Friday, April 3, 2009

Day-344 two posts to AB!

” We can either complain that roses have thorns, or we can rejoice that thorns have roses.”
Most Respected Brother - The Amitabh Bachchan of the Cinema World!

A very Good morning to you, Sir!

I would not mind my thorns to have roses though roses with thorns would also be acceptable gracefully!
I would wait for one more day to know and learn what exactly lies in store, the wait is all right.
For a change, I would halt my progress here, but not before thanking you for helping out a helping hand to Priety’s pretty team! Yes, April 18 is also being waited upon quite substantially, lot of our young cricketing heroes are going to display there talents in front of the South African crowds. What a boon in disguise for some of the youngsters - who would find it difficult to get a chance to represent their country to play in South Africa for the intense competition for earning a cap to represent India. I think their roses may have some thorns but it is acceptable to have the tournament - ON rather than putting it in OFF mode due to bizarre conditions at home! My best wishes to IPL season 2.
I would visit the blog again and pick up some more threads from your today’s saga of India 24/&, did you say it wasn’t a news channel! HaHaha ( my poor journos! they did not do their home work well!)
Love in good abundance
Abhaya India April 3 2009 8:48 AM IST
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(Addendum - Not accepted on the blog after nearly three hours!)

.. So I shall keep this short and friendly as always, with the promise of a detailed discourse on matters that disturb me and coerce me to respond. That understanding is vital and significant, else I would not be here…

Respected Brother
Hi again!

Oh such stupid way of wishing you! me not made for such a style does not go well with my temperament at all. I see that as I write here again, that despite sincere efforts there do appear a couple of mistakes.. some mistakes the computer dictionary can not distinguish the use of there for their is one such case. and 24/& instead of 24/7 another. I think you will overlook and understand what the fellow is talking about and trying to say! Most of the times when in communication mode - it slips our mind that what we intended our fingers have failed to execute or the typewriter key being hard on some keys the letter does not find its way on to the monitor or computer’s memory. I am one who does not take so much of botheration to correct myself, not that I do not care.. for the correct version.. but somehow the nature of my posts being long and exhaustive I seldom find time and energy to go over it all over again..

Yet when I see that there are so many youngsters and yes, some foreigners.. who are weak in English.. if they do take interest in my posts should not make mistakes which I am committing unintentionally.. I should give it a sincere effort to make myself express in as correct in spellings and grammar as the time and constraints allow me ...

I see that you did mention about the new venture.. and the scorching heat even if it is bit exaggerated.. human mind does that to signify the intensity by using such figures as 40 degrees equal to 50 degrees.. I ain't finding fault.. I am supporting the cause.. yes the eat this tie around is a bit too much.. upar se elections ki garmi.. all add up to make 40 appear to be nearly 50 degrees.. and yes Bombay weather being sultry and humid as it is the pinch is all the more unbearable at times.. Yes.. I want to let the people know that what you were meaning by using the word 50 degrees is quite to express your point of extreme heat in a figurative manner and may not be true numerically.. (smiling!).. I did not know one could stretch a point so long.. like I did this on temperature..

As the last over of the first innings of the ongoing test is about to be bowled in the first essay of the Indian innings was the surprising knock of 60 runs by Harbhajan Singh.. India were 368 for 9 and with stalwarts of Indian batting not able to put up too much resistance in terms of wickets saved, they did amply well to amass a good and sound looking number of runs on the board.. I think in old days we would have never seen teams crossing 300 mark on day 1 in a test innings.. now almost every team gets thereabout .. 375 for 9 is better than 354 for 4 by New Zealand in the second test.. I personally believe that if Test cricket is to be made interesting something ought to be done to guarantee a result.. five days of cricket and it ends in a draw is not a healthy sig for a game.. Test cricket has to evolve too.. Again I did not want to say so much for the cricket people over here.. yet it happened that way..

Coming to your shoulder and back conditions.. It is up to you to decide how much you can go on taking with advancing age.. no one really wants to put lid on his earnings.. yet a wise man like you should take note of the body's ability to cope.. You have done wonderfully well in the Seventies to work in five shifts.. it does not mean that you should ignore your present pains and problems with temporary relief of pain killers.. I wish that the problem is not of serious nature and that you know well enough what it(body) can take..

Have a nice wonderful day.. and if you had picked me for chiding for my long posts..(for tomorrows Pandora’s box) I have tried to stay relevant and meaningful in my lengthy posts.. to suggest a change of mind on my inabilities to keep short and precise.. I am only joking.. I would never ever suggest to change your mind.. let it think in the ways it thinks.. as it is thinking in right directions..

My sincere advise to those who might dislike my calling you brother .. He is much older to me in age.. he is much more respectable for all his achievements.. he is loving and caring of his younger generations.. he does take up the causes and cases that we would like to find solutions to.. he considers us a member of his extended family.. now why can not I respect him as an elder brother.. he in fact deserves much more than just being called a brother..

I hope Reeham would read this piece of post and not worry about what others may think of her addressing you the way she does..

Love to you in no small measures
Abhaya India April 3 2009 11:20 IST

Post Script: Today is Ram Navami, and the last day of Navratri for us.. we hold a feast for girl children of the vicinity with Halua - Puri - Chhole and send them with some gifts.. I have to go home for a short while.. you may join me if you like these items too..

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