Sunday, November 23, 2008

रात आधी हो गई है ..

पूज्यनीय अमितजी,
सप्रेम सादर प्रणाम,
आज की यह मेरी दूसरी कविता है, नही, नही, मेरी नही, डाक्टर बच्चन द्वारा लिखित कविताऒं की श्रंखला में तीसरी कविता - यहां सीधे ही टाइप कर रहा हूं -

रात आधी हो गई है !
जागता मैं आंख फाडे,
हाय सुधियों के सहारे,
जब कि दुनिया स्वप्न के जादू-भवन में खो गई है !
रात आधी हो गई है!
सुन रहा हूं शांति इतनी,
है टपकती बूंद जितनी,
ऒस की जिनसे द्रुमों का गात रात भिगो गई है !
रात आधी हो गई है !
दे रही कितनी दिलासा,आ झरोखे से जरा सा
चांदनी पिछले पहर की पास मेम जो सो गई है !
रात आधी हो गई है !
अभय शर्मा, भारत, 23 नवम्बर 2008, 00।32 आई एस टी

After Reeham's comments I feel it would be too unbecoming of me to not attempt a translation, one has to take a step even if there is a fear of falling down! So here is an attempt -

Night has just crossed midnight again!
I am awake with eyes wide open,
Oh! with the support of just memories
The whole world is lost into its own dream houses

Night has just crossed midnight again!

I can hear the peace that surrounds,
the dew that drops onto the grounds
The ones that have engulfed everything of the night!
Night has just crossed midnight again!

Something tries to console the heart
beaming from the windowholes
moonlight of the last hour
has just gone to sleep besides!
Night has just crossed midnight again!

I am convinced there could have been better translations than what I have attempted here, yet I wished to address all my friends - Reeham, Rose, Reshmi, Rochelle and that wonderful extended family memebers who do noyt undertand a word of hindi, to be able to atleast guess what the poet Dr. bachchan might have wanted to say! if not lyrical, if not exact translation and even if does not contain the depth that original presented, I am sure it can awaken some interest in Dr. Bachchan and his poetry!

Raat adhi ho gai!
chahata hun mai bhi sona,
dekhne ko koi sapna
ja milunga un sabhi se
jinako samjha hai ab apna!

( I take a bow as it is midnight!I too want to get some sleep!so I too could get some dreamsget a chance to meet those allthe ones I consider my own! )
Bye brother, If you are also awake now, pray that I continue to keep sending the poems by Dr. Bachchan every day or rather every night! till his birthday on 27th November! Do I sound different! If yes, I shall overcome my turmoil in a day or two - Jo beet gai so baat gai!

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