Friday, April 24, 2009

Vigyaan Ke Dharatal - Day 362

Oh Brother!
Love and regards,

I did finally find out about Sir David Frost.. No, I am not a running encyclopedia that should know or rather could know everything about everything.. I remember one of my Hindi poems ..

vigyaan ke dharatalon par ghoomata phira hoon mai..
( I have been wandering around on the various scientific worlds..)

There I did mention of the inabilities of a single human being to know everything of anything in the world of science..)

विज्ञान के धरातलों पर घूमता फिरा हूं मै
रसायनों के चक्करों में था कभी
कम्प्यूटरों की भूमि में भटका भी था
और कभी कैंसर ने घसीटा अपनी खोज में
भौतिकी यंत्रों का मै कायल रहा
और भी कितने ही विषय विज्ञान के
है आज भी मुझको निमंत्रण दे रहे
सोचता हूं और समझता भी हूं मै इस अपवाद को
हो नही सकता है कोई विश्व के विज्ञान में
भेद सारे जान पाये विश्व के विज्ञान के
है कठिन पथ खोज का सब जानते हैं
फिर भी जो इसमें रमें सब मानते हैं
इससे बढकर है नही आनंद कोई विश्व में
ज्ञान की सीमा बढाना हे अभय

अभय भारत 23 अप्रैल 2009 9.29 प्रातः

Post Script: Yes! The credentials of Sir David Frost do speak a great deal about his achievements.. That Was the Week That was (TW3) could also be the platform for you to start something like the programme celebrity that I have been requesting you over some time.. It could be named - Har Din Naya Din ..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 359 - on Return from Pune

Respected Brother
Sadar Pranam

First thing first.. I am back to the blog after two days.. I did take part in the marriage of dear Meesha.. yet I regret.. yes I seldom use this word.. I regret my inability to meet Ravi Malhotra.. not that I just promised to meet him.. more because I missed opportunity to meet him on two occasions in too recent past.. I am Sorry Ravi Sir.. first for missing a call from you on 16th April as you were returning from Mumbai to Pune.. and then not able to find an opportunity ( time would be a misnomer..) on two days on trot in Pune on 18th and 19th April when I was in your town..

I would not be missing from the blog entirely but I can always say that I would be seen less often or atleast in much smaller Avtars.. some of you who were bored with my long posts would heave a sigh of great relief.. that I would be busy with IPL 2 and here is the link to my only second article on IPL2..

Now Deccan Chargers have done well enough to register an eight wicket win over KKR and thus telling all of us to not read too much from what they experienced from them in the first edition..

Yes I did get to see the PPT from BigB Yahoo Group.. It was OK.. not such extraordinary as you have tried to put it to us.. I have seen wonderful PPT presentations.. and with missing presentations and repeatability of few names it did not go too well with me.. I had myself compiled some of your unforgettable pictures and presented them directly through Slideshow zilla along with the songs from your movies.. I know my site does not work in India or maybe nowhere today.. for whatever reasons.. yet I can bet one could get far too imaginative with presentations even with PowerPoint..

Now, this is not condemnation of such illustrious compilations by FM (not Frequency Modulated but Fatima Mahmoud.. sister excuse me if i have spelt you wrongly..).. I am sorry I came to know Zain Hussain for the first time.. It was great to know that Kishore worked with you on Mohabbatein.. I wonder in what capacity..

If I do not close this chapter here.. there would be far too many members of bigB group who would hurl all sorts of remarks and comments on my observations.. Fatima wrote to me once I had joined the group on introduction from none other than Gisele Barbosa.. may be that reminds I can try and provide the living legend for you folks there on her website.. which does work many a times in our country..

And Last but not the least.. Brother Heartiest Congratulations of completion of 1 year here.. may you continue to write as elaborately as you do and we too could extend it further with our views on the posts and sometimes off it too.. What follows below are my views and no one has to respect them or even debate.. I know I could be wrong in some cases.. yet I say..

The two most remarkable posts - one on Teji Bachchan's Birthday and another on reply to Jug Suraiya's TOI subverse.. (The post on Shobhit Kaushal was a close competitor to the second!)

The two most lovable female characters - Reeham and Rose (Reshmi Philip, Rochelle and Rasha Zayed, Kashmira Grewal, Preeti K. Carla Flum from Germany and Zhenya and Lena from Russia missed out very narrowly, Tumpa Ghosh and several others did make a competition)

The two most lovable male characters - Subhash Kaura and Ravi Malhotra (There were far fewer competitors – (Deepak T(aunk) and Deeapk B(hardwaj), Satyam bhai and Dr. SMS- Oh I should tell you that it means Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma)

The two places described on the blog : Kanya Kumari and Kuala Lumpur (Paris and New York’s unforgettable tour!)

