Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remembering Dr. Bachchan Amitabh day 193i

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,
I have just scantily read the article from Al Azhar, I do not sunscribe to all the points there yet I am not against equality for women, which exists on paper but seldom translates into reality!
You ask the working women the world over, barring a few one would alwyas find that they are at receiving end from the fellow employers! I do not say that the situation for women has not improved in India yet there is still ample more that we can do to improve it further!
Now the article by Adam Khoo was appropriately good yet I know that the moment we become rich or rather richer we plan expansive life styles and sometimes go beyond our own means to defend the life style we had choosen! Sooner or later we must realise that material world is what we have to keep away from yet is that really that easy as it appears on surface!
I have a different story on the sixth pay commission which I keep telling and debating witrh my friends. I know that there has been unexpected rise in salary of pay band III and pay band IV employees the sdame is not exactly true for the others. What happens in India is that inflation, price rise, cost of livingf etc. gets hiked up looking at the salary rise of the higher class and results in chaos and meagreness of resources for the lower class! Yet we can not have every one of us lifted to the same levels! can we! what we can do is control inflation, price rise etc, by stringent regulations that sadly does not happen in India!
I just begun Kya bhoolun … and find that my speed is much faster trhis time around, maybe the flow and continuity of a topic in this volume is better than the Need ka nirmaan.. or maybe that I am now used to the prose style of Dr. Bachchan, whatever be the logic I feel I would be able to withhold my commitment to complete the four volumes by 27th November.
I had raised some queries on day 191 it is not important that you address them all yet if you could reply without mentioning me on the blog, like you have done on several occasions in the past, it would be a welcome thought!
If you have no plans of celebrating the 101st Birth anniversary of Dr. Bachchan, I have a simple suggestion, you could organise a one day program at NCPA dedicating it to the great humna poet. You could ask the living amongst those who were close to Dr. Bachchan, I am afraid there would be very few such people as the poet lived a relatively longer life than the average Indian. The descendants of his contemporaries may not be a bad idea, if you know of the families of Gyan Prakash and Aditya Prrakash Jauhari, Brijmohan Gupta, Shamsher Bahadur Singh, Sumitranandan Pant, Dr. Narendra Sharma or even some members of your distant cousins that are described in the beginning of Kya Bhoolun … it could still mean a good celebration. I would not mind paying for such a program being held at NCPA, that way you and I would not be forced to bump into each other and yet achieve our common aim of remembering the great poet!
I am sorry to inform you that I hold you responsible for my not being able to meet Dr. Bachchan, given your credentials and your huge image it was never ever possible for me to even give it a try to meet the human poet. I could not muster strength to be there on that fateful 19th January of 2003 for the simple reason of the great Police Bundobast that would have been around his funeral, for him being the father of the legendary star Amitabh Bachchan. You don’t have to feel bad about it, but it is the truth that sometimes popularity comes at a very heavy price and denies you the access to those who you may have loved to be present around you at such tough time as the death of your father. It is OK. I am not meaning of a complain, I just wanted to make a point and if possible you can make adjustments for the better.
I for one do not know how many people would love to be there for listening to the poets couplets in his own recorded voice (if it exists) but I am convinced that there would be thousands who would throng the venue if you decide to recite some of his compositions at the event. Just give it a thought, you have ample time for 27th November, it should not be as difficult as it might appear on my first suggestion!
Hopefully I am not thrusting myself too much upon you or your blog! I have been enjoying being around and despite my some efforts to break away from the blog I have not been able to keep away, sometimes for the love of the man called Amitabh Bachchan, sometimes for lot of fellow bloggers and now for Dr. Bachchan, I have taken a strong liking to write about him and my next few blogs may not have much else to offer except the genius of Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan. He had very eloquently retold the history of Kayasths in the beginning of the first volume of his autobiography, whatever be his resources, he has done a commendable job in putting history, story and the narration of the Kayasthas.
I would now like to take leave of you for future!
With Unababted, Undiluted and Unconditional Love
Abhaya Sharma, India, November 3 2008, 9:03 Hrs. IST
PS Someone has been ruining my website by inserting scripts, viruses and spyware that I have decided to give up promoting and propagating myself through, it is painful to believe that someone is after me! I do not see the logic! From today onwards I am not going to use the link for my website!

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