Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peace, Harmony & Brotherhood

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,
I take a leave from my self-promised writing in Hindi alone, reason, promises that are hard to keep shall be rectified to justify them. I would not day that I did not have tools to work in Hindi, yet I do find it one bit too difficult to apply myself ably to be able to put across my thoughts in Hindi as simply as I could do in English.

This particular episode involving the old man and the violin does bespeak of what harmony is all about! harmony followed your peace prayers now is the urn of brotherhood! we would all look forward for your words on something to encompass the brotherhood on this earth!

With this approach of addressing Peace, Harmony and brotherhoood, I now believe I can peacefully retire from the blog, an end has finally been achieved! The man who could change the world has finally taken upon the path best for the mankind and its evolution!

True, words do not necessarily bring about change yet the words that transform people, the words that express sincerity towards all, the words that promise the rise of a new dawn have always been welcome on this earth.

We respect the great amngst us for their words as much as for their actions. So please continue saying what pleases your mind and heart without considering the impact they may or may not have! Atleast History would record them as your words and someday, somewhere in some place on this earth they may become the most treasured pieces of literature and have the ability to influence a few who might seek the support from such words!

Have a great day! By the way, Snooker and Table Tennis were two sports taht I played and enjoyed a lot Golf being so very expensive is out of my reach for present and also for future!

I have got a DVD compiled by one of my nephew which has some rare collection of classical and non-classical songs from India. Not necessarily the best of all times yet a neat compilation, someday if I have the courage to meet you in person, I shall bring a copy of the same for you!

Here, in last three days I have seen three movies Abhimaan, Anupama and Bandini all great masterpices in their own right! There were quite a few events in Abhimaan which had reflections from my own life- The maths teacher spankig me and asking to bring the cane, probably hemight have just seen the movie as the event was around the same time probably 1974 or so! The other about my initiation into smoking was done out of boasting to friends and later was forced into it by circumstances to take a drag at the house of a school friend and my face had turned red from the first puff! obviously because of the accompanying cough!

Then when we had the first still born child in 1993, the movie abhimaan was being shown on TV on our return to home and endless tears flowed from both our eyes watching the movie! That day it rained a lot and I just told Savita that even God is crying at our loss! Thereafter, she had couple more missed abortions before Amrit was born to us in 1998 against all odds for the brevity of one Dr. Amrita Misri! needless to specify that he derived his name from her, she had played the role f God for us!

I think I have gone too deep into my own obsessions! Please forgive me for sharing my memoirs over here! I have completed reading Basere se door… the third part of Dr. Bachchan’s autobiography. It was marvellous and reflects the times and travails of Dr, Bachchan in no uncertain terms. Wonderfully written masterpiece which is so very transparent of his mind and his turmoil! I am indeed very fortunate to have read the two volumes, I am now in midst fo first and fourth volumes!

I would request you to bring out these volumes in a better format, the font of these volumes is too small, and I noticed at many a places in Basere se door .. .. the matras were missing!

Abhaya Sharma India, December 11 2008, 11:22 AM IST

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