Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shraddhanajali to Dr. Bachchan

मधुर भावनाओं की सुमधुर नित्य बनाता हूँ हाला,
भरता हूँ इस मधु से अपने अंतर का प्यासा प्याला,
उठा कल्पना के हाथों से स्वयं उसे पी जाता हूँ,
अपने ही में हूँ मैं साकी, पीनेवाला, मधुशाला।।५।

Here Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan the creator of these now very famous couplets probably had people like me in his mnd.. people who feel that to live this life is nothing more than having god thoughts because that alone can give birth to beautiful feelings.. for such people it is a daily routine to synthesise such thoughts to be promoted in the world.. that alone can satisfy his desires..To fill oneself with such original thoughts and embrace them in one’s life is the only important to such an individual..To be able to fill and fulfill oneself with such a wine is an ever compelling act in one’s life.. the wine that has been synthesised from the best ever thoughts for the world and also for oneself is an imaginary concept.. to be able to lift and fill oneself with it is no less than a dream accomplished..In such contexts the one who enjoys such a life is complete in all respect.. he is the sole representative of the saaki, the wine and the tavern.. Now I could not get a suitable word for saaki.. the barmaid does not fit too well in these beutiful thoughts of the poet.. it could be the provider.. though..

I know Dr. Bachchan would be thinking - Beta, achchhe jaa rahe ho.. kavita maine san 35 mein likhi thee tab tum paida bhi nahi huye thhe.. par apane aapko tumne iname dhoond hi liya.. mera madhushal likhana sarthak hua.. meri Kavita purn h gai.. ( Son, You are meaning well.. The verses were created by me in the year 1935 when you were not even born.. yet the way you have discovered yourself in these couplets.. My writing of Madhushala has got further substantiated.. it has achieved a sense of completion.. ( that it could represent thinking much much after its creation much after its creator has gone.. What more could I expect..)
I would share just one more verse without the translation or ascribing its relevance to me..

धर्मग्रन्थ सब जला चुकी है, जिसके अंतर की ज्वाला,
मंदिर, मसजिद, गिरिजे, सब को तोड़ चुका जो मतवाला,
पंडित, मोमिन, पादिरयों के फंदों को जो काट चुका,
कर सकती है आज उसी का स्वागत मेरी मधुशाला।।१७।

I would say that if we could understand this verse in a deeper sense than just the literal translational sense of the words we would probably be free of much malice for each other in the name of religion, temples, mosques and churches..He (Dr. Bachchan never preaches that one should not really be a believer what he probably refers is that one should not be a blind follower..)
Having said that I would not say anything I could not desist or rather resist the temptation of serving with my interpretations.. the beauty of poetry is that it can have several interpretations..

Every time I read Madhushala I enjoy it afresh becuase it does refresh..
Love and my shraddhanajali to Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan.. I wish I could create a few lines in his honour but I ain’t really capable .. some words that I had written with him in the mind are being reproduced here..


अपने इस जीवन-यापन में
कहीं ऎसा कुछ कर जाना है
जग याद रखे इस दुनिया में
एक ऎसा भी है इंसान हुआ
जिसे मोह जाल ना बांध सका
कर्मॊं और विचारॊं का
वह एक अनूठा संगम था
जग से मांगा ना कुछ भी कभी
देने को सब कुछ आतुर था

भाषा रंग और धर्म जाति के
बंधन कब के था काट चुका
मानव से मान को जोड़ रहा
नही शांति दूत था वह कॊई
और ना ही कोई मसीहा था
कहता था इतना ही जग से
ना पानी ने हमें जब बांटा है
ना भूख हमें है बांट सकी
ना किया हवा ने बंटवारा
फिर क्यों कर हम विद्रोह करें
हम अभय बने बस प्रेम करें
अमृत सी हमारी हॊ वाणी
कर्णों को प्रिय हम मधुर बनें

- अभय शर्मा

Post script: Read Manav se manav ko jod raha.. I have not got means to correct the missing letter in hindi font at the moment..

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