Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanks a Lot! AB

Respected Broher,
Thanks a ton!
Oh! you want me to get killed out of joy, I can not digest that I could hear from you on two consecutive days! Something I can not really repay by any amount of contribution to this site! I don’t know how it feels to be so close to you even in words!

It is interesting, it is quite interesting that you take interest in some of the writings which are not directed at getting response from you! I am in peace with myself and hopefully would behave more normally after a week or two! I will have withdrawal symptom of nicotine for atleast a week! i will be more easily irritable I will not be able to find sybchronicity in my thought and action! I will also probably not be able to express myself as clearly atleast till the blood level of nicotine is controlled to come to lower levels and I get used to newer lower levels! By forcefully keeping away from it!

True your words on suich occasion would do a job of wonderful support. I am now very keen to be of some help to the society if possible, I had offered my services for Dr. Bachchan’s memorial. I think Mumbai probably may not be the real place that can be associated with him, probably New Delhi sounds better as Allahabad could not be considered suitable for smaller populations and more for the reason that Dr. Bachchan though born in Allahabad had actually had much greater and important stay in Delhi. I would only be able to visit the meorial in such eventualities.

However, I do not mind if you could set up a small collection of his books at some place in Mumbai where people could come and read them, a sort of reference library! do you now know my intial request for such a madhushla -

here it goes
मधुशाला के पन्नों पर ही
लिखी मैने मधुशाला
मधुशाला था नाम दिया पर कर्म था उसका ग्रन्थाला

धूम मचा कर रख देगी
जिस जगह बनेगी मधुशाला

I think I should try to be shorter this time! I liked the PS part explaining the acronyms, it is quite a scientific way of writing! The account of movie theatre was quite absorbing and that such freaks exist in every part of the world was a solace of some sort!

These New pictures and the quotation at th etop are very interesting more so for their source in siberia, our sincere thanks to Zhenya for her wonderful gifts!

Quite an observation about top 10 movies of the year and 4 featring the three important Bachchans and each appearing in atleast two of the movies, quite good! Hope your family continues to entertain the cinemagoers with the same zest serving them with what could be considered good, better and best। (Smiling!)

I would call it a day! I know it must be very chilly out there and maybe quite enjoyable as well as you probably can enjoy partial freedom of moving aroundin London! have nice time, do not worry if you are not back in India on January 18।

पर खुशी से नाचने को पांव मेरे
उस समय तक है नही तैयार जब तक
गीत अपना मैं नही सुनता किसी
गंगोजमुं के तीर फिरते बाबले से

अंग से मेरे लगा तू अंग ऎसे आज तू भी बोल मेरे ही गले से

तथा अंत में एक छोटी सी कविता जो 5 अक्टूबर को लिखी थी, शायद आपने पहले भी पढ़ी हो -
यह रात लेकर सुबह नई आयेगी
तम छट चुका होगा प्रभा फिर छायेगी

ज्ञात होगा कोकिला सुर में दुबारा जाएगी
इस धरा पर आज फिर से धुन कॊई बजायेगी
हाथ में अपने लिये नव अस्त्र- शास्त्र

फिर दुर्गा भवानी आएगी फिर से जगत me
नव शांति की स्थापना कर जायेगी
हम अभय का रूप धर कर जी सकेनेगे

जी चाहेगा अमृत पी सकेंगेंस्वर्ग की हम कल्पना कर भी के मानव फिर से जीवन जी सकेंगें
यह रात लेकर सुबह नई आयेगीतम छट चुका होगा प्रभा फिर छायेगी
अभय शर्मा, भारत, 5 अक्टूबर 2008 09.09 घंटेAbhaya Sharma, India, January 12 2009, 22:59 Hrs IST.

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