Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thanksgiving - Fellow Bloggers on AB's blog

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,
This time around I am here to thank ,my wonderful friends on this blog who have been kind and gracious in small ways by writing and sharing on my facebook some beautiful thoughts. I would have loved to write on each individual's walls as well yet for the sake of lack of time I seek this blog to thank them all.
Subhash Kaura- Kind words on my wall, blog and a wonderful effort in composing a Hindi poem! only Rose, Reeham reshmi would not have followed and they must be waiting for the translation that you did mention. Oh it would be half the story if i do not mention the wonderful collection of quotations on every subject that you possess and your love for flowers. I am indeed greatful to you for your kind mention almost in all your comments!
Reeham - I can not be thankful enough to you for such pious words not only for me and Amrit but also for savita. I know my Cute little chubby Reeham is the most loving and character on this blog. I do not mean this as a dishonour to several other good people yet i find you so close to heart. Though I really miss Reshmi Philip. What happened of her! Why is she not able to get on to the blog! You could win anyones heart I would prefer for you to live the life with some real good Egyptian gentleman very soon!
Rose Cee - Oh! I was writing something on your wall when I got a skype call from my google nephew and I had sent tyhe message incomplete i wanted to tell you that some of the simple thins in Hindi are most difficult to translte into lyrical English. I must give it a try to atleast send a possible transcription some day. I di write this poem without much thought and as I do not have a habit of editing what I write initially the same was true of that poem. It is basically about the changing values and times and lakadaiscal approach that humans have come to embrace on earth some have become cruel, some have turned indifferent and several feel everything is fair in life and strife. OK This was probably what i wanted to convey some people who know hindi might just fire back that they don't find it in the poem. Poems have different meanings for different people and also different meanings on every second reading to even the writer!
I do have plans to translate parts of his autobiography from an Indian's point of view, I know an abridged version - In the afternoon of time by Rupert Snell does exist yet the best thing is always to read the original by the great Dr. Bachchan. Hindi is not too difficult, you can give it a shot who knows you may one day write in Hindi over here! (Ha Ha .. )
Naresh Kapoor - I am indeed not very familar with facebook so I might have missed or rather would have been late on commenting back please excuse me. In fact this message can go to all who write so nicely on facebook and remember me on this blog.
Jagz (Australia) - Mate I am also indeed very grateful to find an interesting person in my list of asoociates on this blog. I did lot of writing on this blog, I do not say every time I could be glittering and readable yet thanks all the same for your nice simple comments you may find some of the recent blogs on
Rasha Zayed - I am afraid I am not always able to find time to read your blog but I must admit that it is quite a nice place and you do need to preserve what you write here, not all, but definitely the best ones that you post here must get a place on your own blog as well!
I hope you all had a nice wonderful start to the year. And now please do not derive any meanings if I am not able to write or include every one on my list. there are lot of others whose names i shall try to remember and thank them for making brother's blog a wonderful place for our coexistence!
Gilga, Kashmira, Reshmi (where are you!), Raman, Kishore (UK), Rochelle, Lakshmi Jag ( no probably we have not addreseedc each other before, but I like your comments!), Dr Masud (you are also almost missing!), Ravi P. Malhotra, Pratap Singh Tomer, Dr. Shahshi Mohan Sharma ( How is your practice going!, I think they do call it the same in Homeopathy!!), Devendra Sharma, Jaleba, Tumpa Ghosh, and I do not even know the names of many whom I love to read on this blog as they do write in long intervals, please excuse me Daisy M, M and Mithai lal to remember as a second thought. If I could continue I would still be able to pick up some more names from memory.
Now for Brother -
Amitabh Bachchan - I think your being the leader of the house you deserve to be discussed last but nevertheless we are all here because one legend chose to write and share his thoughts with rest of his followers and fanfare though I do not fall in either class I simply love you as Amitabh Bachchan. The most magnetic personality to have ruled Hindi Cinema, son of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan ( the creator of Madhushala!) and Shrimati Teji Bachchan ( a close friend of India's Indira Gandhi - who needs no introduction- though I was a staunch opponent of her Emergency rule!) and of course the dutiful husband of jaya Bhaduri (don't laugh if it is not truly true, you have been loving her for four decades and more) and father of Abhishek and Shweta (the order should have reversed actually!) and grandfather to Navya and Agastya and not to forget the most wonderful father-in-law that Aishwarya would agree with me and so would Mr. Shweta ( I am sorry I am confused for not able to recollect the name Is it Nikhil or or Rajeev, Sorry If I am wrong! excuse me on that!). But brother above all these family characters that you are surrounded by and now I have totally forgotten Bunty and family - Ajitabh's Brother was actually incited by him to become an actor, he did a shoot of Amitabh - when Dr. Bachchan bought a video camera from his savings in Roubles on return from his trip from Russia that paved the way for Sir Khwaja Ahmed Abbas to launch him as one of the Saat Hindustani. Ajitabh's family is now well known to me from the accounts of Dr. Bachchan's final volume of autobiography - Dashdwar se Sopan tak - Wife Ramola Chugani, daughters - Namrata, Neelima and Nayana and the much awaited son Bheemkarma. Dr. Bachchan had suggested to ramola to give birth to two more sons to make the balance of male to femal ratio, he had even suggested the names of Vishvakarma and yagyakarma for them. ( In my family There is a nearly perfect balance since if one brother has two daughters another has two sons and me and my youngest sister have just only one son and one daughter, It is a differnt story that i am talking of my eight brothers and three sisters).
So much for today I think brother you would take it lightly for crossing the norms of not addressing ourselves on the blog! We are a family aren't we! an Extended family as my American friend Gisele would often talk about!
I wish everyone, including those whom I could not include because of failure of memory or for the lack of space and or fear of brother issuing sermons to dissociate from such habits of talikng on an individual level ( This is as actually meant as a joke, Amitabh Bachchan that I know can not become a deewaar of any sort between any two or more individuals! Heil Bachchan!
I come to an abrupt end!
This message is also a token of gratitude to my son Amrit and wife Savita - who definitely find that the time that is their due is being spent for Amitabh Bachchan and his world! Thanks for bearing with me!
Abhaya Sharma, India January 3, 2009 23:25 Hrs IST
PS Ishitha my niece in London would be all set to celebrate her fifth birthday. I did miss the opportunity to be with them through skype and webcam! I hope I could catch with them some time later!


