Thursday, January 8, 2009

Professor Har Gobind Khorana & Alok Da

Respected Brother,

Love, regards and good times!

I am here as I could get a reply on my unfounded apprehensions of being the culprit- the lone wretch. In your silence and more in talking of Hamlet you conveyed that Abhaya is after all not unwelcome on your blog.

Before I go any further, I must tell you and fellow bloggers that - Today, January 9 happens to be the 86th Birthday of my scientific Guru - Nobel laureate of 1968 for Physiology or Medicine - Professor Har Gobind Khorana of the depratment of Chemsitry and Biology at The famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT in short.

Well, I have not met Professor Khorana nor have had any communication with him yet that does not change my love, regards and respect for the big achiever. Nobel Prize is only notional, his contribution is significant for his untiring service to the world of research- that at this age he not only actively indulges in the scientific pursuit but also publishes his work in the most prominent of scientifc literature. It speaks volumes for his great love for the science.

I once went all the way to Bose Institute of Sience to meet D. Parul Chakrabarti- her credentials - she had worked with Professor Khorana. She was taken by surprise and asked I should have atleast informed her of my coming, she could well have been out of town or unavailable. I told her it was all right for I knew where there is a will there is a way! I did spend few days in her laboratory and had later gone to Allahabad University before returning to Bareilly. It also had another side of the story. My people in Delhi had telephoned BARC in Bombay and were told that I had gone home! which I had not reached as I was in Calcutta, Allahabad! There was chaos all around. One of my brother - Mahendra Sharma did reach Anand Bhavan to find out what could be wrong and one friend who actually knew my programme did not disclose it to him, for god knows what reasons or what motives! It ia all right! Jo beet gai so baat gai.

Professor Khorana belongs to both the depratements of Chemistry and Biology at MIT. I had never read biology after the eighth standard but was deeply willing to learn the subject. In fact I did read lot of molecular biology in pursuit of my work in BRIT. The most plausibleo or a possible reason for my great love for him was my elder brother Alok Sharma - unfortunately he was shot down by som intruders in 1994. He had this secret desire to be someone like Professor Khorana, he was good at both biology and organic chemistry and I did continue my B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry despite getting a call from BITS Pilani and later went on to complete M.Sc. in organic chemistry. So much for an elder brother who had arranged for some tuitions for me during my B.Sc. and M.Sc. days, his birthday follows in another couple of days on January 11. I sometimes regeret that I did not visit him often during his Ankleshwar days where he met the fateful end. I was an amateur palmistry enthusiast and foolishly I had once asked him not to indulge in any fight-sight at a particular age while reading his palm. Alok da asked me why! and the unexpected left my tongue - I had pronounced - Murder ho sakata hai! could you beleive what would have been my condition when I came to hear the news on that morning of 18th March 1994. bas main pagal nahi ho gaya yahi ganimat hai. I sometimes feel that he was the best person in the family a hero in the family!

Oh! I had started with Khorana and dragged on to my brother, nothing wrong as I was initiated into my love for Khorana for him. May his soul rest in peace!

I am thankful for being able to air my sane and insane views on this blog. I do find it as the most interesting phase of my life! Please bear with me for some more time as I find an exceptional listener in you - the silent listener who acts without actually replying. I think I needed a replacement for Alok da in my life and I have no hesitaton in telling you that when I address you as brother on this blog, I sometimes do have Alok da on my mind. You may laugh at me! he was only three or maybe four years elder to me and you are of the age of my eldest sister Shashi Bala Sharma - poor she, she is also not with us today! More of her some other time.

I wish that you have nice time in London. My yonger sister Rajyashree lives at Townmead Road of South West London, No, you don’t have to go and meet her, I just mentioned it here for some of my English friends at the blog - The Rose, Reshmi, Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma and the big collector of your pictures Kishore Bhat. I do not know whether these fellow bloggers make an attempt to meet you in person! whether do they stand a chance, I think it does not really matter. I have been in Mumbai for more than 27 years, did not feel the necessity of meetig someone I had loved all along my life from the times I first saw Anand in Port Blair. Physical meetings will never matter especially when a beautiful relationship exists in thought and now prospers so very well through this blog!
More later
Love unabated

Abhaya Sharma, India, January 9, 2009 12:15 Hours IST.

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