Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dr. Bachchan - Marriage Anniversary

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

For once, I thought that I were standing by your side in that august company of the greats like Vikram Seth, Chetan Bhagat and the rest at the most majestic moment of time. I must add here that I had earlier planned to keep this day entirely for your proud parents – Dr. Bachchan ( I somehow do not find the courage to address him with his first name – more as matter of respect) and Shrimati Teji Bachchan, who as per records that I possess probably registered their marriage on this day in 1942, I was under the impression that it was earlier.

With due regards I herewith present to you my work for the event, fortunately for me in the poetic form. I remember Dr. Bachchan had referred somewhere in his autobiographical account that the mood of writing poetry does not persist too long and one must not miss the opportunity when that time is there. I concur with the great poet as I too found that some of my best poetic thoughts emerged from the subconscious and could not be reconstructed later since I did not write them down. I hold computers responsible for holding me away from the usual pen and paper approach.

The sudden disappearance of light when I was first compiling my post online has woken me up. This particular piece has now been written down after that realization of the time tested method of writing- the pen and paper!

कवि बच्चन के जीवन में

प्रणय प्रसंगिनी बन कर
जब से तेजी आईं जीवन में
शोक हर्ष से हार गया तब
फिर कविता उपजी थी मन में
दुविधायें सुविधायें बनकर
चहक उठी थी आंगन में
अमित-अजित की आभा से
कवि पिता रुप में थे जन्में
तेजी ने जब सहयोग दिया
कैम्ब्रिज जाकर तब शोध किया
राक्षस कितने ही आये पर
तुमने उनका प्रतिरोध किया
इस जीवन को ही युद्ध मान
जीना फिर से प्रारंभ किया
फिर इलाहाबाद को छोड दिया
अब दिल्ली को प्रस्थान किया
प्रणय प्रसंगिनी बन कर
जब से तेजी आईं जीवन में
कवि बच्चन ने एक बार फिर
कविता का था वरण किया ।

अभय भारती(य), 24 जनवरी 2009 08.27 प्रातः

Post Script: Today there are twin birthdays in my family, not twins but a niece – Sonal and a nephew Udayan born to different parents in different years. The event is marked with the Akhand Ramayan Path at Delhi, the niece is to get married to an alumni of Kirori Mal college on this 31st. January, that is just a week away. This reminds me of another important fact of the class of 58 of Sherwood college that you had shared today, it was heartening to know how much a megastar or rather star of the millennium holds values of education in the formative years. An association for me with three Kendriya Viyalayas at AFS Agra, Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair and IIT Delhi where I studied from fifth standard onwards were the seven best years of my life. Like old days, my post script is getting longer than the original I need to stop abruptly. May Dr. Bachchan and Shrimati Teji Bachchan find themselves in the best of times in the heavens (Smiling - with their legacy that they had left behind, with you at the helm of affairs almost determined to take it further forward.

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