Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Navya and Agastya

Most Respected Brother!

Heartiest Greetings

How very nice of you! you have indeed compiled the most wonderful post of all times! This one is indeed a splendid outing you have had with us through this blog!

To have communicated so beautifully what it takes some ages for most of us to accept of the reality that is GenNext, they seem to be so well equipped, so extremely focussed, ever eager to explain away what they seem to know. It is not the times that children get awe-struck by our acts and achievements it is the other way round. I am totally convinced with every word that you used to describe the two wonderful kids in your family that they are grand, no doubt, they are children, yet they are unbelievable is one thing that does not really comes as a surprise.

Coming back to kids, the kind of training and teachings and the rich environment that their schools and parents provide to make them reach or eact the way they do is to be seen to be believed. Amrit has been an educator to us on many counts. I especially remember some few years back when we were to have our first mobile - aap le to lo use karna mai sikha doonga! His drawing skills his scores in exams without much reading time all suggest that he and some of these kids belong to a different world, a world that we find diffcicult to comprehend and understand! My love to both of them, I am proud that they could cast an impression on the mind of one man who had always been making great impressions on the mind of others.

I can only say that every one of these days your posts are turning out to be one better than the previous. That you are speaking your heart is not a matter to be doubted what one doubts is the store of energy that you generate at this ripe age of 66. A good lesson for people like me who are yet to touch the 50 mark ( i am still some months away from that!). It generates into us a feeling if Mr. Bachchan can do it so very fondly to keep learning from every phase of his life what stops us at not giving it a try.

Today, I really do not find words that can explicitly put across my feelings about today’s post. How very natural, how extremely poised and composed with every minute detail to its readers that one gets the feeling as if we are having a one to one conversation with the man we all know as Amitabh Bachchan. I remeber in the three phase monologue interview that I conducted with you on your behalf some three years back - I had offered a feeling for you - I speak very little! Oh brother but when you do finally speak out, you speak from your heart.

Those who do not read this blog would miss this very important side of your personality. For once, just for once I start to get a feeling that probably you would end up scoring above Dr. Bachchan and displace him from the top Bachchan on my mind. I would not mind accepting the truth that indeed there are some very good signs that you would make a big writer and achieve new dimensions in not too distant a future! If one has to really enjoy this kind of reading one has to do it on a daily basis. The context and contents are so nicely mixed that the greatest fun would be to read them at the first instance of the availability of these posts. Wonderful job!

As I mnetioned in the last post I leave today for Delhi to attend dear Sonal’s marriage. A marriage in India is one of the great events in one’s life that it is considered a new chapter in one’s life is close to reality. I take this opportunity to wish her very good times ahead as she ties the knots on january 31.

My love to Navya-Agastya and regards to their proud parents and may I also add grand-parents!

Abhaya Sharma, India January 28 2009 08:20 Hrs IST

PS I know I do not really love editing my posts but today I did, if some of the flow is lost or the thoughts not in proper place it has to be attributed to this business of editing the post! 9 out of 10 times I do not edit as I feel it definitely disturbs the original and sometimes I feel that thoughts do get scrambled as a result of editing! Please try to make sense if such a thing has happened during this post. have a great time with the grand educators!


Reeham said...

Hello my dearest..
How are you doing.. how is your dear family.. i hope you are all fine..,
Very beautiful photos for my sweet prince and his beautiful mother.. god bless you all...

Dear..., i'd called the mail service company to check wetherthe present i sent Amrit had reached the address or not..., the guy there told me that there was a mistake in filling the information application and they lost my phone number... they need the phone number of the receiver as a contact number to assure that it had reached safely..

I'm so sorry for this unintended delay..., but do you mind if you send me your phone number...

Thank you so much...

Lovely comments made by you as always... love them

My best wishes to all of of you... god bless..

Abhaya said...


I hope you too are having a great time. I was away in Delhi-gaziabad for a marriage in the family.

Mobile number -91-9869258653

Have a good time.

Abhaya Sharma

(PS Amrit did ask me a couple of times about his gift poor boy should not force something on aunt Reeham, in case the money comes back to you do not bother too much to send it. Should not loose it though.