Two most lovable Quotes: Experience Speaks and Wisdom Listens and the other on Roses and Thorns ( There were far too many that I actually liked can’t recollect all!)

Two Characters I love most from your family- Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan (for his role in Delhi-6) Competition came from all immediate members of your family especially Smt. Teji Bachchan (Of course I leaned only enough of her after reading the autobiography of Dr. HRB and your account of her on this blog) and madam Jaya Bachchan for her role in Abhimaan)

More Later with usual love and affection

Abhaya India April 19/20 2009 12:42 PM IST

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alop Bhaisahab - I love you..

.. What I’ve learned over the years is that learning to accept each other’s faults - and choosing to celebrate each other’s differences - is the one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship.

Oh My dearest brother & friend !

Yeah, I get a feeling that I could once in a while break the jinx and address you as a friend too.. I know you would not mind..

In relationships they say when the shoe of father fits his son's feet .. he should consider him more as a friend than a son..

We are not related by blood.. but I ask myself whether only blood relations count in our existence and I answer back t myself.. not necessarily.. sometimes even if that sometimes have low probability.. some relationships can beat the best of blood relationships.. No, no, I am not saying that I have established such a relationship with you.. I am only trying to drive a point home that there are several such relationships that one develops as one grows up.. some do assume a greater significance.. some go ahead to become even more valuable than what a blood relationship could qualify..

To put some substance in my observation.. I recall a relationship with the two Mittal brothers that my family has been enjoying over more than maybe 50 years.. the Alop and Amogh Mittals.. These two brothers were initially a friend to some of my own brothers.. their house was opposite to the Baidyanath agency which my Nanaji had in Bijnor.. the two might have been known to my family since those days.. probably one or two of them might have also studied at some level with one or both of them .. most likely at school.. or even college level..

There has hardly been an important ceremony in my family that the two would have missed.. the Alop Mittal .. the one confined to a wheelchair for last twenty odd years still manages to do so.. is a perfect example of good relationship.. how the relationship grew so strong over the years is difficult to gauze for me now.. yet I can say without any iota of doubt that it indeed is very strong..

Alop Bhaisahab was in Bombay too before I made an entry to the city.. He served in various high positions in Toshniwal brothers, SIMCO international and today is the advisor at FICCI.. needless to emphasie his standing in the country as an intelligent and important constituent..

So what I was saying.. that the relationship with Mittals is one such example where blood relationships loose to friends to the family.. I salute Alop Bhiasahab who despite his severe bizarre accident in which he had lost his daughter Jhalak and he was destined to the wheelchair.. I did go to meet him at Bombay Hospital during those days.. and also went to see him at Khadakvasala where he did undergo some further treatment.. What is highly admirable of him that he continued his life with the same zest.. and continued to rise higher and higher in his list of achievements.. I wish Alop bhaishab the very best in life.. he is probably more dear to me than the brothers because of whom I know him.. Ours is not a blood relation yet he clearly stands much above those types of relationships.. Bhiasahab (Alop Mittal) my very sincere Charan Sparsh to you.. wherever you are.. I seek your blessings as always..

So much for him and his association with us.. I love him.. may be a shade more than I love you brother yet my love for you is also quite high for another reason.. that you are the son of Dr. Harivash Rai Bachchan..

I am thankful to my mother.. that she had sown the seeds of such high values and traditions into us to be always respecting our elders.. not in the family alone but elsewhere too.. to learn from their deeds as much as we could do.. Thank you mummy ji.. I was watching Raja aur Rank yesterday on DVD and it had such a wonderful song..

tu kitni achchhi hai
to kitani bholi hai
pyaari pyari hai o maa o maa

I know that was one of my favourite song and what a pleasant surprise that had to wait till April 10 2009 to see the movie first time to enjoy my relationship with my mother.. a gem of a person.. a too much of a scholar.. a mother in all its integral meaning.. I now do not miss her so much after 27 years as I felt during first few years after her death in 1981.. that I now know her best wishes are always with me.. always guiding me to become a good human being..

Usako nahi dekha hamne kabhi
par uski jaroorat kya hogi
ae maa teri surat se alag
bhagwaan ki surat kya hogi
kya hogi..

Abhaya Eartharian April 11 2009 1.00 PM IST

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nuclear Disarmament - I would Love it..

