Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Brother! Dear Brother!!
How did I miss this description of the Scindia House, the Connaught Place, the wonderful Maharaja and above all the ducking away from the known face as one roamed around in the atmospherically rejuvenated connaught circus err Place.. I did not know that you like all of us enjoyed and remember the University days as vividly as we do.. you would not have forgotten of the UPSC chaat wala enroute the university specials.. Oh! you may not have been travelling to South Delhi or were you.. I mean whether you did come across that famous chaat wala.. it is all right.. The connaught place and Red Fort (we used to refer it as Lal quila..) and the famous Nai Sadak (enroute Chandni Chowk) that we visited several times in search of the second hand books.. yeah.. we could only afford second hand books by the foreign authors.. and in the Honours degree course we were subscribed only and only books by some of the most renowned Chemistry books of the world.. Oh the mention of books makes the scene little heavy.. I should drop the Delhi University right here.. (it was a very good account by you! nevertheless!)..

So you do sport a neck collar.. it is all right.. if it is the requirement it must be met.. it must be fulfilled.. it must be honoured.. and we all know how much respect and regard you have for others.. especially for the medical world.. why not.. they did what they could do best in the early eighties.. somewhere I read or was it by Dr. Bachchan.. that for sometime you were declared dead.. or was it some rumor that I read in Newspaper.. whatever.. in the matter of life and death our medical fraternity has almost always won respect from most of us.. that too deservingly..

also take this opportunity to take our discussion of IPL a little further.. not to talk and dishearten you from what yesterday was like.. but of the possibilities in the two games that are going to move the teams one more step forward in that race for the semi-finals.. I believe Kings XI have tougher opponents in Chennai Kings.. they are not so super though.. the first game however is a battle among more equals.. anyone of the royals can beat the other one without much faze in the face..

Yet I feel that Kings vs Kings holds more dramatic challenge for Punjab to be able to match the man in yellow would mean to gear up with all weaponry needed.. The Goel has not lived upto his promises.. Powar has not been utilized properly.. Abdulla has not had the best of the support from his fielders.. The King in the making Yuvraj has done little besides the hat-trick and his last two knocks as a batsman.. with so few runs against his name he still features in the race for most sixes ( he is third right now) that he has forgotten the skills of taking those cheeky singles that he used to do along side Mohammad Kaif.. I know boundaries matter a lot in this version.. but correct sincerity with the bat and enough respect for bowler are still prominent as in any other form of cricket.. fielding assumes an edge in this format and KKR fields atrociously reflects in their standing in the tables..

I expect Rajasthan Royals would score over Royal Challengers of Bangalore.. I really fail to understand what has really happened of Dale Steyn.. how could RCB think in terms of dropping Kumar aginst Delhi in one of their recent games.. who decides or picks the eleven for them.. I would expect not only Steyn but also Ross Taylor to return.. Don't ask me how or in whose place.. that is the most tricky thing.. I can only suggest not make the correct address to pick the final XI.

I think this has becoe too long a post.. must say quits for now.. especially knowing your physical condition.. take care and enjoy the night game..

Abhaya India May 7 2009 3:25 PM IST

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