Monday, October 20, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan - Initial Comments on day 179

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,
Now that you lost a couple of essentials in a dream actually put you in different hue bespeaks how humane you are, how concerned and how very natural to the reactions that a man could undergo as a part of some actions even if only in a dream.

That you dream and have a vision for collective upliftment and awakening of India to a new future, so that our beloved country could prosper from ignominity to liberty, despite the existence of individual brilliance amongst us we may fail but not branded a failure as a country!

A very apt and thoughtful closing of your remarks makes me believe that you could indeed be the person who could drift us into positivity, towards development, into peace, harmony and brotherhood.

Individual achievement will bring laurels, collective achievement shall make a great country.
And now to Subhash, I agree with your observation of the current plight of the country yet I fear if one of our political leaders could really bring about the desired change! brother does not have to join politics to get constructively involved in nation building exercise. He would need to have support of not one or two but millions of like minded men (women!), to imbibe the spirit of a culturally rich and meaningful existence to compose what we could then call glorious India.
We all know that we are one country but when it comes to show true loyalties we all tend to divide ourselves into divisions that we have created for our own subversive ends! (Please Subhahs do not take these comments as averse to your thinking, I love you the most on the blog, sorry dear Rs and the rest, he is ahead of all of you for his highly meaningful existence on this blog!).

We would need to change some of the definitions of what is pure and devoid of perversions . No doubt, it is all easily said than could be achieved, yet if we do not step forward how could we fail and try again and emerge stronger and not get relegated into a failure as a country! Brother, I liked your quotes on fail and failure though the root word is same what a vast difference exists in the proper interpretation of the verb and the noun. Well said!

So do we really have to search for someone that you have epitomised in your words!

Why we should not believe that indeed there is one man in Amitabh Bachchan who stands tall among all our dissuading and dividing acts as indians, someone whose presence is felt across from Kashmir to Kanyakumari ( I did not want to involve the global image as we are presently looklinng at the future of India!), someone who is brilliant in all his presentations be it a movie, a TV serial (ads) and most importantly this blog!

The way you can intermingle and influence Indians, indeed a very few would match your qualities and available talent, I agree with Subhash that if you backtrack who else could we look upon! Pachauris, Kapil Devs and Rest may have a role but the lead is to be provided by someone who is all pervasive into the walks and talks of matter related to India. Someone who is known to a large databse of people of this country, someone who could speak his mind clearly, someone who is forgiving and forthright, someone who is not self-centred yet cares for his self- respect, someone who takes pride in being Indian and above all someone who is able to relate to fellow human beings in the most distinct and appropriate ways. And the most capable name that comes immediately to one's mind is - Amitabh Bachchan!
You may feel that I am trying to be a sycophant to achieve some sort of gains, if you do feel that way, you would be wrong brother, I know one thing, I have not much inclination of doing chamchagiri! of anyone including someone of your stature. I say all these for you here because I know that even Lord Hanuman was to be reminded of his superpowers to be able to achieve something. You like us are born into tough times where we seem to forget the value of collective actions. Your abilities are rich and abundant, they can definitley bind us into a new Avtar as a country.

If you still do not take upon the most challenging role in your life of leading the masses to peace harmony and brotherhood that will be the biggest fear of your life bigger than what you described in your dream. I wish you all the success in generating the work force for the proper embodiment of thoughts and acts that should help us lead better lives. If individuals improve India shall improve too!

Here I would make a simple request on strength of collectivity that we all learn to save these three commodities:

1. Water ( 70 pervcent of our body is made up of it and so also is the 70 percent of this earth!). No wonder that we must ttreat water as one of the Gods!

2. Energy : Energy can niether be created nor destoyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. if we could maximise the useful conversion of our available resources and address the energy problem collectively we shall all have enough electricity to meet our present needs!

3. Food : Essentially we all live to eat and only a few eat to live! If we could change the balance in the other direction I personally feel that most of our problems regarding nutrition or malnutrition would be kept at bay!

I think I must take leave of you now. I remembered you several times yesterday on my one day program to Pune to attend one of my nieces engagement ceremony there! I also discussed you with my sister Rajyashree( London), who was also here for couple of days for some reception. You are always in my thoughts all the time even if I am not writing here. I wish you do read today’s blog atleast two times to find some role for yourself a beginning could be made with enaction of this role in reel life before taking it up on the real life!

All the Best
Your slef-proclaimed younger brother
Abhaya Sharma, India, October 20, 2008 09:49 Hrs IST
PS I did finally get to visit fiend and Lord Siddhi Vinayak on Saturday alongwith my sister’s family, Amrit and savita also accompanied me! I thanked the lord on your behalf too for his kindness and blessings!

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