Thursday, January 15, 2009

Media is Trying to Paint you Differently!

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As I was telling you something I notice how the missed letter can ruin the very meaning of a phrase very trifle is actually to be read as every trifle.

Kyaa baat hai, Hindi akhbaaron ne to aapki havaai yatra ke havaai kile hi bana dale, poor fellows they could not differentiate between a story and an actual incidence. Not their fult someone would have told them that you mentioned such a story on your blog and later it might have transpired by word of mouth to the press who peacefully assumed that you would have been the central character of the story!

Forget Hindi folks what is the English understanding media doing when they present my or Wordsmith’s or some other bloggers views as your own views. If I do not like my country to be painted in black or brown on the silver it is my statement and my perception and Amitabh Bachchan may or may not agree to that view. I had cited Salaam Bombay for comparison after wrongly giving my views after reading what Mr. Wordsmith had to say. I should first see a movie before posting my comments on it!

It is all right, I may not go back on my words if slumdog does depict India or Mumbai in poor light. I have a greater fear that since it is a film made by a Briton, it might even get an Oscar! The movie actually may be very good and after seeing I might appreciate it as well!

But I would not change my stance on using the powerful medium of cinema to depict my country in shambles! If someone can help us with means and methods to eradicate the evils of our society they are welcome but just reminding us what majority of India looks like is no solution it is a poor propagation ( as it is only the half of the story ) of the state of a state and nothing more. Someone should make a movie on Raju ramalingam though it does reflect poorly on us it still tells the world thatIndia is such ahuge country that one man or company could cheat to the level of billions. It definitely would suggest to the world that India has such huge investors and income from the IT sector! I am not supporting Raju, how can I when I do not like Mukesh Ambani, who rightfully makes a billion dollar mansion for a handful!

Again I must add here that we Indians are not very rich like West, we are not knowing what it means to be rich! If having lot of money could mean to be rich I feel there would be n numbers of Indians who are very rich, so much so that they count among world’s richest man Ambani brothers and a hand few others have proved that some Indians could actually be stinking rich!

For me richness comes from culture and with a heavy heart I feel and observe that we have failed to have a culture of our own ever after we were subjected to hundred years of british rule! Our genes have been changed during those years, our thinking and values deteriorated beyond repair! When West is following the Vedas and Yoga we Indians seem to be cueing up to behave in the western mannerism that too half heartedly!

There is a serious aspect of what is media trying to paint you, they have known it all along that you are a hot product, the number of Ads where you featured also points them to that thinking. Is that industry looking back in time and taking a shot at you on every possible opportunity to cast you differently than what you actually are! They were at receiving end when Amitabh Bachchan had surfaced as the biggest product of Hindi Cinema and they could not encash that popularity as you had closed the doors on them, rightfully or wrongly is not their concern!

Samay ka chakki chalati hi jaati hai, those who are trying to grind you today would also be on the receving end on another day!

I have a small request that wherever you may be on January 18 you try to find sometime and make some arrangements for some of the news channels to make it possible to air your views on Dr. Bachchan’s death anniversary! Poets like him do not die even in their physical death. I would very mch like you to say few words on him and possibly read some relevant lines from Madhushala -

मुसलमान औ’ हिन्दू है दो, एक, मगर, उनका प्याला,
एक, मगर, उनका मदिरालय, एक, मगर, उनकी हाला,
दोनों रहते एक न जब तक मस्जिद मन्दिर में जाते,
बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मन्दिर मेल कराती मधुशाला!।५०।

More later
Abhaya Sharma, India, Jauary 16 2009

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