Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bachchanalia and Advertising!

Respected Brother,
Sadar charan sparsh,
First of al congratulations on the release of Bachchanalia - the book by Bhawana somayya. I just entered the title on google to ptobably find out where I could buy it, if at all i could buy it, i presume it would be priced exorbitantly and might force me to ignore the call of my heart to buy it.

I have this hidden desire of translating works of Dr. Bachchan but that could wait if i could associate myself with Bachchanalia first. I do not have any huge credibility as a translator, so you have the right to deny me the choice, I would do it for my personal use anyway to satisfy my involvement with the Living legend.
The first link I got to see was from a Pakistan News - here is the link
Does ths means that we could look upto you to unite the neighbouring Pakistan into our outfit of United States of Indian Subcontinent (USIS), that I beleive could compare itself with something of the order of European community. Give it a thought.

Your description of the event at Tata Theatre was exciting, only I was not aware otherwise I could have been there to witness the event. Though I again believe it would have been by invitation and scientists do not find invitations to such huge events by just ambition! Congratulations for the release of book, I am assured it would serve the appetite of your fans and followers and lovers alike.

I would like you to fulfill one of the dreams of Dr. Bachchan though it is a nearly impossible given the stampede that results your physical presence. I am hinting at his secret desire that someday you would enact Hamlet translated by him on the stage. I have a suggestion that you could prepare for the play just like a movie and shoot it for television and without informing general public make arrangements for its stage show at Tata Theatre drawing the audience only by iinvitation. I would not mind if I am not on the list of invitees yet would love if I could get this small favour after nearly six months of my assoication with your blogsite.
I would see if I could lay my hands at the book Bachchanalia or atleast hire it from some library. This goes without saying that I definitely would be interested in getting to read it at the earliest. As such I am almost finishing the first volume of the Dr. Bachchan's autobiography. I had purchased some classics during the last few days of the 2008 from Inorbit Croosroads. i would go and try to find the Bachchanalia there. maybe I could buy it, read, do the translation and then sell it back, if possible at reduced rate.
How was your stress test. Hopefully it had nothing of great concern to follow! I feel there is always a possibility of keeping a good track of one's health and someone blessed with the strict sense of discipline need not be augured to make it possible. You are a hallmark of a nation that you have a duty towards its development is again not my sermon but a simple request.
I somehow feel that there are lot of extra spending that India does on advertising and sometimes advertisement times on our television overshadows the actual program or contents, including our news channels. I for one believe that if a product is good it would make a name for itself irrespective of its advertising expenses. Many a times even good advertising can not dictate a good market for a shallow project or product. It is time that we wake up and reduce the cost of advertiements in our country. I consider it as a non-productive expenditure. I certainly feel that the national expenditure we exert by SMS for several channels and programs like Indian Idol is also a baseless and futile expenditure that could be curbed. if we really need to genrate opinions we could use Internet for that purpose.
Again I would not have aired my opinions here as explicitly as I do if I somehow felt that it was useless or rather worthless exercise. I feel otherwise must be clear for my sticking to the job of contributing here. I have discontinued my website as it faced unexpected wrath of intruders, hackers and Cyber criminals. I have no regrets as this does not mean I can not promote my thoughts from other avenues. As such there were several proposals from kiths and kins to deviate away from making photos and information about family on the net the way I had done. It is all right, I have learned the lesson and i announce the victory for those agencies who wanted me to close my website as if I was fighting a battle with them! I feel hurt but not defeated, I am grieved but not affected. I am here by choice, if someday I have to leave it would again be by choice or so I believe.
You can initiate the plan to enact Hamlet on the fifth death anniversary of Dr, Bachchan, I had earlier planned to visit prateeksha and had a glance of his belongings there but now I have given up the hope as it does not serve any great purpose, it would be far more important for me to promote and publicise the works of Dr. Bachchan in whatever little capacity and whatever limited resources. Hopefully I would find means and methods to be successful in my venture. Audio books also cross my mind as I realise these days people do not have much time to read, if his autobiographies could be made avaiable in this new formats there may be several enthusiasts who would get benefitted from the works of Dr. Bachchan, who could be having better voice than you when it comes to narration. I remember that your voice entered the industry before you created the angry young man image of the seventies. If I remeber right it was Bhuvan Shome where your great voice was utilised for the first time. I also remeber Shatranj Ke Khiladi where your services were hired by the biggest film maker in the country- the inimitable Satyajit Ray.
Abrupt end once again
To continue later
Abhaya Sharma, India January 5 2009, 10:58 Hours IST.

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