Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have a Website Designed!

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

I am bowled over by your photographic abilities, it was first with your acting then with your writings and now your skills with the camera prove that one who is good at one art has the ability to excel in other forms too! The last photograph appears to be taken from somewhere other than earth ( I was trying to rephrase out of this world experience!) , I have never seen such a beautiful skyline and a peaceful coastline! A great effort!

Now yesterday night around 2.00 AM I had posted some comments after a late return from the family marriage in Bhandup, I spent sometime with you on the blog and was unable to get my posts along. I remember in some post or rather a reply to one post you did mention - that there actually is no moderator... and another time to another post .. this time it did (on someone trying to know why his post was not getting uploaded!). That technically these maybe correct and frank views of the blog owner- it could be little harsh on someone who does not save his comments/posts. I myself do not save every tit-bit that I submit.

I also observed that the filter on comments does not work on the first apply, I thought it was a glitch but when it re-occurred every time - It takes the second attempt to get to your posts that you wish to filter - though it may help those who might not have tried for second time, I have less choice but in agreeing with Subhash, Rose, Rochelle, Reeham and few others - that blog has got into some difficulties with these new added features. Maybe the test run of blog with the new features should be attempted from another machine than the server! What you might be seeing on the server may not always exactly get across to the rest in similar fashion!

These were mere suggestions that I feel could help the EF. I know you have good intentions of making the blog as attractive and responsive as possible. Also the use of additional pages for displaying comments is little awkward, someone who uses the edit and find on this feature to locate the members or himself has to make quite an extra effort to switch to these pages and submit the request for each page.

Please do look into these aspects and please do find out the possibility of erecting a website as early as possible, the pictures presentations over here do appear little cluttered at times. Though the pictures themselves are quite great it would be worthwhile to use some slideshow software to include them on your website. A website is far too more serious thing than blogs, it could have videos audios, poetry, quizzes and even your multiple language based pages. The posts could all be sorted out in much more planned manner in addition to the original blog. Give it a thought or maybe give it a serious consideration.

I do not know of others - I would be deeply interested in knowing several facets of your life in an indexed manner that only a website can provide. Once the initial design and features are in place on the website- it actually is fairly simple and straightforward to maintain and update!
I remember the link I gave on day 290 to my unpaid website was having a glitch in it - the missing m for com.

I must warn the visitors that all links may not be working as I havetaken up this angelfire site after nearly more than a year only after great struggle with the fate of my paid site
With my regards to Jaya ji and love to Abhishek and Aishwarya I wish you a great day ahead with your schedules in Kanya Kumari.

Abhaya Sharma, India February 13 2009, 08:31 AM IST
Edited on Febraury 13 2009 7:08 PM IST

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