's blog, I have just finished writing on the yesterday thanking Carla and Cora. I wish to be short for a while as I think Time is not on my side, even if it is a Sunday tomorrow, I have to catch up with the third ODI against NZL.

You remember, I some times mentioned that Lord Ganesh or rather the famous Siddhi Vinayak is a friend to me, That is where I shall send your application of seeking help! (smiling!), who can know him better than you, though! Still slow down the pace of your activity, he would help but if you go to and see the picture of your facial skin that has been set to orginal from the scanned mint-5 that you submitted , you would see that there appears a sign of skin burn. Take it cool ! and follow the instructions of your team almost religiously a 4 days break should be 4 days break. Oh! I am ordering you, god forgive me! I never intended to be so harsh with you ever!

if thre superstars could all set up yourself in three different cities with Jaya ji already in Delhi four major residencies of USIS could each get a Bachchan to its credit! No I would not speak more of USIS, and I would also not speak of anything political either! Election times around I would only love that India undergoes peaceful and smooth elections!

More later

Abhaya Sharma, India March 7/8 2009 12:41 AM IST


Pre-Match analysis to the 3rd ODI

Brother, if the rain does not become man of the match again, it would surely be a keener contest - first game was comprehensively won by Indians, Rains got a chance to take away the second, it now appears that vettori and Black Caps would make sincere efforts to stall the progress of Indians some of whom appear to be in great form - Viru with the bat and Harbhajan with the ball.

I foresee one change, if Ishant is fit he may walk in place of Patel. The rest of the team may remain same but for a change India should try to field first, I know it could be dicey with D/L system but having seen India bat in first two games NZL would be having a better understanding of India's game plan! I also expect that Sehwag should get to bowl as well! He is definitely a better bowling option than either Yuvraj or Pathan unless he himslef denies to take upon to bowl down few overs! And Kumar should be used in two spells not all the six overs togther - like in the first game. In the hindsight I would not mind including the other Pathan in place of Patel in case Ishant is not fully fit. Poor Ojha you go and So ja! ( I too go to sleep now!)

Abhaya Sharma, March 7/8 12:56 AM

Watching a ODI could be perfect relaxing! so give yourself some time with the Dabur friend Dhoni! He is a good captain, though not free of errors, no one can be! To err is human!

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