Monday, March 2, 2009

My Sympathy with Sri Lanka and Cricket !

The Saddest day in the History of Cricket!

After the death of Bob Woolmer under spurious and dubious conditons cricket this time has got terrorists attack as the most stunning and disturbing news. It is further sad that both these news involved Pakistan.

We have to do something serious to bring back peace on earth and Pakistan has to set a different kind of example by helping World in being able to deal with the terrorists in no uncertain terms and stern action should follow immediately. The situation in the subcontinent is really getting from bad to worse to worst in 26/11 mumbai attacks, BDR going berserk and now Sri Lankan cricketers attack at Gaddafi Stadium is the most shocking news.

God be with Samarweera and Sri Lankans, I do not know of his conditions yet it is indeed the saddest hour of Cricket and I have suddenly lost interest in the ongoing India New Zealand first one dayer! May peace prevail on earth!

Abhaya Sharma, India March 3 2009 12:28 PM IST

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