Thursday, February 12, 2009

Namrata - Mdhushala - Foreword by AB

Respected Anna (Elder Brother),

For a second I could not believe that the actor turned writer had switched the profession again to be a photographer! True every one of us sort of loves photography, especially with digital cameras doing round in our hands! What was earlier important to photography still remains true till today - you need to have a good eye and a good sense of shot selection, your focus depicts your imagination, and the basics of photography have to be followed almost like a habit to bring such results as are evident in the pictures taken over last couple of days by you! That is really commendable, almost!

Well, here I add that sometimes we register wrong spellings of some words and they take a deep seat at the back of our mind. I do not intend to hurt you but that it does happen to the most talented is actually nothing but the truth. I am convinced that when you are saying forwards you actually mean the foreword or preface that some like to call it.

That Namrata is a poet goes to be believed yet it would definitely have helped EF to have the title of her publication or the collection of her works, not that I can not track her down on google, or some such site where one can really find a reference to her work. I was aware of her art and painting - that she has also took up to writing poems is indeed a matter of joy - being a descendant of that great poet who besides being your father and her grandfather is popularly known as the creator of Madhushala - That folks is Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan for you! I deliberately used is- The poets like him do not die with their physical death- they become immortals in this world and live eternally in their beautiful words (works!).

Brother, excuse me, if I have sounded a bit different in my last two posts and harked upon some suggestions/advises. I love you so much that I can not keep myself away from telling what my heart asks me to do! If we do meet someday, somewhere sometimes, and if you had not liked some of my views here or even did not like me as a person just feel free to say so! I would rather consider myself fortunate to be addressed by you in any one way!

With unabated and undiluted love as ever
Yours Thambi (younger brother!)

Abhaya Sharma, India February 13 2009, 11:17 AM IST


Reeham said...

A message from me to Abhaya on the AB blog...

From Reshmi P to Abhaya Sharma via Reeham

Thanks so much, Abhayaji for your warm birthday greetings to me on the AB blog. I am amazed you remembered. That just so blew me away. Reeham just so kindly copied me your wishes. She too never ceases to amaze me. I consider myself the luckiest person to ... Read Morehave made such wholesome wonderful friends on this blog. And I want to thank my big man Amitabh Bachchanji for giving us this space like no other to make such warm friendship here. I believe they are lifelong friendship as we have taken this onto a different level on Facebook and emails.

Thanks also for writing to me directly on FB, Abhayaji. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. And am not sure I am big hearted enough to remember all of yours like you did mine. But I love you all.

Once again, with utter joy and love

Yours truly

Reshmi P
PS I loved all the recent blog by AB. Especially when you landed in TVM airp't, my 'local

I'm so sorry for not thanking you earlier for your kindness... and for being late to send Reshmi your message... i'm so so sorry .. being busy and down...

Abhaya said...

My Cute Little Chubby Reeham,

You are too kind!
I love you fro the bottom of my heart why can't there be thousands more Reehams in this world. Ever willing to help others, ever rejoicing in the joy of others and above all providing something beyond love for the well being of others!

I am indebted for your gestures, I wish you do come to India some day to meet Amitabh Bachchan and then keep a few minutes for me as well, but not to take away Amrit! (smiling, he is as much your son as he is to me and savita, you have all the righs!)

Thanks dear


Abhaya said...

Oh Reeham!
I have found the comments, this new format wnats you to be little more extracting deeper to get things in place, thanks, found his comments!
For you, I would have never known such great words fro the brother!

Thanks a lot! Thanks alot to you also Reshmi! for such kind words!

Abhaya Sharma