Respected Brother - Amitabh Bachchan Sahab (ABS) and
President Barack Obama! ( A friend of Humanity!)

This is first time I am here on this blog belonging to my brother.. Amitabh Bachchan.. The Living legend of Indian Cinema.. I did mean to fuel a debate.. yes nuclear fuel was an issue a few months back for India.. and with US promising on possible and probable supply for us to be able to sustain our nuclear programmes.. oops.. even if it was Mr. Bush who under his presidency struck that kind of deal or should I use a better way of putting across my thoughts and preferably use the term arrangement for the kindness that America bestowed on us..

Now, friends.. I call Obama a friend.. not an ordinary friend.. yet a huge and important friend of humanity.. especially in the light of his subversion on the possibilities of making mother earth free of its nuclear weapons burden.. a load that carries destructive powers of unknown measures.. of a nuclear terror that could emerge the way those disruptive forces are fuelling their mindset with newer and more destructive ways of bringing peace to kneal before them.. I hate .. yes I hate these destructive powers.. irrespective of my fate at their hands.. yet I would not retract my this decision.. unlike my inability to continue here on the blog a few days back.. some human minds could revert my decision.. and I am happy for that..

I am happy that I can speak my mind.. I can use the words to describe the futility of nuclear weapons.. that I can endorse the views of the most powerful democracy.. the views of one man who is at the helm of affairs of managing his country in toughest times.. yet is able to decry the presence of nuclear arms in this world..

May I draw the attention of this august audience to the after-effects of a nuclear war.. to the grave situation that follows if one of us deployed the nuclear options to protect our interests.. to visualise the kind of events that it may trigger as a chain reaction.. that the life on earth may plead for its very existence.. May I question then the perpetrators of nuclear arms.. Is this what we want to leave as a legacy behind for the generations to follow.. to destroy and to decimate humanity from this good earth.. is this the only best possible way of exercising our supremacy over others.. I doubt.. I very much doubt if this is what should be the order of the day for the world.. we need to rethink our schemes and plans..

There are thousands who have written their scientifically assertive views on what happens if the world at large engages in a nuclear warfare.. I wish I could provide some links.. I wish I could quote some of them here directly.. yet I know my limitations.. I know I am an old man who is going to turn 50.. who scoffs at his inability to remember things when it matters most.. who is an ordinary mind who does not probably have a chance to be heard across.. forget influencing the minds who make and take decisions to propagate or profligate how the world should act in a given hour, minute or a moment..

May I ask my friends who may be small in numbers.. to come forward and make a sincere effort to free the world .. set good mother earth free of its nuclear threat.. if we could make a chain reaction of our thoughts soon the few may become large.. the large may become governing and the governing may turn into a peaceful solution.. a world free of its nuclear arms..

No, I would not continue beyond this point.. I am a nuclear scientist working in an organisation that has been explicitly involved in the peaceful uses of nuclear options.. I shall have the right to be heard.. I shall also be held responsible if our generations curse as the knowing people who did not oppose the threat..

Nuclear is unclear.. nuclear is an ulcer.. yet nuclear is also not only a cruel N option.. look up to it as real UN( United Nations) C(haracter).. yes.. I am not able to find much more fruitful positive emanations from nuclear to make it appear friendly.. I am not a word wizard.. I have not been trained to be one..

I am a trained nuclear scientist and I would only be able to say a yes to nuclear warfare only over my dead body.. of several many dead bodies.. of millions and billions of dead bodies.. of infinite number of dead bodies.. if we consider all life forms that may die.. Is this where we want to take the world.. if yes.. please leave me behind.. I am not going to follow such path.. never ever.. I am not in favour of Nuclear Arms.. Nuclear weapons or Nuclear War..

Abhaya Eartharian April 10/11 2009 12.44 AM IST

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day-344 two posts to AB!

” We can either complain that roses have thorns, or we can rejoice that thorns have roses.”
Most Respected Brother - The Amitabh Bachchan of the Cinema World!

A very Good morning to you, Sir!

I would not mind my thorns to have roses though roses with thorns would also be acceptable gracefully!
I would wait for one more day to know and learn what exactly lies in store, the wait is all right.
For a change, I would halt my progress here, but not before thanking you for helping out a helping hand to Priety’s pretty team! Yes, April 18 is also being waited upon quite substantially, lot of our young cricketing heroes are going to display there talents in front of the South African crowds. What a boon in disguise for some of the youngsters - who would find it difficult to get a chance to represent their country to play in South Africa for the intense competition for earning a cap to represent India. I think their roses may have some thorns but it is acceptable to have the tournament - ON rather than putting it in OFF mode due to bizarre conditions at home! My best wishes to IPL season 2.
I would visit the blog again and pick up some more threads from your today’s saga of India 24/&, did you say it wasn’t a news channel! HaHaha ( my poor journos! they did not do their home work well!)
Love in good abundance
Abhaya India April 3 2009 8:48 AM IST
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(Addendum - Not accepted on the blog after nearly three hours!)

