Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 359 - on Return from Pune

Respected Brother
Sadar Pranam

First thing first.. I am back to the blog after two days.. I did take part in the marriage of dear Meesha.. yet I regret.. yes I seldom use this word.. I regret my inability to meet Ravi Malhotra.. not that I just promised to meet him.. more because I missed opportunity to meet him on two occasions in too recent past.. I am Sorry Ravi Sir.. first for missing a call from you on 16th April as you were returning from Mumbai to Pune.. and then not able to find an opportunity ( time would be a misnomer..) on two days on trot in Pune on 18th and 19th April when I was in your town..

I would not be missing from the blog entirely but I can always say that I would be seen less often or atleast in much smaller Avtars.. some of you who were bored with my long posts would heave a sigh of great relief.. that I would be busy with IPL 2 and here is the link to my only second article on IPL2..

Now Deccan Chargers have done well enough to register an eight wicket win over KKR and thus telling all of us to not read too much from what they experienced from them in the first edition..

Yes I did get to see the PPT from BigB Yahoo Group.. It was OK.. not such extraordinary as you have tried to put it to us.. I have seen wonderful PPT presentations.. and with missing presentations and repeatability of few names it did not go too well with me.. I had myself compiled some of your unforgettable pictures and presented them directly through Slideshow zilla along with the songs from your movies.. I know my site does not work in India or maybe nowhere today.. for whatever reasons.. yet I can bet one could get far too imaginative with presentations even with PowerPoint..

Now, this is not condemnation of such illustrious compilations by FM (not Frequency Modulated but Fatima Mahmoud.. sister excuse me if i have spelt you wrongly..).. I am sorry I came to know Zain Hussain for the first time.. It was great to know that Kishore worked with you on Mohabbatein.. I wonder in what capacity..

If I do not close this chapter here.. there would be far too many members of bigB group who would hurl all sorts of remarks and comments on my observations.. Fatima wrote to me once I had joined the group on introduction from none other than Gisele Barbosa.. may be that reminds I can try and provide the living legend for you folks there on her website.. which does work many a times in our country..

And Last but not the least.. Brother Heartiest Congratulations of completion of 1 year here.. may you continue to write as elaborately as you do and we too could extend it further with our views on the posts and sometimes off it too.. What follows below are my views and no one has to respect them or even debate.. I know I could be wrong in some cases.. yet I say..

The two most remarkable posts - one on Teji Bachchan's Birthday and another on reply to Jug Suraiya's TOI subverse.. (The post on Shobhit Kaushal was a close competitor to the second!)

The two most lovable female characters - Reeham and Rose (Reshmi Philip, Rochelle and Rasha Zayed, Kashmira Grewal, Preeti K. Carla Flum from Germany and Zhenya and Lena from Russia missed out very narrowly, Tumpa Ghosh and several others did make a competition)

The two most lovable male characters - Subhash Kaura and Ravi Malhotra (There were far fewer competitors – (Deepak T(aunk) and Deeapk B(hardwaj), Satyam bhai and Dr. SMS- Oh I should tell you that it means Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma)

The two places described on the blog : Kanya Kumari and Kuala Lumpur (Paris and New York’s unforgettable tour!)

Two most lovable Quotes: Experience Speaks and Wisdom Listens and the other on Roses and Thorns ( There were far too many that I actually liked can’t recollect all!)

Two Characters I love most from your family- Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan (for his role in Delhi-6) Competition came from all immediate members of your family especially Smt. Teji Bachchan (Of course I leaned only enough of her after reading the autobiography of Dr. HRB and your account of her on this blog) and madam Jaya Bachchan for her role in Abhimaan)

More Later with usual love and affection

Abhaya India April 19/20 2009 12:42 PM IST

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