Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To AB day 483

Chhupa lo yun dil mein pyaar mera
ki jaise mandir mein lau diye ki..
ye sach hai jeena thha paap tum bin
kiya hai ab tak yeh paap maine
magar hai man mein chhabi tumhaari
magar hai man mein chhabi tumhaari
ki jaise mandir mei lau diye ki..

phir aag viraha ki mat lagaana
ki jal ke main raakh ho chuka hoon
yeh raakh maathe pe rakh li maine
ki jaise mandir mei lau diye ki..

I know the song may not seem to fit as well to our knd of love affection or whatever name such bondage.. such great human bondage the world may decide to give or call.. yet it does fit well in essence.. it fits aptly for not me and you alone but for any pair of loving individuals.. who said one man can not love another man.. love after all is not a mere expression of opposite sexes.. I had been in love with Bhagat Singh.. with Swami Vivekanand with Gurudev (Rabindra Nath Tagore of National anthem of two countries fame nobel laureate).. in love with Socrates.. in love with that little man of India Lal Bahadur Shastri.. with severl frieds of mine over the years that recounting their names may belittle my love for them.. then why on earth can I not love someone I had actually been loving all these years more so during the times when I was a teenager, a growing adult.. the time when should have been loving some friends of opposite sex.. yet I loved you brother loved you more than any other human being alive.. loved you to the same levels as I had loved my mother.. now nothing else on this earth can beat my love or anyone else’s love for one’s mother.. to say it in short I lve you a lot.. and a lot that is noteasily quantifiable at all.. it is immeasurable.. innumerable and incomprehensible for me.. yet I love you and love you from my heart.. even if some of thse days I might not have shown up.. evn if I would have not used as kind words as I would have loved to use.. I know there was no need to expound upon these points.. there was not any need to be judged by others by my words when I know that no judgement is required from others when someone is truly in love with the other..
Let us make the moods light.. let us present a cheering up song for you brother..
Jaaiye aap kahan jaayenge
yeh nazar laut ke phir aayegi
door tak aapke peechhe peechhe
meri awaaz chali aayegi..

or still better
Thandi hawa yeh chandani suhaani
ae mere dil suna koi kahani..

I choose to reproduce from the net.. I goof up the songs.. so please bear with me.. here it goes..
Thandi Hawa Yeh Chandni Suhani
Ae Mere Dil Suna Koi Kahani
Lambi Si Ek Dagar Hai Zindagani
Ae Mere Dil Suna Koi Kahani

Saare Haseen Nazare
Sapno Main Kho Gaye
Sar Rakhkhe Aasmaan Pe
Parbat Bhi So Gaye
Mere Dil Tu Suna Koi Aisi Daastaan
Jisko Sunkar Milein Chaen Mujhe Meri Jaan
Manzil Hain Anjani Thandi Hawa…

Aise Main Chal Raha Hoon
Pedon Ki Chhaon Mein
Jaise Koi Sitara
Badal Ke Gaaon Mein
Mere Dil Tu Suna Koi Aisi Daastaan
Jisko Sunkar Milein Chaen Mujhe Meri Jaan
Manzil Hain Anjani Thandi Hawa…

Thodi Si Raat Beeti
Thodi Si Rah Gayee
Khamosh Rut Na Jaane
Kya Baat Kah Gayee
Mere Dil Tu Suna Koi Aisi Daastaan
Jisko Sunkar Milein Chaen Mujhe Meri Jaan
Manzil Hain Anjani Thandi Hawa…

I know Kishore da had helped a lot in shaping up your career as an actor that I rate him higher as an actor than a singer is something I did not want to disclose here.. it might hurt him out there as he did sing many many commendable songs in many many films.. yet his taleant as an actor is to be seen to be belived.. be it Jhumroo, Half Ticket, Chalti ka Naam Gaadi or even Padosan.. there are several others but then listing has never been my way of sharing thoughts I know..

I would not mind to know what you think of Kishore da in one of the posts as an actor as a singer and even as a person.. I know yo knew him quite well as a person as well.. when do we get to hear Amitabh on Kishore Da.. asap (as soon as possibble.. is that what you say.. we will wait.. )

Love and pure love
Abhaya Sharma August 18 2009 4:22 PM India

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