.. So I shall keep this short and friendly as always, with the promise of a detailed discourse on matters that disturb me and coerce me to respond. That understanding is vital and significant, else I would not be here…

Respected Brother
Hi again!

Oh such stupid way of wishing you! me not made for such a style does not go well with my temperament at all. I see that as I write here again, that despite sincere efforts there do appear a couple of mistakes.. some mistakes the computer dictionary can not distinguish the use of there for their is one such case. and 24/& instead of 24/7 another. I think you will overlook and understand what the fellow is talking about and trying to say! Most of the times when in communication mode - it slips our mind that what we intended our fingers have failed to execute or the typewriter key being hard on some keys the letter does not find its way on to the monitor or computer’s memory. I am one who does not take so much of botheration to correct myself, not that I do not care.. for the correct version.. but somehow the nature of my posts being long and exhaustive I seldom find time and energy to go over it all over again..

Yet when I see that there are so many youngsters and yes, some foreigners.. who are weak in English.. if they do take interest in my posts should not make mistakes which I am committing unintentionally.. I should give it a sincere effort to make myself express in as correct in spellings and grammar as the time and constraints allow me ...

I see that you did mention about the new venture.. and the scorching heat even if it is bit exaggerated.. human mind does that to signify the intensity by using such figures as 40 degrees equal to 50 degrees.. I ain't finding fault.. I am supporting the cause.. yes the eat this tie around is a bit too much.. upar se elections ki garmi.. all add up to make 40 appear to be nearly 50 degrees.. and yes Bombay weather being sultry and humid as it is the pinch is all the more unbearable at times.. Yes.. I want to let the people know that what you were meaning by using the word 50 degrees is quite to express your point of extreme heat in a figurative manner and may not be true numerically.. (smiling!).. I did not know one could stretch a point so long.. like I did this on temperature..

As the last over of the first innings of the ongoing test is about to be bowled in the first essay of the Indian innings was the surprising knock of 60 runs by Harbhajan Singh.. India were 368 for 9 and with stalwarts of Indian batting not able to put up too much resistance in terms of wickets saved, they did amply well to amass a good and sound looking number of runs on the board.. I think in old days we would have never seen teams crossing 300 mark on day 1 in a test innings.. now almost every team gets thereabout .. 375 for 9 is better than 354 for 4 by New Zealand in the second test.. I personally believe that if Test cricket is to be made interesting something ought to be done to guarantee a result.. five days of cricket and it ends in a draw is not a healthy sig for a game.. Test cricket has to evolve too.. Again I did not want to say so much for the cricket people over here.. yet it happened that way..

Coming to your shoulder and back conditions.. It is up to you to decide how much you can go on taking with advancing age.. no one really wants to put lid on his earnings.. yet a wise man like you should take note of the body's ability to cope.. You have done wonderfully well in the Seventies to work in five shifts.. it does not mean that you should ignore your present pains and problems with temporary relief of pain killers.. I wish that the problem is not of serious nature and that you know well enough what it(body) can take..

Have a nice wonderful day.. and if you had picked me for chiding for my long posts..(for tomorrows Pandora’s box) I have tried to stay relevant and meaningful in my lengthy posts.. to suggest a change of mind on my inabilities to keep short and precise.. I am only joking.. I would never ever suggest to change your mind.. let it think in the ways it thinks.. as it is thinking in right directions..

My sincere advise to those who might dislike my calling you brother .. He is much older to me in age.. he is much more respectable for all his achievements.. he is loving and caring of his younger generations.. he does take up the causes and cases that we would like to find solutions to.. he considers us a member of his extended family.. now why can not I respect him as an elder brother.. he in fact deserves much more than just being called a brother..

I hope Reeham would read this piece of post and not worry about what others may think of her addressing you the way she does..

Love to you in no small measures
Abhaya India April 3 2009 11:20 IST

Post Script: Today is Ram Navami, and the last day of Navratri for us.. we hold a feast for girl children of the vicinity with Halua - Puri - Chhole and send them with some gifts.. I have to go home for a short while.. you may join me if you like these items too..