Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amitabh Another Imaginary Interview!!

Respected Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh
My apologies to you for not congratulating you on winning the national award for The Last Lear.. I have not seen the film.. I have not been able to lay my hands on DVD anywhere.. if you know which company has the rights for its DVDs or if it is available or not.. There has never been an iota of doubt about your performances.. I don't really undertand how you could still mesemerise people (me includd) with your performances as an actor.. You may look older in appearance but some of the finer qualities that were your trademark like your expression with eyes and face and especially your voice they do not age at all.. that's not exactly a question it is only expression of your amaing abilities.. One can say atleast we hae one actor who has defied the logic o ageing..

Here is a mocked up interview with you: (Don't laugh it off.. I had done such an interview in three parts on my website long long back..)

Abhaya: "Sir, I had been having this long standing dream project on small screen wit you involving interviewing celebrities like Kapil Dev, Sachin, Anil Ambani, maybe even AmarSingh ji and now Jaswant Singh sahab to just name a few.. " Do we expect such interactive sessio with these of similar pople at Big Boss?"

AB : " You see, Abhaya, I am not supposed to comment anything about the program. you won't have to wait for long to find out ".
Abhaya : "Here at this blog you have completed 50o days, hw does it feel? Did you think at te beginning that you would go thus far in this arena of blogging?"
AB: "It feels great, it really feels satisfying. There had been occasions when I did not want to continue with it.. but ten the good sense prevailed and here I am with all of you the Extended Family.. To the other part of your question If I have to be honest with you.. which I generally am most of the times.. I must say that I have come a long way from where I started off.. I did not expect that it would turn out to be such a lovable exercise to be able to share the views directly with so many admirers, fans and well-wishers.. you see what I mean.. I am now hooked.. if someone asks me to quit now.. I may really find myself at a great loss.. Every day has been special.. every day I have found someone or the other coming up with that motivating tonic to continue.. to sum up it has been one hell of a good experince.. you see not hellish in the real sense of the word.. I am happy being here on the blog...

Abhaya : " I know that you are enjoying it.. why haven't you thought up of setting up a website besides the blog.. " . Any particular reason ?

AB : You see, Abhaya, there are two types of people in this world.. the first type prefer to do things their own way.. and a second type that prefer to get things done by other professionals.. I think I found the blog would be more in my own control and thought rather than depending on experts in web-designing I shold first get a feel of something that is more close to me at the personal level.. I hope you get my point..

Abhaya : " I do, you are highly explicit in whatever you do, whatever you say and also in whatever way you act in your films.. I remember some couple of guys wrote obnoxiously about your role in he Last Lear .. I don;t exactly remember their names.. some guys who were out to undo your eforts.. Do you have something to say to them..?

AB: No, I do not have anyhin further to say to them.. they whould have got their answers a couple of days back.. I say I am not against criticism.. I am not here to be taken for granted.. I am open to every day scrutiny for what I do.. as long as people like what I do I will survive.. Every good thing has to come to an end one day.. I am going to enter 68th year of my existence on 11th October.. I am not going to get any younger from there.. I can not do certain things that I did in the mid-seventies.. atleast not as well now as I could do then..

Abhaya: " You are very modest.. why do you have to ndulge in self-deprecation when things are actually very bright for you at the moment..?

AB : Abhaya, one thing I must tell you that there is nothing of that sort you chose the word from my todays blog.. otherwise you would know that a self-assessment is not a bad trait in itself.. to be able to judge yourself from the perspective of others is difficult yet I have practiced that and practiced that to good use with some good results..

Abhaya :" When exactly do you think would be the time that you would call it a day ?" Are there any secret hidden desires ambitions still in store for the viewers.. Is there that one role that you have waited that should have come to you and it has not yet come to you?

AB: The multiple questions tha you have fired.. I do have to compose myself all over again.. maybe a glass of water would help me in getting focussed.. OK..

The time when I call it quits would not be decided by me.. it would be you and the others who would decide that.. as long as I am wanted I would continue to provide my services.. the day I am not wanted I would have no option but to leave the field for others.. its is as simple as that..
Coming to your second question of secret ambition or hidden desire.. It would be wrong if I say that I have no desires or ambitions.. yet I must say that nothing is secret or hidden from anyone.. I want to be able to perform to the best of my capabilities in whatever assignments or projects that come my way.. that must be true for anyone.. anyone who chooses any profession leave alone acting..

This last part of your question is a bit tricky.. no actor on earth would admit that he has already performed whatever roles he aspired.. that admission would kill im as an actor at that very moment.. so I don't know what should I say.. maybe if you wish to know if I am looking for some specific roles.. Let me admit that I have not doen many kind of roles which I would love to perform.. I have not been associated with sports related film.. I do feel that someday if I am to do one I would not mind playing the coach of a T20 team though Football is my first love.. other than that I have not had an opportunity to act in a period film.. If someone agrees to cast me in some historically important role I would not mind doing it..for example the role of Pandit Nehru or Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore ..

Abhaya: Thank you sir, thanks for your valuable time and we also expect that there are more opportunities that come your way to be able to provide us with more super entertainment tha you have provided us for last four decades.. Ten more years and you would turn a Golden actor of Hindi Cinema.. wishing you good health for next ten years..

AB: Thanks a lot Abhaya, to you too.


Syed Kabeeruddin said...

Dear Abhayaji.....

Sad to hear you have not seen The Last Lear.

Where do you reside.....
Please do let me know.

Warm Regards,

Abhaya said...

I live in Mumbai
and I shall see The Last Lear as and when I get chance to find the DVD..