Reeham said...

My very very dear Mr. Sharma,
I just can't proper words to thank you for your ever sweet words to me.. you too dear - and your dear family - are very close to my heart... your encouragement.. supportement.. flatterring do mean a lot to me, though i don't deserve such precious words, but they did touch me too the core, because of you my dearest, i became fond of Dr.Bachchan and his poems..., i got closer and closer to the early life of my beloved AB.., thank you so muchfor your precious effort in allowing us to approach from AB's family to such an extent... thank you so much dear.
And for your sweet words and precious wishes... the word thank you is never enough... i'll be forever grateful to your kindness and sweetness...
If there is a nice gentelman resembles AB in his attributes... i'll be the luckiest to be his life-partner... but i doubt that someone likethis may exist... but i'm sincerey thanking you for everything...
I hope that you read my previous comment... waiting for the address to send my sweet prine the coins i had collected for him...
Reshmi P can't access BigBlog, but we meet on FB... i use to copy and paste daily AB's posts to her... and if she has a comment... i send it on behalf of her to the blog.. thank you for your concern dear... and you can contact with her through FB...
Sorry for talking tooooo much.. good night for now.. and all the best to you and sweet Amrit and beautiful Mrs.Savita..

Abhaya said...

Dearest Friend,

I hope you are having great time. For two consecutive days on brother's blog our comments wer found together. It gives a pleasure to find such incidences even if it is manipualted by server people, though I really doubt!

I am sure one day you would find someone as suitable if not as legendary as brother as a life partner.

I hope you got the address I had posted in response to one of your comments here at this blog.

I tried to send a post at the email you have menyioned at FB, it bounced. It is OK.

Abhaya Sharma
D-30 Indraprastha
Anushakti nagar
Mumbai - 400094
Tel. 91-22-25507600

Skype identity abhaya.sharma