Monday, February 16, 2009

Dev Anand on brothers blog ...

Respected Brother,
Sadar Pranaam,
I see a lot of efforts in your post to keep up yourself to the best of your abilities. Indeed I did like the write up on Dev saab. I for one openly admit that I have voted down Satyam's post, not because I do not like his frankness, and not to hurt him at all, but to inform him that dear friend it is very simple to find fault in others (however illustrious!), it is very difficult to acknowledge the good efforts of others.

Eevn if Devanand after Johny Mera Naam was not so acceptable to people like him I ask if Hare rama Hare Krishna where Zeenat Aman was introduced not much after Johny, was Des-Pardes where he launched the beautifully faced Tina Munim not a run away success, was Amir Garib not an entetainer. If a Devanand exists in this industry with the sense of belonging and a great loving for his field and working constantly that itself is a great enough achievement! One can not pass judgement on any of the top three pillars of Hindi (commercial) cinema - Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar. It would amount to dishonesty to their contributions, it will appear an act of belying their capabilities and constructive approach that the trio mastered! I am afraid brother that you are not ahead of them in that sense, though you are inching to that post steadily and certainly.
In 40 years you have definitely given us the biggest supersatr the most charming and well behaved actor of Indian screen maybe even the most talented yet the contribution of the said trio is far too important as it came at times when India was down into doldrums as a country, means and material were far and few, economic situation of the country was grim and people really scoffed at those who worked in films rather than making them superstars and idols.
You deserve all the respect for the way you have conducted yourself in your films more so in Kaun banega crorepati and now on this blog! One can not fail to love someone as dedicated as you, as talented and full of calibre as one could get to be! You have carried your image far too deep on the time scale because of your sincere efforts and the discipline that you practice. I wish you continue in the same vein for another 10 more years.

कभी निराशा का तम घिरता,
छिप जाता मधु का प्याला,
छिप जाती मदिरा की आभा,
छिप जाती साकीबाला,
कभी उजाला आशा करके
प्याला फिर चमका जाती,
आँखिमचौली खेल रही है
मुझसे मेरी मधुशाला।।९२।

The poet addresses how hopelessness or darkneess sometimes crouches upon us - the goblet appears disappeared, vanishes the beauty of the wine and absconds from the scene the bar-maid, then a sudden glint of hope shows up the goblet with a shine in our eyes! as if the Tavern on the way (Madhushala) is playing the game of hide and seek!

Symbolically- the poet probably meant that life is after all a game of hide and seek, sometimes we are able to see the light in the midst of darkness just to be able to propagate ourselves ahead, and that is important, one must not stop one must continue to move forward under all circumstances in all conditions. I consider the tavern on the way (Madhushala) is the very life itself, the wine, the goblet, barmaid and wine connoisseurs are all acts and parts of our very existence! One should not take these words for their literal meanings!

More later
Abhaya Sharma, India February 17 2009 9:10 AM IST

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