Friday, February 20, 2009

Delhi-6 - Rakeysh and Abhishek score high!

Dearest Brother,
Sadar Namaskar,

I think I shall give a detailed version of my account of Delhi-6 a little later however I must add here that it is a must see movie for every Indian, I think Rakeysh has done a great job with Indian subjects dealt in the Indian way!

The flow of the movie, Abhishek Bachchan and storyline were all very effective and I could easily give an 8 out of 10 to this movie. Delhi-6 to me is abetter film than RDB - the solution suggetsed there was good but harsh and less practical. Here one is directed to look into oneself to find the solution!

I think it could turn out to be a very big hit over a period of time- such movies pick up slow but as more and more people watch the chain reaction builds up and I foresee that every one would be talking of Delhi-6 in another two to three weeks time! Abhishek looked a much improved lot - maybe more for the reason that his charatcer suited his English and Hindi combo to his liking yet he was quite effective and attractive! This is first time that have found him attractive (in acting!).

Rakeysh can peacefully walk away with some awards if not exactly oscars- the best of the awards for a director is that his movie finds a grip with its viewers it is discussed and thought upon- in these respects He has emerged a clear winner. It is his movie and he deserves the most credit than anyone else. True Abhishek has definitely made few jumps while crossing from one roof top to another - his performance has also taken jumps along with these!
Anyone who likes a movie on Indian subjects would find the movie to their greatest likings! Sonam was just good for her role so were all others. Maula mere maula and mashakakali were good, the concept of Kala Bandar was put to great effect by the director!

I wanted to be short but then I think I have almost said what could well be a complete first impression about Delhi-6. Let the movie do the rest to prove me right!
Abhaya Sharma, India February 20 2009 9:43 PM IST

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