Saturday, November 8, 2008

SAMAY - a poem on the signficance of time!

Click on the image file to enlarge for reading in Hindi -Abhaya Sharma ( abs31may does not work any more!

This one is indicatin the significance of time!

Oh Time I move around with you!

you never stop nor tire out

you don't seem to be slowing down!

what a great feeling that is!

you don't ever turn around!

No one could tie you down

and you are the best healer of all!

who has understood your moves

has been blessed to rule the earth!

Oh time you are one bit too strong!

You order happiness to the brave

You know of all hopes and devoid of it!

you the provider of happy and sad states

provider of wealth in the world

You are the fearless and the provider of life!

Oh time we all bend and bow to you

just take away the sorrows of world

Oh time we all marah ahead with you!


Reeham said...

Hello my dearest...
It is really a great poem, i wish i'm able to read it in hindi to taste the beauty of the language and the music of the words..
sir.., i'm the honored to have a wonderful friend like you dear.
and every time i read something about Dr. Bachchan.. i love him more and more, thank you so much, i'm really impressed by what he had done so may sacrificies for his kids.., giving up alchol and non-vegeterian food for the sake of their health.., i'm still doing the same for AB.., what a similiraity.. i'm still fasting for AB's health, long and prosper life.., i'm still worried about him, his father is really a great man, i'm not astonished how his son is adoring him .. i'm fond of him because of what you are writting.. thank you sir, really AB is a great son of a great man..,
wish you all the best , my best wishes for you and your dear family.

Reeham said...

A very happy birthday to sweet , cute Amrit.. wish him all the happiness and success..
Wish you sir and your dear family all the best..

Abhaya said...

Dearest Reeham,

Thanks a lot for your comments! ad also for the best wishes for Amrit! He was very glad that he had someone wishin from Egypt!

I am proud of having you as a fiend and look forward to your comments! I am not finding much time on brother's blog! and I have decided not to post personal comments to fellow bloggers, hope you do not mind that!

I will always remember you as little cute Reeham! You are indeed very cute!
Abhaya Sharma