Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Madhushala - The music House!

Dearest Brother
Heartiest morning greetings from Mumbai!
I am not here to open my mouth on slumdog or even Delhi-6. I think I am overdone trying to prove the similar contents about the two films, it is different that despite our similar views on the tale of two cities - one Indian and the other foreign in nature. One I have seen other I have pledged not to see. I have my own convictions and as i am not such a luminary figure like you I do not face the wrath of media and the press! That you do comes with your esteemed reputation and huge cult following in India, what if I am not a follower I still am a believer in you and your kind of thinking! The best of my opinion of course came from madam- Yes, it is not an Indian film, it may be of Indian subject but truly not an Indian film whereas Delhi-6 is!

I am happy for the recognition of Rahman, Resul and Gulzar ji yet they themselves would ask back - Is it their best work! I don't wish to feed further negatiivty- a recognition however late is still recognition. Rahman should celebrate it with his Vande mataram performance - his best over the years! I do not know much of Resul's field and Gulzar sahab has given not one or two great songs he has given in hundreds, so a recognition is acceptable to me that it has come from the world's best in terms of global acceptance. Oscar to these men do prove a point that Indians too are capable of stunning the world with their works, even if its below their own best! It is all right.

I do not think I will be able to do justice to the members of this blog if I do not submit a madhushala couplet and a possible interpretation. That people in the world love Dr. Bachchan's Madhushala is again a matter of sheer pleasure!
वादक बन मधु का विक्रेता लाया सुर-सुमधुर-हाला,
रागिनियाँ बन साकी आई भरकर तारों का प्याला,
विक्रेता के संकेतों पर दौड़ लयों, आलापों में,
पान कराती श्रोतागण को, झंकृत वीणा मधुशाला।।४१।
Jay Ho, This couplet is dedicated to Rahman, resul and Gulzar sahab for their efoorts that won them the Oscars. Th epoet says that I(nstrumentalist brings around the best goblet filled with his own tunes, The ragas and its descent turned themselves into the bar-maid with star-studded goblet for us at the beshest of the composer the run of tunes, lyrics and music gives us great pleasure The strings of veena are available enroute to the taven on the way for us to enjoy!
In essence I think poet knows all encompassing beauty of music in all its attire to be the one that is the most divine feature of our life, that it helps us to compose ourselves and organise us into more useful human beings, that music indeed is very important to our existence(Madhushala). That he has said it using his wonderful style and powerful words - a poor me can not bring about to you in the same measure! Jay Ho ..

Abhaya Sharma, India February 26 2009 8:40 AM IST

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