Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations Barack Obama!

Here are the comments I submitted to Amitabh Bachchan's blog site,

Here is one man in Barack Obama, whose Florida speech I just now finished reading on this very blog courtesy Ruby (#97). Thanks Ruby. Not that I did not know much of the issues on which President elect Obama had put his heart upon during his not so easy campaign for the 44th Presidential election of the truly biggest and actually true democracy of the World!

That Obama sounds much more humane in his approach, too deep into thinking for his country and clearly knowing his goals and priorities and making them public at the right moment using the right phrases that his election was a forgone conclusion.

His election as the first non-white US president might seem historic but mind you if Obama had his ways and if he could muster the support of senators to implement even some of his ideas of Jacksonville speech I would not be surprised if he achieves what he preached that he would raise not only America to its higher glories but also take the world along with US to a destination we human beings have been striving for long times!

There is more to be grasped from his speech not only from American point of view as well as for the world as a whole for the mother earth to nurture and nourish its inhabitants in the best possible way! I salute Obama for his courage, for his fearlessness to rise above politics while mentioning of America devoid of red and blues to take his countrymen to a state where they feel at home and not helpless! To run his country in a different way to take the shit out of terrorists in the world to drive his men towards the feeling of belonging, to make things happen if not immediately in due course of time! I once again salute the natural leader of America!

The Obama factor should be visible in more and more countries if they really wish to uphold principles and policies to govern their states in the most natural yet efficient ways! I would not mind if some of us could take a leaf out of his book to promote the sense of belonging and the sense of caring for his countrymen in the larger sense!

I am not against people amassing wealth to their liking and capabilities but of what use is that wealth if another countrymen fails to find food, shelter or clothing for his family. Of what great use is the bureaucracy if it devises means for rich to get richer and poor to get further poorer. I am no communist and I do not propagate equality of financial levels for performers and non-performers and in betweens! Yet I see that there is no way I can digest that one man spends 2 billion dollars for his own home and another has to spend a night by the side of a drainpipe! I would hate to belong to that country where money and only money remains important! I would love to be somewhere where love for humanity, for peace, for harmony and brotherhood has a great stronghold. I would not mind eating one meal a day if every fellow human being could atleast get one good meal in a week!

The best stroke of Obamadom appears to be his willingness to fight the terrorist's outfit. Who could deny that the end of terrorism is going to be the biggest boon of the present day human society! We have become so sick of their success and our failure to curb their acts that it is high time someone just stands up and put things in right perspective. I would personally wish President elect Barack Obama an early success in getting the kingpin of all terrorism on this earth kneel before us and let peace prevail on this earth!

I hail his policies of trying and giving a new way an entirely new direction to govern America away from its current shortcomings and possibly his ways might just help the world as a whole! We finally might have found our man of crisis, not necessarily a Messiah yet someone who could eventually bring peace, prosperity and progress to the Americans. That rest of the world looks upto America to set new standards probably we have finally got the man capable of bringing those new standards to the front!

I once again salute the might of Barack Obama and wish his presidential term(s) to be the brightest golden chapter in the history of America and in the history of this world.

Abhaya Sharma, India, November 5 2008, 17:59 Hrs. IST

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