Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Abhishek - Best Wishes

Dearest Abhishek
Sweet rememberance,

At the outset let me first wish you on an individual level - A very happy and prosperous birthday to you - the young one of Bachchans!

I did write a poem to mark your brthday that was in Hindi and I do not really know f you got to read it in the first place #170 on this days blog. Actually I had compiled it yesterday and is also available on previous days entries as well.

Now, I wish to tell you something very important, something significant and something that is going to please you too! That I consider your father Amitabh Bachchan as an elder brother - is tarah rishtey mei to ham tumhare chacha huye ! But when I cnsider my nephews and nieces quite some of whom fall in your age group - I have no hesitation to relate to you in the same way as I relate to them - a friend!


Sometime back I had promised myself to be little short on my avtars on the blog so as I do not end up wasting away too much of the precious time of respected brother and also the extended family. Yet the story would be incomplete if I do not tell you in which movies I found you outstanding. Let me warn you that I have not seen all your movies yet to begin with let me inform how Amrit used to refer you when he was probably less than two - you were Tera Jadu to him. Those were the days when the ads of tera Jadu chal gaya were aired on TV. As an addendum let me also inform you and brother that he had a great liking for KBC and he would refer brother as itabh chamman, I don’t know how the words get mixed up for a 2 year old. Let me extend birthday wishes on his and Savita’s behalf too. He is now 10 plus but tells people that he is 11. Every child wants to be thought of and treated bigger than his actual age!

Let us have a look back on some of your films that I have seen. You were outstanding in - Bunty aur Babli, Dhoom (Excellent), Dus, Om Jai Jagdish, Sarkar (Very Good), Dhoom 2, Guru, Refugee (Good). I have not seen many of your films and therefore not in a position to comment on them. I did want to see Sarkar Raj, Drona and KANK but did not find an opportunity. In a nutshell you have to really establish yourself and the expectations from you are very high - you being the son of that legendary figure whom we all know as Amitabh Bachchan. People should not make comparisons between you and your father but I must warn you that you definitely will have to face such comparison belonging to that illustrious family - Jaya Bhaduri was the next best actress after Meena Kumari that she had to curtail her career in the wake of family responsibilty, not you alone - your gain of motherly care was our loss of Jaya the actress, it is all right, I now feel that it was a good decision though I had earlier been acerbic on this count! It is OK, one need not be rigid in life but discipline and dedication are two important ingredients of success- try pracice both in good abundance - you can always look up to your illustrious father and grandfather to gauge their value!

Have a gala time in New York and give my regards to Aishwarya, may Pink Panther 2 does as well as the first. Good luck for Delhi-6. When do two of you give us the good news!!

Abhaya Shama, India, February 5 2009, 12:09 Hrs IST( Are you already born on time scale, joking!)

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