Friday, April 10, 2009

Nuclear Disarmament - I would Love it..

Respected Brother - Amitabh Bachchan Sahab (ABS) and
President Barack Obama! ( A friend of Humanity!)

This is first time I am here on this blog belonging to my brother.. Amitabh Bachchan.. The Living legend of Indian Cinema.. I did mean to fuel a debate.. yes nuclear fuel was an issue a few months back for India.. and with US promising on possible and probable supply for us to be able to sustain our nuclear programmes.. oops.. even if it was Mr. Bush who under his presidency struck that kind of deal or should I use a better way of putting across my thoughts and preferably use the term arrangement for the kindness that America bestowed on us..

Now, friends.. I call Obama a friend.. not an ordinary friend.. yet a huge and important friend of humanity.. especially in the light of his subversion on the possibilities of making mother earth free of its nuclear weapons burden.. a load that carries destructive powers of unknown measures.. of a nuclear terror that could emerge the way those disruptive forces are fuelling their mindset with newer and more destructive ways of bringing peace to kneal before them.. I hate .. yes I hate these destructive powers.. irrespective of my fate at their hands.. yet I would not retract my this decision.. unlike my inability to continue here on the blog a few days back.. some human minds could revert my decision.. and I am happy for that..

I am happy that I can speak my mind.. I can use the words to describe the futility of nuclear weapons.. that I can endorse the views of the most powerful democracy.. the views of one man who is at the helm of affairs of managing his country in toughest times.. yet is able to decry the presence of nuclear arms in this world..

May I draw the attention of this august audience to the after-effects of a nuclear war.. to the grave situation that follows if one of us deployed the nuclear options to protect our interests.. to visualise the kind of events that it may trigger as a chain reaction.. that the life on earth may plead for its very existence.. May I question then the perpetrators of nuclear arms.. Is this what we want to leave as a legacy behind for the generations to follow.. to destroy and to decimate humanity from this good earth.. is this the only best possible way of exercising our supremacy over others.. I doubt.. I very much doubt if this is what should be the order of the day for the world.. we need to rethink our schemes and plans..

There are thousands who have written their scientifically assertive views on what happens if the world at large engages in a nuclear warfare.. I wish I could provide some links.. I wish I could quote some of them here directly.. yet I know my limitations.. I know I am an old man who is going to turn 50.. who scoffs at his inability to remember things when it matters most.. who is an ordinary mind who does not probably have a chance to be heard across.. forget influencing the minds who make and take decisions to propagate or profligate how the world should act in a given hour, minute or a moment..

May I ask my friends who may be small in numbers.. to come forward and make a sincere effort to free the world .. set good mother earth free of its nuclear threat.. if we could make a chain reaction of our thoughts soon the few may become large.. the large may become governing and the governing may turn into a peaceful solution.. a world free of its nuclear arms..

No, I would not continue beyond this point.. I am a nuclear scientist working in an organisation that has been explicitly involved in the peaceful uses of nuclear options.. I shall have the right to be heard.. I shall also be held responsible if our generations curse as the knowing people who did not oppose the threat..

Nuclear is unclear.. nuclear is an ulcer.. yet nuclear is also not only a cruel N option.. look up to it as real UN( United Nations) C(haracter).. yes.. I am not able to find much more fruitful positive emanations from nuclear to make it appear friendly.. I am not a word wizard.. I have not been trained to be one..

I am a trained nuclear scientist and I would only be able to say a yes to nuclear warfare only over my dead body.. of several many dead bodies.. of millions and billions of dead bodies.. of infinite number of dead bodies.. if we consider all life forms that may die.. Is this where we want to take the world.. if yes.. please leave me behind.. I am not going to follow such path.. never ever.. I am not in favour of Nuclear Arms.. Nuclear weapons or Nuclear War..

Abhaya Eartharian April 10/11 2009 12.44 AM IST

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