Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama - New Hope of the World

Hope – Thy name is Obama

Hope, peace, equality and togetherness on this planet found a new man on the horizon. Barack Hussein Obama – the 44th president elect of the United States of America moves into usher a new world, not for America alone but for the rest of us as well.

That he honors and emphasizes the old tools of honesty, loyalty and faith among others, he is not caught unaware of the grim situation that America faces in the midst of economic recession and somewhat helplessness! He is not going to budge under pressure is what we expect, that he marches along the path of success in the several of the issues that not only America but the world as a whole faces in tough times.

That peace for all is what one wants, Is it as easy as serving it on the breakfast, with divisive forces, extremist setups in the world and the chaos that war brings!

Hope Obama as he signs his first day into white house is supported and strengthened not from just within America but also the world at large.

This is our best chance to promote peace, hope and faith amongst ourselves. We must not let this opportunity slip rather grab with both hands and build a new world.
A new world where peace gets its chance, the new world of equality gets its chance and above all togetherness finds its place like never before.

I am convinced and confirmed in my mind to support people like Barack Obama not for his color creed or cast but for the fact and findings that I see in him an image of a world leader with a difference. An individual who is too collective in his approach to solve the problems and resolve the issues is finally here.

Let Obama rule with no inhibition and with full faith of America at his behest. If we do not move forward with him in office of the strongest nation, we may not get an opportunity again too soon.

Abhaya Sharma, India January 21 2009 09:45 Hrs. IST

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