Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 300 of Brother's Blog !

Dearest Brother,
Sadar Pranaam,

I am taken up by the great writeup on multitasking! How much do you have in a days work, how well you cope with all that at not so sweet 67 or going to be! That you are Amitabh Bachchan of this world has not come to you at the cost of pennies! Every pint of the cup of glory has had its price, it has required you to behave in a particular style to accommodate many things and almost everything for forty long years!

What I like most about you is your humility the way you blush (if one can call it that!) at top man in the world Danny Glover has to say a few words to acknowledge your untiring efforts! I am also very enthusiastic about your calling up SRK that goes to prove how wrong are the notions in the mind of media that the top two stars of the country are at some sort of a war! How futile their thinking, how great you appear when you show and express concern for your siblings their well being and comforts! If we the EF love our Mr. Bachchan as much as we do what could be wrong with that! No, every one of us can not be living that kind of great multitasking life as is possible for you in 24 hours ( or God has granted you some extra hours! I doubt though!).

There can never be an iota of doubt that there is so much to be learned from one man in the film industry and that one man is all personified in Amitabh Bachchan. Your conduct, mannerism, action plans and above all the write ups that you dish out for this world at this blog they all point of your great involvement with the rest of the world. I only wish that people could have half as much energy as you, half as much dedication and even half of the ability to shoulder responsibilities world could be a different place!

That we have the Talibanisation of the Swat valley in the neighbouring state of Pakistan concerns me, that we have teenagers involved in killings worries me, that we have ever manipulating politicians disturbs me. Yet I continue to live in a hope as I have one Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to fall back upon. Who with his daily write up at his blog seems to be taking away every ill thought in our minds replacing it with frsh spirits and rejuvenating us to do as much good as is within our means!

Brother, I was about to be short and less frequent over here, I can not be short except that congratulatory notes is now pretty well confirmed, I can not do so is not due to my innate desire for being the one who loves the depths of details but for the fact that the man for whom I write all this does so much, writes such beautiful passages one after the other that if I deliberately cut short what is there in my heart it would be a great injustice.

There have been some unexpected credits against my name from some of the fellow bloggers, I do not want to refute their point of view I can only inform that if I am able to be here so often and present some of the thoughts and concerns it is possible only because of my great love for you brother. That I am after all an ordinary man and may be there are many more people who contribute much better posts than me but somehow they do not get mention for some unknown reasons, this human psyche is also a great leveller- we continue to read the ones that are coming in large quantities and sometimes ignore the quality. I am convinced that those who find my posts interesting are themselves finding some reflections of their own minds in what is scribbled (oops! Typed!).

My sincere thanks to you for providing such a wonderful platform for some beautiful minded people- there are atleast a couple of them who are too gooood in their attitudes towards life! I wish I could also be counted amongst them but I know the truth. It would only be inappropriate if I do not mention a couple of them here, not simply because they have been good to me but since they are really good! Reeham, Rose, Rasha, Rochelle, Reshmi (in the past), Subhash Kaura, Ravi Malhotra, Dr. Shashi Mohan, Kashmira ji and many others have excellent perceptions of being good human beings! May they continue to be as human as they have been all along! I also find that there is a growing population of Europeans on the blog! You have really been phenomenal brother to attract minds of every class, every hue and almost every race on this earth! Kuchh to baat hai apke chehare mein jo barabas apani ore kheenche liye jaati hai! ( There is definitely some element in you that compels us to be attracted to you!).

I think I should now take leave of you! I share a verse from Madhushala!

मृदु भावों के अंगूरों की आज बना लाया हाला,
प्रियतम, अपने ही हाथों से आज पिलाऊँगा प्याला,
पहले भोग लगा लूँ तेरा फिर प्रसाद जग पाएगा,
सबसे पहले तेरा स्वागत करती मेरी मधुशाला।।१।

The poet says that he has extracted the wine from the most appropriately sweet grapes, that he wants to offer it to his beloved by his own hands, that you should initiate then only the gift shall be distributed to the rest, the tavern on the way wants to welcome you first, oh my beloved!

In essence probably Dr. Bachchan wants to drive home the point that our best acts, our best deeds and our best offerings should begin with those whom we love the most - that according to him has to be the person/s who are dear to us. If we are not close enough to the ones who are in our immediate vicinity how can we love the God, or what is the fun of making an offering to him if we can not offer love to our loved ones!

With untiring love, affection and attachment

Abhaya Sharma, India February 18, 2009 9:11 AM IST
Congratulations for the coveted 300 days on the blog!

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