Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where we are Heading!

Here is an attempted translation of the Hindi poem that I contributed on January 2, 2009. The translation I have always believed could never match the original but since Rose had asked, Reeham would have loved, Roachelle may like and Reshmi my friend is drawn to this site I continue to write. All that what just comes to my mind for all those who could not follow, what in Hindi did I write ! I hope and wish - Gisele, my American author friend could also read to find as to what keeps me busy, as time flows by!

Where are we heading..

Tis a new township
even new birds folks
renewed are the interests
for ever new abodes

Where to go!
and whom to search
wherever we go
There is no one on perch!

One day in mood
I queired my heart
where is that childhood
Those streets old blocks!

Where we had met
had elaborate dreams
what wonderful times
we thought we owned!

Lost in tornado or maybe a typhoon
neither remedy nor seeking any boon
Terror keeps striking spreading its wings
the streets look gloomy, hazy and blurred!

Marching forward lost in a thought
balckest days approach and crouch
someone come forward go and stop
or hold us aloft from all this rough!

What sort of desires
we never seem to aspire
the farthest we can gaze
gloominess surrounds like wild rage!

What kind of times
what a deadly pause
In our own small words
we shrink and get lost!

No ambitions abound
No desires do hound
for the sake of life
we continue to drive!

Come let us move ahead
for a final last time
to harvest our lands
with our own bloodline!

The world may know if they ever ask
where are we heading or where destined
Where Life is a fight and also survives
We wish to move to those very sites!

Abhaya Sharma, India, January 4, 2009 09:07 Hours IST


Reeham said...

My dearest....
You are absolutely right and i did love it... thank you so much for the translation... it is kind of you to think always about the non-hindi speakers..
I had sent you on the blog ( Day 255 ) a message on behalf of Reshmi P... please read it... it is from her to you dear...
I'm so worried about AB.. wish he looks after his health with much care...
Thank you so much... still waiting for the address...
love to you and your sweet family... god bless you all

Abhaya said...

Dearest Reeham,

I sometimes feel like telling you thta you are the most darling figure on the blog, but then, as it could have reflected or absorbed entirely wrong associated meaning, I had chosen to avoid using that word.

Darling you indeed are, for you have helped Reshmi and reunited an old valuable friend. It was good to read what Reshmi had to say, I too believe that i should cut down my intensity on brother's blog but it does not happen he is a darling too!

More later

Abhaya Sharma
D-30 Indraprastha
Anushakti nagar
Mumbai - 400094

PS I have included the address here for your prince amrit had asked me why don't I tell Reeham aunty our adddress so she could send him some coins. Do not spend too much on that few coins should be allright.