Monday, October 20, 2008

Comments on Amitabh Bachchan's blog - Day 179

Respected Brother
& Fellow Bloggers

I am here for the second time in such a short span. I would like to restate my old gesture on account of cross-referrals!. There are several thousands who are reading than writing here, they too are part of this blog as equally or more dominantly. It would be wise to say few words for just thosee readers! I today wish to acknowledge my debt for getting a readership on my thoughts for the sake of writing on brother's blog. A true reward for anyone who has chosen to write here. I am afraid, it is not all the time possible for me to include or even read everyone's comments, yet I love several peopl on this blog many who I might not have ever mentioned in my own comments.

I take a brief moment to tell Dr. Masooda for his beautiful presentation on if you love someone... It was one good piece today that I found quite interesting!

I have also read comments from Reshmi and Subhash and Reeham, I believe sometimes I do make place priorities of one over the other! I am wrong as well as right about some of the fellow bloggers, Yet Subhash despite being the best is not the only one I love, I have a beautiful world of R's on the blog.
I must add here that it s ot always that I get time t read commnets by everyone I know here! Please forgive me for my poor acknowledging skills, I had tried to detatch myself and dissuade from the blog on nay occasions but for the brother and for these fellow bloggers I am not able to convert my thoughts into action.

Your love brings me back here unconditionally, I am human enough to get a mention in other peoples comments yet I know I am not disturbed if Reshmi or Rose or even Reeham someday sometimes miss out on me!

Here I would try to rectify some mistakes from comments made earlier today. It should not have been ... pure and unputrified perversions, perversions are always putrified! I probably got lost into my thoughts I hope brother and others would ignore and make some meanings out of my comments. Please excuse me, yet I would love that brother does read the comments at 188 by me! There were some typos (.. ttreat looklling etc.).

If I were to remember everyone here and on Facebook I will need the help of database supoort and assign a lot of my time to it. Please everyone known and unknown, reader or contributor I wish that each one of you succeed in life even if you fail once or more times yet never are termed a failure on any front!

Best Wishes

Abhaya Sharma, India, October 20, 2008 12:11 Hrs IST

PS Brother and dear friends on the blog, I would be leaving for Delhi for Amrit's Diwali vacations tomorrow. I may bot be able to be amongst you during this period. Happy and prosperous Diwali to all of you and I say this in advance that no one gets a feeling that I have left the blog for good! Take care of the events on the blog! Brother, I have started reading second part of the Autobiography of Dr. Bachchan - Needd kA Nirmaan Phir.. it was interesting that it stared with 16th November of 1936!(Amrit's Birthday!) albeit it had a sorrowful beginning with the death of Shyama ji! I haven't got my hands on to first part Kya Bhoolun Kya Yaad Karoon! It seems one of my sister-in-law in Delhi has all the four volumes! I hope to be with another Bachchan - Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan for next 10 days or so! I plan to write of some interesting findings over the autobiography of octogenerian poet some day! His prose too has equally binding strength as his poetry! Some day I shall also tell you of the poem Gadhya - Padhya where I have emphasised the importance of writing rather than writing in prose or in poetic form!

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Reshmi said...

Hey, thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Time for me to reciprocate.

I just read the above posts on the Ab blog..nice to see them here. I too think it is a good idea to post some here so we can look at our creative writing in the future. After all, Abhayaji, I think between us we have written enough words to fill a treasure chest of books. haha! Keep them coming!